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Kitchenaid KTT570

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    1 Review
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      03.02.2009 04:49
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      It really is an incredible toaster with all the bells and whistles you'll love.

      My kitchen used to be mostly black and stainless steel appliances. Recently though, I redecorated it by adding some art deco color pizazz and making it more inviting. One of my first new appliance purchases was this deep red Kitchenaid Toaster.

      To describe how I feel about this in three words.....I FREAKING LOVE IT. Ha, ok that's four words, but you get the point. It's not just the design, style and, color, it's that it works better than any toaster i've ever had.

      For starters, I NEVER have to push it down again for extra cooking OR do that "pull up the handle early so it doesn't overcook" thing. Now THAT is unheard of. I mean, doesn't everyone have to push toast down twice? And if they don't have to push it down twice, don't they end up pulling it up early so it doesn't burn? I thought that was just the mystical nature of the toaster beast. I envisioned a day when all Toasters were finally perfected and would create that ideally toasted bread.

      And, that day has come, with this Kitchenaid KTT570 Toaster.

      You just turn the knob to the toasting level you want and it does it. Pretty much like magic. I think there might be a genie in this machine that does it, or maybe the engineers who created this were just pretty kick a**. However it's done, i'm glad I own it.

      If you freeze a lot of bread/bagels, you still don't have to worry. You just turn the knob to the frozen level and Wa-La....Perfect toast /bagel yet AGAIN!

      I keep thinking one day it's going to fail and start creating "unperfect" typical toast, but i've had this for several months now and it still hasn't.

      Yes it cost me around 50 Quid, Which is a little heafty compared to your average run-of-the-mill 10 pound toaster you can buy at Tesco's. But why spend a 10'er for toast your going to hate, when you can spend a little more and get magnificantly made toast?

      I think the choice is obvious. Spend the extra money and get a cool red colored gloriously magical machine.


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      Short name: Kitchenaid KTT570

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