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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2011 20:46
      Very helpful




      I never used to be a fan of toast at all, I would literally just never buy bread as I never really liked it but recently I have started to like it again. I have been buying bread more now and having toasted rolls etc which is why I went out and bought myself a new toaster. I wasn't sure where to start with toasters as I didn't want anything too advanced but just something quite nice and modern to sit in my kitchen that matched the other appliances. I know Kenwood from other appliances I have purchased and liked the design so purchased this model.


      The toaster has quite a nice modern design, it is white and is rounded at the corners and has an easy silver control to push down and get the toast cooking. On the front are three soft grey buttons that are to control the different features and the brand name is splashed across the front as well. The design is perfect to fit in and doesn't take up too much room measuring at 17.5 in length by 25 in width and 13.5 in depth that is in centimetres.


      I always usually use my toaster for only toast but obviously you can do things like pop tarts or toasted pockets which I have seen advertised. On the side of the toaster there is a numbered setting which shows a white bit of toast and it goes to the highest where the toast is black. I normally set it somewhere in between to ensure my toast isn't overly toasted but that nice golden colour where I like it best. It is very easy to move the silver know up the number slider to the setting you desire and then it will automatically cook at that temperature all of the time.

      The toaster seems to cook at a normal length taking a couple of minutes, it pops up right away and if it is not cooked enough you can put it back in and if you want to stop it early just press the release button and it will pop it up. There is also the reheat, cancel and defrost options on this toaster as well if you want to use them to make toasting easier. The toaster has one thing I like a lot and that is when you push the lever down to toast the heater bits light up and the toaster has a blue light which makes it unique and very special.

      I do find the toaster good to work with, it always cooks my toast just right and I never have any issues with it burning anything. There are many other features with this toaster, such as the variable browning control which I have mentioned, it is for two pieces at a time only, hi-rise bread lift, it has a removable crumb tray and variable width slots.

      I think the only problems I have come across with this toaster, is that it does sometimes stick when pushing the control down and you do have to be quite rough to make it stay down. However, sometimes I'll go back and it'll work perfectly, also a lot of crumbs fall out of the bottom so you do have to make sure you keep it really clean but otherwise I do not have any issues with it as I think it is a good little toaster and always makes my toast taste good.


      The cost of this toaster varies really on where you buy it. I bought mine at John Lewis for the price of £19.95 which I thought was quite a good price for it but if you look on Amazon some sellers are selling it for £16.28 if you look on there which is a lot cheaper. The Co-op are selling it for £16.99 at the moment as well which again isn't that bad. Argos are selling this for £19.99 too but calling it a '2 Slice Coolwall Toaster' if you cannot find it.

      For more information on this product go to Kenwood's official website at http://www.kenwoodworld.com/uk/ where you click on 'Products' and then click 'Toasters' and find the model number and here you will get better photos and specifications of this toaster.


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        10.11.2010 22:48
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        For all those who love their toast made perfectly

        I've done it again, broken yet another toaster with my big heavy hands and my families need for toast, that's god knows how many toasters I've gone through in the passed few years.
        Once again I was sent out to the shop to grab a replacement so that my family could carry on with their addiction for their slightly burnt bread that is toast. So off I went down the road to the local shop to buy yet another toaster.
        When I got to the shop there were many toasters on the shelf, some costing about the same price as a small cooker, but all I wanted was a cheap and cheerful one which would brown the bread for my family to enjoy.
        Then I spotted it on one of the shelves, the one that would defiantly be my next toaster, hoping that this one wouldn't fall foul to my bad toasting luck.
        The toaster I was looking at really sprang out to me for a few reasons, one being the very favourable price tag, another being the size and design of it, but the main reason was that it had a well known name branded to the front of its white casing... that name being Kenwood... the toaster being the TTP102.

        ** Specs...

        * White plastic body
        * 680-800 watts
        * Mains powered
        * 2 slice capability
        * Bread lift
        * Removable crumb tray
        * Variable slot width

        ** Buttons, running vertically on the side, include.

        * Defrost
        * Reheat
        * Cancel

        ** It doesn't have...

        A 'keep warm' facility or a bun warming rack

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        I initially went out to get a cheep replacement toaster with the idea that with in a few weeks I would have to go out and buy another more expensive one that would last in my toast hungry family, (believe me, my family eat toast like there's no tomorrow), but this one has surpassed that initial idea as it is still going strong after several months.

        It's a good size, being 175 x 25 x 135 mm and weighing in at a mere 1 ¼ kg, and looks quite nice stood on the work top in my kitchen with its white coloured plastic curvy casing.
        The rounded toast 'slider' on the side looks the part, being a silver colour and protruding about 30mm from the toaster itself.
        It has variable browning control, this being another slider lever situated below toast lever, which sounds like its really technically minded...'variable browning' ... but really its just a lever on the side which keeps the bread in the toast a little longer, or shorter, depending how 'toasted' you want your bread.

        The four small 'feet' which this toaster rests on aren't the 'grippiest' of feet, (good word 'grippiest' don't you think?), but they do there job so that the toaster doesn't slide around the worktop when your trying to put in or take out your toast.
        And then there's the crumb tray, which slides out of the side with little effort, allowing you to empty those bread crumbs into your bin so that the toaster does not keep cooking the same crumbs over and over again, usually setting off the smoke detector whilst doing so.

        As for what it is actually designed for, which is making toast, well, it does what it is supposed to do with ease, coping very easily with the thinnest of pieces to those 'door wedges' that are cut when one's slightly 'half cut', if you know what I mean. And with the toast lever being capable of pushing the bread right up, almost half way out of the toaster, it handles such things as crumpets without the need to get your fingers burnt getting them out.

        In all, a rather nice bit of kitchen equipment which will please anyone who is a lover of toast, or even crumpets or tea cakes. And as it has the very famous name of Kenwood attached to the side you know it should last you a while, even if you've got a family who like toast as much as mine do.
        I bought mine from the local co op electrical shop and paid a very good £12.00 for it, which is a nice low price to keep my toast addicted family happy, although a quick check online I see this one sells for between £15.00 and £40.00, so I did get a bargain.
        So for a cheap and very cheerful toaster you can't go wrong with this one.


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      • Product Details

        A classic design which will suit any kitchen! Variable browning control 2 Slot/Slice Cord Storage Hi-rise Bread Lift Removable Crumb Tray Variable Width Slots Reheat Cancel and Defrost functions Coolwall Size: 17.5L x 25W x 13.5D / Short name: Kenwood TTP102