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Morphy Richards 44943 EcoLectric

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Brand: Morphy Richards / Crumb Tray: With Crumb Tray / Cancel Button: With Cancel Button

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    2 Reviews
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      28.01.2012 09:40
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      I recently was just using a cheaper Toaster and it was working just fine, but I do like to have a Bagel in the morning and my cheaper Toaster didn't have a Bagel button, so I ended up on the lookout for a new Toaster. I found this one after looking online and I read a couple of good reviews about this before I bought it. It wasn't the cheapest one out there but the colouring fitted in with my Kitchen decor so I decided to chose this.

      I paid £29.99 for this online and delivery was free.

      The Toaster is just like the picture on here so it looks quite expensive with the black and chrome.

      Once the Bread is in this Toaster then a lid goes over the top of it and this keeps the heat in therefore needing less power to Toast the Bread. It looks a bit strange - a Toaster with a lid, but it looks quite neat with the Chrome lid.

      The dial on the side so you can have this from lightly Browned to burnt and here as well is the Button that you press to Toast on 1 side for Bagels too. The other button on here is to open the Lid.

      This has a Motorised Bread bit, so when you press a button this lowers and raises the Bread - pretty smart, but more of a novelty. After a few presses of this button I don't bother with it anymore.

      So how do I find this for a Toaster? Well of all the Toasters i've had they are all much the same - they Toast your bread. This toasts in a good enough lenght of time, and I found when I was using the cheaper Toaster it seemed to take an extra few minutes to Toast - or that could have been me imagining this. It is good enough and does the job that I need it to and it looks pretty enough too!


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        13.02.2010 20:00
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        Good in Theory, Poor In Practice

        The shift in consumer consciousness regarding the environment means that pressure has been put on the big appliance manufacturers to design their products with 'eco' credentials in mind. This is certainly the case with the Morphy Richards 'EcoLectric' Toaster (also known as the '44943') which claims to use 35% less energy than other devices of a similar nature.

        Not only is the toaster apparently going to save the planet, but it has a motorized bread carriage which, upon a press of the large black button on the side, automatically lowers and raises the bread for you - and yes, whilst this is undoubtedly a gimmicky touch, it does look extremely cool! Once the bread has descended into the depths of the machine, a chrome lid smoothly slides over it - and this is where the energy savings are made - the lid keeps the heat in, thus requiring less power to toast the bread. Unfortunately, the automatic closing of the lid means that if your bread is slightly taller than usual, it may end up getting its head cut off. My research shows that it will actually take pieces of bread up to 16cms in height - so now you know!

        The toaster can be purchased from a range of retailers for £34.95 - I bought mine from gizoo.co.uk, and this was the cheapest price I found. The body of the appliance is constructed from a sturdy black and silver plastic, and despite the choice of material, it looks fairly stylish. The large black button which I mentioned in the previous paragraph is surrounded by a silver dial which controls the cooking time (referred to as a 'Electronic Variable Browning Control' if you want its long-winded title). The dial clicks through six different time settings - but it does feel a little cheap in the hand when you turn it, and reminds the owner that is a very much a low end product.

        The side of the toaster features four buttons which include a setting for toasting bagels, one for defrosting, a handy 'reheat' button (when you want to warm up toast without toasting it further), and a button which opens and closes the lid. Actually, the open / close lid button is a bit unnecessary, as this function is operated automatically with the big button on the side. You may think that with all of these buttons, the toaster probably looks a bit cluttered - but actually, the controls are well placed from an aesthetic perspective, and as a whole, the design remains fairly minimalist. It's also important to note that the power cord is of an adequate length, and black in colour to match the toaster's body.

        Like the majority of toaster models these days, the Ecolectric features a 'crumb tray' on the underside - this is basically a removable metal draw which slides out and allows you to empty the bits of toast debris which would otherwise have sat on the floor of the machine. It's probably best to empty the tray every few weeks although this obviously depends on how often you use your toaster. Not emptying the tray probably wouldn't have any dire consequences, but the instructions point out that it may hamper the performance of the machine in the long run.

        How 'eco' are you really?

        Now here's the issue which bothers me most - although it's a designated 'eco' product, the toaster has a 'standby' mode which consumes power when the toaster isn't in use. Most toasters don't consume any energy when the toasting process has finished - but for some reason, this one does. The standby power consumption is seven watts, and if left on, that's around a unit of electricity per week - not as environmentally friendly as first thought! I find this completely unacceptable to be honest, as an eco toaster which constantly uses energy is a ridiculous concept. It means that you have to remember to turn the device off at the wall socket after every use, which you shouldn't have to do.

        But how do you toast?

        Of course, the crux of any toasters performance is its ability to toast bread - and unfortunately the Morphy Richards Ecolectric isn't the best. Although it promises "Even browning every time" - this really isn't the case, and in my experience, bread gets toasted more on one side than the other, with the outer edges frequently coming out burned. I leave the main dial setting on '3', and strangely enough this will produce differently browned toast from one day to the next - odd! To be honest, it's not completely terrible toast, but it's not as good as the stuff that my last toaster produced, and that cost less than £10. On a positive note, this is a particularly quick toaster, and it doesn't take long at all from putting the bread in, to receiving... well, almost nicely toasted bread. A light on the front of the unit starts to flash when the toast is around ten seconds from being ready which gives you a nice advanced warning as to when to start getting the butter out of the fridge!

        Overall, I can't fault the toaster on either its appearance or its innovative design - yet its inability to produce decent toast is unforgivable. Similarly its use of energy whilst in standby mode is just ridiculous, and seems to be an unusual design choice. So all in all, hats off to Morphy Richards for *trying* to create an environmentally friendly product - it's just the way in which they have gone about it which is flawed. The only reason this toaster is desirable is for the novelty value of the motorized bread carriage - which is actually really cool, and slightly hypnotic. The toaster comes with a two year guarantee, so you could always return it if you're not happy with it.

        So, to sum it up:

        Toasting Ability: 5/10
        Eco Credentials: 5/10
        Looks: 8/10
        Novelty Value: 9/10
        Extra Features: 7/10

        Must do better.


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