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      26.06.2010 11:06
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      A toaster worth buying

      As you will see from previous reviews a lot of my small kitchen appliances are from the Tesco Value range bought when we first moved into our house a year ago. Now when it came to buying a toaster I probably would have gone for a Tesco Value one like all the others however we happened to be bought a toaster as a present. The toaster we received was Kenwood TT560 series in pink and silver.

      When I first opened it I was very impressed with the appearance of it, the main par of it was baby pink with silver around the edge, my kitchen is not pink but the toaster is kept in the cupboard so that did not matter. The toaster is quite rounded in shape and it has the word Kenwood written on the front at the bottom. On the side of the toaster is the leaver that lowers the toast (this is in silver) All of the control buttons are on the front right hand side of the toaster with a light next to each one to show whether that particular control is activated or not.

      When I was first going to buy myself a toaster I would probably have just got a basic one that toasted bread however this one has several different features on it. These are -
      Defrost (handy if you have frozen your bread and then forgotten to get it out of the freezer in time)
      Re-heat - if your toast has finished toasting but you get called away and it cools down you can warm the bread up without toasting it even more and burning it.
      Browning Control - This is controlled by the dial on the front of the toaster and has 6 settings so you can have your toast as brown as you like.
      Warming Rack - This can be used to heat things such as rolls or muffins, items that will not fit in the toaster or that you want warm but not actually toasted
      High Lift Lever - This pops the toast up higher than a normal toaster meaning that if you have put something smaller in to toast such as crumpets it makes it much easier to get them out without burning yourself.
      Cord Storage - An area underneath the toaster where the cord can be stored when not in use.

      The Kenwood's toaster is very simple to use, there is nothing to set up or put together you simply remove it from its box,plug it in and you are ready to go!!!!!. When you select one of the options (listed above) A red light will come on next to it to indicate that that particular setting is activated.

      The toaster comes with a small instruction leaflet which contains the usual safety information all common sense really. Its also has hints on how to get the best from your toaster, I hate ready long instruction booklets so this was perfect as I could quickly find out how my new toaster worked without having to sit and read through hundreds of pages containing useless information.

      As I said this toaster was a present so I am not sure of the exact price however I believe they cost around £25 depending on where you buy it from.

      Overall I am very impressed with my Kenwood toaster, personally I do not like my toast too well done so having 6 different browning options is perfect for me as I can have my toast just as I like it, and it toasts quite quickly so you do not spend ages waiting for it. The only thing I would say about it is it is quite big and bulky so if you are a bit limited on space this may not be ideal, however I keep mine in a cupboard so the size is not a problem for me but I would certainly recommend this toaster to anyone.

      Has a variety of different options meaning there is something for every type of bread
      6 browning levels so you do not end up with brunt toast
      Toasts quickly
      Looks stylish

      None really but if I had to say one thing it would be it is a little big and bulky


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      Short name: Kenwood TT560

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