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Morphy Richards 44234

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Morphy Richards / 2 Slice Toaster / Warming Rack / Crumb Tray

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    2 Reviews
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      09.06.2011 09:12
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      Not a great buy

      ==Morphy Richards Food Fusion 2 Slice Toaster 44234==

      I have to admit to my last toaster doing us proud and lasting a good few years and creating many a tasty slice of toast for the whole family. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost last month and I have since then been on the hunt to find another great toaster.

      ==Price and Availability==

      This Morphy Richards toaster wasn't cheap at £49.99 p but I was lured in by a 10% discount on this price and its sleek and slimline design. My last toaster wasn't cheap either and that seemed to last us a good while so I thought opting for a cheaper one wouldn't really be in my best interest. However looking at the prices of these sort of electrical goods it seems that everything is a lot more expensive than things once were!

      I bought this toaster from Hurst's which is a chain of shops specialising in home wear and electrical goods on the Isle of Wight. Having had a look online I can't seem to see it anywhere except for Amazon and they are selling it for a fair bit more at £65! So I got myself a good price on it.

      ==Look and Design==

      The design of this toaster was something that appealed to me quite a bit as I like the different aspect of the two slices of bread being toasted next to each other rather than in front and of course this creates a slimline and sleek appearance. The limited kitchen work surface we have is the only negative about our kitchen and by buying an appliance which is more space saving such as this seemed like a great idea.

      There were two colours of the toaster to choose from, either stainless steel or a frosty type of black one. We opted for the stainless steel as this would match with the other items in our kitchen more than the black one would. The brushed steel finish to the edging around where the bread gets put in made for a nice look and also looks like it would keep the crumbs in more than my old toaster did. The high silver dials on the front and the side of the toaster don't look cheap but look like they are quality items which are built to last.

      The larger slot to place the bread side by side is also good for being able to toast other items of bread such as a hot cross bun or a tea cake with relative ease even if they are slightly bigger. The slot in which to put the items is indeed larger than most whilst still being able to keep the smaller width. There is a high lift function of the toaster so that the aforementioned hot cross buns can be lifted easily from the toaster without burn to the fingers or trying to stick a knife in to get it out (don't try that at home) which is a really good idea.

      The settings of the toaster seemed good as there was the option to change the dial from setting 1 all the way up to 9 (9 although high is the setting I usually do my Birds Eye Waffles on!) along with a eject button, a defrost button and a reheat button. All the buttons are sturdy and seem to be built to last as well as being positioned in an easy to reach place.

      ==General Use==

      On first getting the toaster out I was really pleased with the overall look of the product and the way it fitted in the space I had for it so well. The button to push down the bread is on the right hand side and this is perfect for where I placed it on my kitchen counter. The plug and plug wire were plenty long enough to reach my designated socket and the excess plug wire wrapped snugly on the underside of the toaster.

      The first couple of slices of bread that I toasted seemed to brown up fairly quickly and I found setting 4 would give the best golden colour for my liking but the toaster did seem to work better on the backside of the toast and the overall result wasn't as even as I would have liked. I tried to do my pita bread in the toaster too and it fitted so much better than it did with my old toaster but I did have to up the power setting and turn the pita half way through as the cooking on the backside of the item seemed to get worse the more bread type items I cooked.

      The stop/eject button is always handy especially if you are doing items other than bread and lifting up the item with the high lift is a really easy and nice touch so no burnt fingers. However after a few weeks of use the toaster just suddenly stopped working and even with changing the fuse in the plug didn't seem to make any difference at all.

      Of course I still had the receipt and was able to take it back to the store where I bought it with ease and they offered me a replacement and said it was probably just a fault with this one machine but I wasn't going to take the risk of it happening again as my grill on the oven wasn't great at toasting my bread and we use our toaster a lot so opted for another toaster which was a little cheaper so I got a bit of cash back too.

      ==My Overall Opinion==

      Personally I liked the design of the toaster and the way it fitted on my kitchen work top but seeing as the toaster broke within the first couple of weeks use doesn't make it a great item. I can't say I have had a Morphy Richards kitchen item before and I don't think I would choose one again because of this disaster. I know that the man in the shop thought that it was probably just a defect with this toaster rather than the whole batch of these toasters but considering the toasting seemed to be uneven with every slice and this got worse I have my suspicions that this toaster is most definitely flawed.

      Of course considering I now have a different toaster that is doing much better I can't really recommend that anyone purchase this toaster. The price is high and although the design in good the general use of this product is not good and therefore not worth the money paid for it.

      I think a score of 2 out of 5 stars is apt here.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        02.02.2009 23:58
        1 Comment



        a toaster with bigger things on its mind

        The better half's latest purchase and to be honest, not the best. Overpriced. Overstyled, Overrated. Don't get me wrong it is a sturdy piece of kit, being a Morphy this was never going to be in doubt and in the right surroundings I guess that it would fit in well. I just think that for the price you pay I want something, well, something else.

        It's a bit big due to its long design and takes up a little too much room in our kitchen which means we are forever shifting it around in search of counter space. Then again you could always store it away, but when it has been designed so pristinely this seems a shame doesn't it?

        Also the price bracket puts it a cut above any normal toaster, which when all is said an done is what we want. 2 slices of toast in the morning. Bang. Done. For me this seems to "artsy". Then again what do I know, I'm just a man.


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      • Product Details

        Morphy Richards Food Fusion 2 Slice Toaster.

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