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    1 Review
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      27.08.2010 12:09
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      A really good toaster from a trustworthy brand!

      The first thing that struck me when I rested my eyes on this toaster from Kenwood, was that the design of the toaster was surprisingly cool and modern, it really had a look that appealed to me! I was suprised by this because in my impression, Kenwood isn`t quite up there in terms of design, as the brand of say KitchenAid seems to somewhat overshadow Kenwood on that factor... However, Kenwood is a brand that`s been around for ages, and its quality and reliability is not to be questioned, as their products are generally very trustworthy!

      So, the look and colour of this toaster is a mixture of plum and red, it really is a nice and very original colour! I actually thought to myself that this was a colour you don`t see all that often on kitchen appliances! Very nice! The design is very clean and uncomplicated, the lines of it smooth and straight forward, there`s no bejazzling and bling bling, which I am very grateful for! Every knot and button looks good, and I must say that this is the first product from Kenwood where I`ve really been pleasantly taken aback by the design! With steel on the side and the writing kMix at the front, this toaster really offers a look that I`m pleased with, it`s stylish and modern!

      As for features and the toaster itself, this is a fairly standard 2 slice toaster, with all of the features you`d expect to find on a toaster, especially in light of the cost being fairly high, as I paid 45.00 for mine.
      This is the main features:
      900 W, bun rack, toast rack, peek and view function, frozen bread function and sure grip control.
      I must say, out of all the features, the one impressing me the most, is without a doubt the peek and view function, as this gives you the chance to take a look at your toast without cancelling the process, as you can lift up the toast whitout stopping the toasting function itself... Kind of brilliant, really! Out of the functions, the ones I use the most is a regular toast function and the frozen bread function, as this is a great toaster for defrosting your bread and buns, making them taste all crunchy, fresh and warm upon serving! The speed of the toaster depends upon the bread or bun itself, but it should take somewhere between 2-5 minutes, depending upon how much you want it toasted or if the bread and bun was frozen... As on most toasters, this one also comes with a crumb tray, which does a good job collecting all the crumbs that are destained to fall off the slices of bread... Another factor that I really appreciated, was that the toaster itself doesn`t get very warm, so the chance of burning yourself is practically not present; there comes little warm "steem" from on top of the toaster or from the toaster itself warming up... The slices of bread comes out very nice and even toasted, as where some of the more cheap toasters I`ve owned have had a tendency of becoming burnt on the sides and bleak in the middle... If you`re looking to see if this toaster makes a lot of sounds, I think you might end up looking for a long time! It runs very, very silently! So, all in all this is a toaster I am very pleased with, and I wouldn`t hesitate in recommending it at all!


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