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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2010 23:50
      Very helpful



      A sound investment for providing your toast of the future (think of all those mornings!)

      After my Morphy Richards toaster packed up last year, I did some research into an affordable and effective toaster, and behold I have my solution.

      This Krups toaster is extremely stylish with a sleek shape topped off with a stainless steel face finish encased in quality black plastic (don't worry it isn't cheap plastic). It is topped of with an amazing blue neon light when the toaster is operating which is entrancing and great to impress friends with!

      ~~~Does it deliver?~~~
      It isn't just style over substance, this toaster has 8 different heat settings so you can choose your varying degrees of toasted bread items i.e 0 is very lightly toasted and 8 is extremely toast - edging on burnt! (Which isn't great). I usually find 6 is ideal for making that perfect, all important toast, a staple to any breakfast! I tend not to use the dials between 1-4 since these are not very effective at toasting - however many of you may like lightly toasting bread.

      It doesn't disappoint, this toaster is quick and easy to use, there is a grey plastic dial to lower your item in, this is to varying depths (there are 4 choices) from totally up, to slightly down, slightly more down than before and fully immersed inside the toaster. This is extremely useful for items such as crumpets which don't go as further down inside the toaster than as bread does.

      There is also a defrost button which is great for making potato waffles! It is also very useful when you don't have a working grill (like me!) This is extremely unique to this product and extremely convenient - it works a treat despite taking a long time to cook the waffles initially.

      There is also a convenient stop button under the dial - crucial for saving your toast from that ultimate toast-peril called burnt!

      On the front is another button which allows you to toast bagels! How great! Place the bagel with the soft inside part towards the heating element, choosing your degree of toasting and press the bagel button on the front. Afterwards you have a great bagel which is perfect for lunch - delish!

      If that isn't enough, there is a reheating function, which allows you to reheat items that have already been toasted. Particularly great when you your toast has gone cold since someone was at the door or the telephone rang in the morning.

      There is also a nifty removable crumb tray and you can store your cable away underneath the toaster to make it packable - fantastic. The legs are also non-slip so your toaster is firmly grounded on the work surface.

      ~~~Criticisms and Opinions~~~
      This is a great toaster, one of the best I have ever had! I think there may be too many toasting settings for the average user so you really have to be a toast-fanatic to really appreciate this!

      One criticism is that it is difficult to toast pitta bread and naan bread since it is very easy for these breads to go through the grills and under a side - this is best done under the grill otherwise you will need half an hour of time and a knife to pry the bread out! (Tried and tested - not fun!)

      There is very little noise from the toaster, though not perfect due to the heater. It is great since the toaster is so low-maintenance, it doesn't get dirty quickly and it is smudge mark free (hooray for that!)

      Although slightly pricy at around £50 in John Lewis it is money well spent since I have had it for 4 years now and it is works tip-top!


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        21.10.2009 11:53
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        toaster from Krups

        After only a few years service my Kenwood toaster ceased to function. I spent some time researching which model to buy as I wanted one that would last a bit longer then 2 years!

        I also wanted a toaster that would look good on my work top. Initially I liked the look of the Dualit 2 slice toaster. However with a price tag of nearly £60 and several poor reviews I decided to look elsewhere. I really liked the look of the 2-sliced toaster made by the German company, Krups. I was also encouraged to see that Which magazine has this as a best buy. A bit of time spent price checking and I found this toaster for just over £40 on Amazon. Krups are the worlds leading manufacturer for coffee machines and well respected, so I felt I was in good hands.

        What you get for your money.
        The toaster comes with a very clearly written instruction booklet. The booklet is in several languages. I like the clearly labeled diagram that helps you see at a glace what features this toaster has.

        The toaster looks stunning! My old toaster was stainless steel and used to show every finger mark. However this model has a black plastic side walls and they don't show nay marks, so always looks good. The plastic is of very high quality so worry it will look cheap! The toaster has a stainless steel front and blue neon lights. I can't praise its good looks highly enough!

        The toaster has am impressive list of features too. There are 8 browning settings that will toast your bread from very slightly browned to very well toasted.

        There is a unique high lift level that enables you to lift small slices of toast up without having to result to digging around with a knife! There are 3 height options to suit even the smallest slices of bread.

        There is a defrost function that operate by pressing the defrost button on the front of the toaster. The bread will be defrosted before it is toaster. This gives a much better result.

        There is another button that will enable you to turn on the bagel function. To use this function you place your bagel with the soft inside part towards the heating elements, select the browning level you require and then press the bagel function button located on the front of the toaster. The toaster then magically adjusts to suit your bagel!

        There is a reheating function that will enable you to reheat bread that has already been toasted. This is brilliant for when you have guests who come down to breakfast after the toast has gone cold!

        At the top of the toaster is a removable warming plate. This is for warming croissants and other bakery items. The plate can be left in place when just using the toaster.

        The toaster has a removable crumb tray and cord storage. The rubber feet are non slip.

        The toaster comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

        My experience.
        This is a superb toaster that not only looks great but is very efficient too. I have now been using this toaster for just over 6 months so feel in a position to review it. I really love the high lift level as it enables me to get any size piece of toast out without resulting to a knife!

        There are 8 browning settings and I feel that this is a bit too man as on number 8 the toast is very crisp and almost burnt! However the middle settings give perfect results for an average sliced loaf.

        I really like the fact that you can reheat bread that has already been toasted. This helps prevent waste as in the past I have binned many slices of toast that have been left to go cold and hard. The function works well and reheated toast comes out as perfect freshly toasted bread!

        The defrost function is useful and I think that using this gives a better result than when I just put in frozen bread to toast. The toast is no longer soggy!

        I like the integrated warming plate. It is great to heat croissants, but remember to change the browning setting to the lowest number to prevent them from burning! The plate can be easily removed for washing. I find leaving it in place means I don't have to hunt around in the back of my cupboard when I need it!

        Talking of cleaning I am really impressed that this toaster doesn't show finger marks! To clean you only need to wipe over with a cloth and mild detergent. I just use washing up liquid. The crumb is easy to remove and needs to be emptied regularly. It is quite large and this means it can collect a lot of crumbs!

        I really can't think of anything negative about this toaster and would highly recommend it! It is available from several shops including Amazon and John Lewis. You could always use your Dooyoo miles to save for one-hence my title!


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