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Morphy Richards 44931

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2010 00:17
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't buy it again no matter how cheap it was

      This toaster cost around £45 about a year ago. Its currently not available on amazon so I'm not sure what price it sells for now. At £45 I do not feel it is good value for money.

      The toaster works by an automated mechanism, so you put your bread in the slot, push a button and the bread is magically lowered into the toaster and a pair of sliding doors glide into place above to form a lid. I have to admit, its good for impressing visitors, it got a lot of oohs and aahs!

      The idea behind the toaster is that because the bread is in an enclosed space, less heat escapes and it will toast faster. Well I can't deny that it is faster than most toasters but unfortunately it leaves the toast a little soggy and moist as it isn't exposed to the air while cooking. If you like floppy wet toast you'll love it but I prefer mine a bit crispier.

      The toaster is pretty user friendly. You pick your number depending on how well done you want your toast by turning a big dial on the side, you press the big button and away it goes. There is also a button to cancel the process should you change your mind.

      However, the problems I've had with this toaster mean I am unable to recommend it. If your favourite bread is a little on the tall side per slice you can forget about having it toasted ever again, as a couple of centimetres extra will mean that the bread catches on the two 'lid' doors either going in or coming back up and gets stuck, leading to a lengthy extraction operation.

      Also, the mechanism for these 'lid' doors seems a bit flimsy and regularly get stuck in one position, rendering the toaster unusable. Luckily, I was able to fix the problem but if I hadn't it would have stayed that way.

      The toaster does look good, I'll give it that, and it certainly has a wow factor and is unique and original. Unfortunately none of these good points make up for its basic lack of functionality and its unreliability. You'd be better off with the cheapest one from Asda probably.


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      Short name: Morphy Richards 44931

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