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Morphy Richards 44744 Accents 4 Slice

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    11 Reviews
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      30.05.2013 04:00
      Very helpful




      Toast, like bread and butter, is a staple of breakfasts in this country. Likewise, a toaster is a staple of most kitchens - because leaving bread on the window sill to toast just takes too long. Likewise, the toaster we had before this one was a comparatively puny 2 slice toaster in some supermarket own-brand that made sunning toast seem a viable option; Morphy Richards 44744 was the toaster that replaced it.

      Morphy Richards are a British subsidiary of Irish home-ware manufacturing firm Glen Dimplex. Morphy Richards specialise in the manufacture of toasters, hair dryers, bread makers, kettles and sandwich toasters.

      The Accents Kitchen Appliance range from Morphy Richards is designed to be both technically useful and aesthetically pleasing. The most noticeable feature of our Accents Toaster is obviously the red colour - a deep reflective burgundy with chrome 'Accents'. The toaster is made of stainless steel with curved edges and sits on small plastic feet on each corner. The Accent toaster fits in with the rest of the Accents range, including a kettle, bread bin and other kitchen appliances. The toaster, along with applicable appliances, are also available in the alternative colours black, cream, copper and purple.

      The main draw of the 44744 model is that it comes with 4 slots to toast twice the amount of bread as the average toaster. Not only this, but the slots are width variable, for toasting bagels, crumpets, tea-cakes or crusts. (Two slots are wide and two slots are average.) The two pairs of slots also have their own browning control knob each, so, for example, you can cook one round of toast well done and another mildly done at the same time. The browning controls go from 1-10, where 1 is 'warm bread' and 10 is 'charcoal'.

      Other cooking features:

      * Defrost
      * Cancel / Pop Up
      * Reheat (the same as Defrost...)

      Technical specifications:

      * 1800 watts.
      * Width: 29cm.
      * Depth: 25cm.
      * Height: 20.5cm.

      The toaster comes with a crumb tray and an instruction booklet. The crumb tray is removable to facilitate easier cleaning.

      Despite the pleasing technical specifications, I have had a few qualms with this toaster.

      First of all, it is quite large and takes up a surprising amount of counter-space. This is obviously necessary with double the space for extra slots, but it is still annoying. The cable connecting the plug to the toaster is just wide enough for us to put this on the counter-top with a remaining bit of room.

      Depending on what you set the toaster to cook at (1-10) it can take a while for the toast to cook, though this has never been a problem for me, as I am more of a warm bread kind of girl.

      As well as this, the browning control knob is slightly confusing. As a chrome cuboid that twists to a certain number on the dial, it isn't clear which part corresponds to the actual number - meaning I have before now cooked my toast at exactly the opposite temperature than the one I intended. A small black line at one end would have been a life-saver.

      Speaking of saving lives (or just fingers)... Ostensibly, the toaster is cool to touch, but this is only the coloured panels at the front and back. The stainless steel sides and the top do get incredibly hot and it is easy to burn yourself on them.

      To elaborate on this, according to the manufacturer's website, this toaster has a high-lift function to aid taking out the bread without burning yourself. This is a lie. I am constantly burning myself, or risking electrocution by fishing my toast out with a knife (with the toaster unplugged, of course. I have no wish to be a stain on the ceiling).

      I can't believe I am admitting to this publicly, but one other thing I have noticed, is that it is not always apparent if the toast is cooking. I know this is an odd thing to say, but the two chrome levers you push down start the toast cooking don't have any obvious indication that they are down properly. So, once or twice, I have sat waiting, wondering my toast is taking so long, only to realise the bread wasn't even cooking... Though, to be fair, this has happened to no one else who has used this toaster before... Hmm...

      However, the pros outweigh the cons for me. It is a very stylish toaster, and we also have the matching kettle. Cleaning out the crumb tray is a lot easier, and the ability to toast two rounds of bread at once is handy for family breakfasts, especially considering each pair of slots has its own variable cooking strength. Cooking other types of breads is also easier with the extra wide slots and avoids them getting caught and burnt. After using this, I don't think I could go back to a toaster with only two slots for toast.

      Overall, this is a decent everyday toaster with some prominent flaws. However, I still use it and intend to keep using it, so perhaps these flaws aren't a big price to pay. Speaking of, at the price of £30 - £35, with optional 1 year guarantee from some stores, you may find the Accents Toaster perfect - both for your kitchen and your bank balance.

      RRP: £50
      Product Dimensions: 25 x 29 x 20.5 cm ; 2.8 Kg
      Boxed-product Weight: 3.6 Kg
      Item model number: 44744
      ASIN: B0052WG3Y8
      Available at Amazon, Argos and Curries.


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        02.02.2012 21:31
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Thrilled with my purchase!

        When recently we had to replace our toaster, I can't say I was altogether sad as I was dying to get a beautiful, brightly coloured one.
        Scanning along the shelves I seemed to be faced with a choice of either red or plum if I wanted to go down the coloured appliance route and then I clapped eyes on it! The Morphy Richards Copper Accents 4 slice toaster!! It was love at first sight - here was something different!!! I have had lots of compliments about my attractive new kitchen appliance and I am still really chuffed with it!
        Now, colour aside, let's talk about toasting capabilities! Again, I can honestly say that I am really pleased with this toaster. So far I have faced it with bread, thick and medium, teeny tiny slices of bread thins, waffles, tea cakes, crumpets and pancakes and on no occasion so far has it disappointed.
        the dials and buttons are all easy to use and give great variety in terms of toasting outcomes. I like my toast very lightly done and my other half prefers it cremated so it is brilliant to so easily be able to accommodate both tastes with a couple of dial twists.
        The defrost function has also proved invaluable and I am sorely tempted to free up space in the fridge (where we keep our bread) by leaving the bread in the freezer - one to ponder on for now.
        I bought the toaster for £45 and was disappointed to see it available in another store for £40, however this is a reflection of my shopping abilities and not the fault of the toaster - I think it was worth every penny!


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        31.10.2011 11:30
        Very helpful



        Good design, stylish. Lacks substance for me.

        Morphy Richards Accents Toaster
        Ours was brought for £56.00
        4 slice toaster


        great looking toaster. My one is a lovely shiny metallic looking red. With chrom buttons and dials. It looks quite a robust toaster
        that will withstand many years of use. It is quite long in depth, so I would allow more room for it than our standard 2 slice toaster.
        It is more of a square shape than a rectangle.
        It has a bit of a retro feel to it. It looks like it should be in a 50s diner rather than my kitchen! However, it is retro with a brilliant modern twist!

        *Toasting Ability*

        There are separate controls for each "pair" of slices" Each with a temperature setting, which in theroy is ideal to do
        2 sets of toast for people with different tastes which is a bonus, especially if there is little time in the morning, with
        multiple breakfasts to make with mulitple tastes.

        This toaster seems to be a little bit temperamental
        on heat setting 5 the bread comes out white. On 6 it comes out burnt. Regardless of the bread type it seems to fall
        down on the most important function, however white toast seems to come out a little healthier looking than brown.
        I like my toast to be toasted, but still thick and fluffy. Unfortunately, this toaster tends to dry the break out so much, that
        the toast becomes like card board, you bend it and it crumbles into tiny pieces. However don't let this put you off, it all depends on
        how you like your toast.

        Another issue, is the fact that it doesn't hold residual heat very well, this makes the toast go cold really quickly. There is a button on the toaster, which
        means you can warm your toast up if it has gone cold. However, I find this makes the toast even dryer. Quite dissapointing, as by the time i've spread one slice, the other is freezing cold!
        Again, this is also down to how you like your toast. I like my butter to melt into the toast. If you like cold toast that the butter just sits ontop of, then this toaster might actually suit you.
        I can't moan totally though, the fact that it cools fast may actually keep you and kids safe, the quicker it cools, the less chance there is of anyone putting their hand in to grab the toast and coming out with a nasty surprise (burnt hands)

        *Summary of Advantages*

        -Good Looking Toaster. Quality looking with a robust design.
        -4 slice toaster. Quite good for the larger family, or for people who need alot of toast ASAP!
        -Cools down quickly

        * Summary of Disadvantages*

        -It either burns bread or barely toasts it
        -Makes bread become like crackers. where is the fluffiness?!
        -Doesn't hold is heat well

        *My Opinion?*

        To be honest, I was expecting alot more from this toaster, lets face it, the price of it hardly screams Cheapo Value toaster, so what is with the cheapo value toast?
        I do like the look of the toaster, and alot of how this toaster performs is down to interpretation. If you like the kind of toast this makes, then great! If not, then it's a bit useless really.
        I thought the separate heat settings would go someway to change how the toast comes out, but alas, no.

        I give this toaster 3 stars. It looses 2 for its all or nothing toasting, and it's cardboard like toast.


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          10.08.2011 16:13
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          All you could want from a toaster

          I have recently moved into a new flat and have had plenty of fun buying things to make it look nice. The colour scheme in my kitchen was red and black so when I saw this I just had to have it. I will say that it is quite expensive with an rrp of £59.99 but if you shop around you will find that many places have it on offer. I was lucky enough to find mine on Amazon for just £33.
          It is quite large, as I guess you would expect from a four slice toaster. The sides are polished stainless steel and the front and back are a gorgeous dark shiny red with four black rubber non-slip feet on the bottom. There are two sets of controls, each operating two slices. On each side there is a large stainless steel dial which goes from 1 to 9 which controls the heat and three buttons which are cancel, reheat and cook from frozen. The lever used to push down the bread also has a high lift facility which makes it easier to remove smaller items. It certainly looks expensive and has all the functions you could want.
          There are removable crumb trays on each side which makes it easy to clean. I find this brilliant as I hate having crumbs everywhere every time I move the toaster to clean!!
          It doesn't only look good and have lots of functions, it makes great toast too! I only like my toast lightly browned so I tend to set my toaster to between 3 and 4 and it's perfect. As the dial goes up to 9 this obviously means that there is plenty of room to increase the heat level for those who like their toast cooked a little more.
          I would definitely recommend this toaster but I would say that you should shop around for a bargain like I did!


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            21.07.2011 16:14


            • Reliability


            Worth the money..

            Like most people , I never really gave toasters a second thought. Get the cheapest one and your done. Having moved to a new house and installed a new kitchen I thought it time to change this - I bought the toaster for £45 off the net, a little pricey I thought but I am very pleased with it.

            Obviously is looks the business and goes well my other appliances ( I hear there is a matching coffee maker as well). As for the actual functionality of the item, the variable browning functions work really well - no burnt toast to date .

            The reheat function is not something I have used so cannot comment. The finish of the dials and buttons make it clear this is a quality product.

            One negative is there is no tray underneath to catch crumbs ( and errant spiders !) so do remember to turn upside down every few days .

            I have no doubt this will keep me going for 5 years plus as I have had other morphy richards products that have turned out very reliable.


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            06.04.2011 11:46
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            I can now pride myself in being able to make toast without burning it!

            Over the years, I have always bought an easy on the pocket budget toaster, as I have never seen the need to spend out for more on an appliance that predominantly toasts bread based products. Surely all toasters do the same job, toast bread. However, it never dawned on me that the cheap basic toasters were the reason for my cooking disasters, all too often my toast would look awful, never evenly cooked, squished from where it had been battered to fit between the slots, and generally torn from being coaxed out, and in some cases only half a slice would be salvaged, I just blamed this on my useless culinary skills.

            Since becoming a family of four, my previous two slice toaster wasn't adequate any longer, as it would take forever to make toast for everyone, though this wasn't a problem. My budget lump of plastic had seen better days, and it was time for a replacement. I was in the market for a kettle and toaster that would look stylish. It was time for a fancy set, as I had always managed with a cheap budget set. I had no intentions of splashing the cash, I just wanted a mid priced set, I had no budget in mind, but I was prepared to pay more than the £6 that I had paid for my previous model.

            Whilst in town I decided to have a look around Debenhams to see what kitchenware they had on offer. As I approached the kitchen section I was dazzled by a large display of a brand new range of kettles and toasters, the stainless steel appliances were gleaming as the light danced off them. I was memorized, and drawn in for a closer look. However, my eyes refocused when they happened on the price tag. They were priced at £50 each, which was out of my budget, considering that would be a whopping £100 for the pair. I stood there singing their praises telling my partner how nice they were whilst being mesmerised by the sparkling new kitchen appliances. My partner scoffed at the prices, needless to say we left empty handed.

            We headed over to Argos where they have more choice. My partner flicked through the catalogue showing me the numerous choices whilst I stood their shaking my head at them. None of them stood out enough for me to want to spend more than necessary. As far as a toaster was concerned, I wanted something that would toast more than 2 slices, and would accommodate chunky bread products. After he had flicked through the pages, he then proceeded to tell me that the same sets of kettles and toasters that I'd been ogling over were on offer, asking me if I wanted them! At the time the toasters were offered at half price with any Accent kettle from the same range. Still, this seemed extortionate for two simple kitchen appliances. My partner could see how much I liked them, as he had filled out the ticket before I had chance to say anything, and we left armed with two gigantic bags.

            The Morphy Richards Accent toaster is a beast, and the box it is packaged in is rather large, and awkward to carry. It is well packaged to keep it protected in transit. When I opened it I was struck by the relatively short power cable, which meant that the toaster needed to be positioned close to a power outlet. Unfortunately, the only plug points available to us are raised up, which meant that we had to find an extension cable, which is not ideal. It is advisable to place the toaster away from combustible materials, and it should have space around to allow the air to circulate around the appliance. Before first use it is advised to operate the toasterwithout any bread. This emits a new smell that is to be expected. This only takes a minute, and then it is ready for use.

            >>> That's a Nice Accent You've Got There

            The Accent toaster certainly sits proud on the worktop, and it is a piece that is noticed for its sheer size. It looks the part, gleaming next to its matching kettle. The stainless steel curved shaped toaster features a chrome body, offset with vibrant red ends on each side, and large chrome levers, buttons and dials. The dials and levers are chunky and robust, and are easy to operate. The toaster is mounted on a black base that features non-slip rubber feat, which keeps it in place, and the crumb tray slides out from the back for cleaning. The 4 slice toaster needs an ample amount of space, as it is rather large measuring W 29cm (11") x L 25cm (10") x H 20cm (8").

            >>> What An Accent Can Do For You

            The toaster carriages are impressively wide, so they will accommodate larger bread based products. Once a slice of bread has been placed into the toaster, and the lever is depressed, the cages within clamp the bread and hold it in place as it is lowered and locked into position. This is a neat feature, as it means that bread of varying thicknesses can be toasted without the fear of being lost in the toaster. The variable browning controls are located on the side of the unit, or the front dependant on which way round you position it, and these actually function as they should, if you wish to have lightly toasted bread or slightly charred toast then the settings will cook the bread to suit your preference, and the toast cooks evenly. The toaster features two independent slots, which is ideal for toasting at different temperatures, or for when only two products are needed to be toasted. The levers can be raised by slightly pulling them up to aid in reaching the toast once it is cooked, so no more burnt fingers, or trying to coax the toast out for 20 minutes, this is a brilliant feature for when smaller bread products are toasted, as they can be simply raised for easy reach. Additional features include a defrost button, a reheat button, and a cancel button which are clearly depicted alongside the buttons.

            >>> I'm Loving That Accent

            I love the stylish look of the Accent toaster. It looks smart and adds a splash of colour and sparkle to the kitchen. I wondered if it would be worth the hefty price tag, and if my toasting experience would be any different. The dials and levers are chunky and are repeated on each side for independent toasting, these are easy to operate and they have a good quality feel to them. I have the control panel facing forward for ease of use, and I think it looks better that way, too.

            The deep wide cages of the Accent toaster please me, as all too often with previous toasters the slots were never wide enough, so I always had to flatten anything that was thicker than an average slice of bread, and even then it would be impossible to remove, leaving parts behind in the toaster. Thankfully the wide slots work perfectly for bread products of varying sizes. The toaster works equally well with smaller food products, such as pita bread, or scotch pancakes which are fairly small and thin, and just as well with chunky bagels or thick bread. The clamps hold the food in position each and every time, so that the toasting is even and the product doesn't get lost within the toaster.

            I'm able to toast the two lots of bread in each side at different temperatures, which is a fantastic feature, as I like my toast slightly more browned than my son, this makes it easier, as I no longer need to pop mine back in for longer. There is a difference between the two lots cooked at different settings, which is always good to see. The toaster works like a dream, it toasts bread evenly and keeps it in one piece, as it never gets jammed or lost within the carriages. We consume a lot of bagels and muffins which were always difficult to toast with my previous toaster, as these are quite chunky, so they would always be damaged when trying to retrieve them, However, I am now able to toast these with ease, and raising the levers to retrieve them means that lunch is served without any fuss or waiting. I love the hi-lift feature, as it is something that is simple, but it makes my life easier. None of my previous toasters had this function, so I was amazed to discover this simple but clever feature.

            The toaster doesn't get put away, as it gets used frequently, and it looks too good to be stored away. It gets used daily, as we have a lot of bread products that always taste better when toasted. My children also prefer toast rather than bread for sandwiches, which puts this appliance in good use. I have toasted various bread products including bagels, muffins, pita bread, and bread of differing sizes and thickness, all of which have provided golden toasted perfection each and every time.

            I have never had the opportunity to defrost bread, simply because it is never around for long enough for the need of freezing it. However, all of the other functions have been used and work accordingly. It is an easy to operate appliance that makes toasting easier, and offers better toasted products than any other toaster I have ever used. Toast cooks to perfection each and every time without setting off the fire alarm, and without losing half of the product, which is always good.

            >>> Still Looking Good

            The red coating on the matching kettle has suffered from being knocked, which has resulted in the coating being chipped. The same red coating is featured on the toaster, though, this is still intact, and in near perfect condition, as it doesn't get moved from the work counter, and no other cooking implements get near to cause any damage, thankfully. So my toaster is just as shiny as it was the day I bought it. As the toaster is sat out on the top, it does get wiped over the top most days to keep it clean, and it still looks as new with no marks, and the chrome finish is just as shiny.

            >>> Cleaning

            The toaster is easily wiped down with a clean damp cloth, and polished with a dry cloth. It is advisable to refrain from using chemicals, as these may damage the chrome and red coating finish. The crumb trays are situated underneath and slide out from the back for emptying and cleaning to keep the toaster working in optimum condition. These effectively collect the crumbs, keeping the counter clean.

            >>> Toasted Perfection

            Was it worth the high price tag? Absolutely! I honestly cannot fault it, as it works as good as it looks, and it has provided good service over the last few months toasting all manner of bread products for a hungry family of four. It is easy to use, easy to keep clean, and it works like a dream.

            It is stylish, practical, and functional, it will look fabulous in any kitchen, and it complements the matching kettle beautifully.

            >>> Features

            * Reheat Setting
            * Defrost Setting
            * 4 slice/ 4 slots
            * Variable browning control
            * Hi -Lift
            * Variable Width slots
            * Removable Crumb Tray
            * Cool touch
            * Cord Storage in base

            2 Year Guarantee
            RRP: £49.99

            The Morphy Richards Accents toaster is available in a range of colours including red, black, cream, blue, or green.

            To see the full range of Accent kettles and toasters visit their website:


            [Also on ciao]


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              05.04.2011 10:01
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              A great toaster that has all the functionality you need and looks great in your kitchen

              I bought this toaster recently together with the matching Morphy Richards accents kettle. It replaces a long-service 2-slice Breville toaster that was still working but had definitely seen better days! So far I'm really pleased with it - here's a rundown:

              The look:
              The Accents toaster has really stylish retro look. It's stainless steel with (in this case) red fascia. This was my prime motivation for buying it actually - to match the colour of other appliances and look good. I kind of just assumed that a brand like Morphy Richards would then come up with the goods in terms of quality!

              For not that much extra space-taking size, I'm finding it really useful to have a 4-slice rather than a 2-slice toaster, so really glad I went for it. The toaster is quite tall so will hold tall slices, and the toasting bits are pretty wide, so you can easily fit a doorstep, a thick muffin or other interesting shaped bits of bread for toasting without jamming them in!

              Toasts nice and evenly. There are two separate dials with 9 settings for each half of the toaster allowing you to judge really well how brown you want that toast to get. My one complaint would be that if the dials are pointing at 2 different settings 180 degrees apart you can't tell which one the toaster is set to - a slight design flaw that could easily be fixed with a little marker on the dials. But no one's perfect...

              Toasting features:
              There is a defrost button which I confess I haven't used yet. There is also a keep warm button - great if you get distracted and tend to 'forget' about your toast (to which I plead guilty!) The toasting levers have a high lift function so it's easier to get your toast out of the toaster when it's done. The only one of these that's new to me is the warming button - but everything works just dandy.

              It's pretty easy to clean with it's smooth lines, so top marks there. There are two separate crumb trays accessed from the back of the toaster (so they don't impact on those smooth lines when you're looking at your lovely toaster!). They are easy to remove and do a good job of catching the crumbs - just don't forget to empty them before too full!

              I got this toaster for £30something (can't quite remember!) from Amazon - after seeing it in Debenhams for about £50! So I would definitely that while it's not the cheapest appliance around it's not super-expensive, particularly if you shop around - and it's definitely worth it for a quality toaster that looks great too!


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              06.03.2011 14:04
              Very helpful


              • Reliability


              An effective toaster which looks fantastic

              When my mum asked what I wanted for Chrimbo I didn't hesitate to ask for a toaster, we moved house a few days before Christmas 2010 and I finally had room in the new place for a decent sized toaster. I'd heard positive things about the Morphy Richards Accent toaster, so when I saw the sleek design in the flesh I decided that was the one I'd ask for. I've been so pleased with my purchase that I've since bought the matching kettle (the pyramid shape) and was eyeing up the red coffee maker until Mark bought me a super-duper pod machine; I'm definitely going to add to my Accent collection at some point as it's expanding pretty rapidly, and I've learned from experience that the quality is there.

              I chose the red as I'm slowly getting a red and silver theme going, it's an absolutely gorgeous cherry colour in a finish which catches the light for an oily  look. The curved design gives it a retro appearance which I love, the toaster actually reminds me of a jukebox from the front! So cool!

              There are no less than nine browning settings on the toaster, we tend to use number five for medium sliced bread and six for thick. I've tried every setting and there's a huge difference between them; one leaves you with slightly crisp raw bread, nine cremates anything in it's path. My daughter loves thick bread done really well on number nine but I think it would be too dark for most people.

              The toaster takes quite a long time to pop up, I've never owned a toaster before so can't really compare it with anything but know the grill is definitely quicker! The problem for me is that I like Weight Watchers bread, this is very thin airy bread which toasts very quickly. The toasting time in this toaster is so long that the heat dries the bread out and turns it crunchy instead of crisp.

              I love how perfectly it toasts a thick slice of Warburtons bread, giving it a crisp outside but keeping the bread inside fluffy and delicious. Especially when it's saturated in butter!  I've also toasted crumpets and muffins in the toaster and they've been fine, I'm not one for crumpets anyway and personally think they go too hard in the toaster but the kids eat them by the packetful and none of them ever use the grill anymore.

              The two sides (each side holding two slices of bread) have independent controls so everyone can have their toast how they like it. The browning is controlled by a dial, with buttons to select for frozen bread or reheat. The frozen bread function is good and handy for when I fancy some of the hot cross bun loaf slices I've had stored since last Easter. It doesn't actually take much longer to toast the bread from frozen than fresh and the toaster does such a good job that there is no difference in the taste or quality either.

              Reheat has actually been used more than I thought it would be. Having a young baby means sometimes I'm summoned before I get chance to butter the toast. A quick blast on reheat will bring the toast back up to a temperature where I can comfortably spread the butter on top and have it melt yummily through the toast.  You have to be careful not to let it reheat for too long as it can make the toast go too hard and stale feeling, but it's definitely saved a few slices of gone-cold toast from being binned! Another thing is the fact that the toaster isn't very loud as it pops up, this means that sometimes I miss it if I'm not standing in the kitchen waiting for it to finish. The reheat is excellent for those times as again it saves me wasting toast which is sometimes stone cold by the time I realise it has popped up.

              The cancel button does just that, cancelling the cooking process and immediately popping the toast up. Having discovered that setting five will brown my toast perfectly, I haven't had to use this function much. It's handy for if I'm toasting bagels and other irregular shaped food as these won't necessarily toast as evenly as bread, mind you I tend to still use the grill for bagels as I find this is the best method for toasting them to perfection.

              The crumb tray on this Morphy Richards toaster is well designed and easy to empty. It would hold a lot of crumbs I think but I empty it very regularly as I cannot stand crumbs anywhere, a daily empty after making the kids' breakfast toast is enough to keep the toaster clean and also prevents crumbs making a mess under and around it.

              One other thing to mention is the fact that the toaster isn't completely stay-cool. The front and back panels (the red parts) do stay cool, but the sides and top of the toaster get very hot to the touch and stay hot for a good while after you've finished using the toaster. The cable is the perfect length for where my toaster is situated, it's a little shorter than I thought it would be but I guess most people will want their toaster close to a power point so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. I suppose you'd struggle if you don't have many sockets in your kitchen, but if that's the case I'm sure you'll know all about extension cables already!

              I absolutely love this toaster; it's gorgeous and funky (gorgeously funky!) and works a treat, the only downside is the £50 price tag - but then again, I never paid for it!


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                15.02.2011 16:23
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                A toaster that produces good toast and leads to fewer arguments in the morning - Heaven sent!

                For the last 8 years we've used a toaster that we received as a present from my parents. That is until it gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago and went to toaster heaven (where all the bread is soft and crumbs are cleaned away).

                Looking at buying a new toaster for the first time in years, I was surprised by variety of toasters on the market. I was expecting an easier decision (something along the lines of 2-slot vs 4-slot) than the one I was actually faced with. Eventually after thinking about what we required (bagel toasters anyone?) and with one eye on the price we settled on the Morphy Richards Accents 4-slice toaster.

                From our perspective the main selling points of the Accent were -

                Style - This might sound like a minor point but when you've just had a new kitchen installed it's important to make sure that you don't have one piece of equipment that doesn't seem to belong. Anyway, the chrome aspects of this toaster were perfect (although they do take a bit more cleaning).

                Variable Controls - Little things mean a lot early in the morning and in our case it's the fact that I like my toast on the pale side whereas my better half prefers hers well done (but never cremated, life isn't worth living if you present her with charcoal coloured toast!) The variable controls allow us to set the toaster so that we both end up happy - currently my side is set at 4 and hers at 6.

                Variable Width Slots - I work from home and tend to rely on toasted sandwiches for lunch when the weather's on the cold side. With my old toaster I would make a sandwich, place it in a toaster bag, force the bag into the toaster and then wait until rising smoke indicated that my lunch was ready. With the Accent the variable width slots mean that I can place my toaster bag in the toaster and I don't have to rely on smoke signals to judge when the sandwich is ready.

                Removable Crumb Trays - We (and when I say we I mean my other half) used to have to turn the toaster upside down and shake to remove crumbs. With the Accent, removing crumbs is so easy that even I can do it - two trays simple pull out allowing old crumbs to be cleared away.

                Price - We purchased the Morphy Richards Accents from Tesco for just under £50. Not the cheapest toaster available but one that seemed to offer the best value for money.

                So now that we've had this toaster for a few weeks would I recommend it? Yes, unreservedly. All the selling points mentioned above have proved their worth and the toast produced is evenly browned on both sides making a perfect addition to that early morning cup of tea!


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                  26.01.2011 15:31



                  Would buy again

                  I received this as a wedding present from a relative and immediately fell in love with it. Looks wise it is very attractive, I like the bright slightly glossy red colour and the 1950's retro design. It is very sturdy and looks well built. Another good design feature is it can fit a normal piece of bread in lengthways without the end poking out the top which is a first! You can choose what heat setting you want your toast at and I find that number 5 (the middle) is what most people would use. I like how there are individual controls for each side of the toaster meaning I can put my toast in at a normal 5 setting and at the same time put my husbands in at a blackening 8 without having to do it twice. There is also a crumb tray that is removeable making cleaning the toaster easier. The only fault I have with this is the silver covering across the middle, I find it gets covered in finger marks very easily as it seems to be exactly where you want to put your hand on the toast when using it and it would have been more useful if it had been more matt so as to keep it looking cleaner longer. I would recommend to a friend as it works really well and looks great.


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                  26.11.2010 12:48
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  4 slice toaster from Morphy Richards


                  As the Guide for Household Appliances I read a lot of Toaster reviews on dooyoo and it struck me a while ago that this once functional yet boring piece of kitchen equipment appeared to have undergone somewhat of a facelift. The budget, value brands still seem to favour functionality over style but the bigger brand names have taken a leaf out of the books of the high-end designer makes such as Dualit and 'pimped' up their range of kitchen electricals to offer products which are eye-catching as well as functional.

                  Morphy Richards as a brand has been around for years and is a respected and well known player in the world of kitchen electricals. Before the supermarkets and catalogue brands brought out their own ranges the likes of Morphy Richards and Moulinex dominated the market and I remember as a child our Morphy Richards kettle and Moulinex blender. I always associate Morphy Richards with reliability and quality and even though we didn't actually need a new toaster at the time when I saw the 4 slice Accents toaster in red on offer in Tesco at less than half price a short while ago I snapped up a bargain and replaced our functional yet boring 2 slice toaster with this gleaming red beauty.

                  **Accents 4 slice Toaster**

                  The picture above is a perfect representation of what you get for your money and as you can see the toaster itself is stainless steel but features a bright red, metallic fascia. This is a 4 slice toaster which as well as providing toasted bread also allows you to defrost and reheat at the push of a silver button. The bread slots themselves are generous in size to allow even the thickest of wedges and are deep enough to accommodate 'tall' slices to fit without you having to turn the slices upside down during the toasting process to get a complete coverage. The browning control allows you to decide how cooked you want your bread and can offer lightly toasted slices through to cremated if you so desire and the cancel button will stop the process immediately. The lever which lowers the bread into the toaster is nicely detailed in silver and features a 'high lift' function allowing your toast to be easily retrieved and all in all this ticks all the boxes as far as providing toasted bread is concerned.

                  **Using the Toaster and my thoughts**

                  Its all well and good having something which looks great but its how it toasts bread that is the important thing when it comes to a toaster and thankfully the Accents 4 slice lives up to its appearance and produces perfectly toasted bread each and every time it has been used. We struggled with our old toaster when it came to making toasted sandwiches and since the revolutionary invention of 'toaster bags' which allow you to pop a sandwich into a heat resistant bag and cook it in a toaster became readily available our old appliance just wouldn't accommodate the thickness of the sandwich itself. The Accents toaster from Morphy Richards easily does and we no longer have to squash the contents of the bag down just to try and make it fit, here the wide slots allow them to be added with no problems whatsoever and as we are very fond of toasted sandwiches in our home this toaster has proven to be a worthwhile and appreciated purchase.

                  The browning control is responsive and does actually work unlike some other cheap toasters and the 9 different settings gives you complete control on how toasted you want your bread to be. We like our toast to be lightly browned but not burnt so find that setting 4 produces the best results for us so it should only take a couple of uses for you to discover what is right for you. The reheat function is a handy and welcome extra and like the name suggests allows your toast to warm back through without actually cooking it any more, this is particularly useful if the doorbell or telephone goes just as your toast has popped up and disturbs you from your meal.

                  The crumb trays are situated at the back of the toaster and as this a 4 slice machine there are 2 trays, they are easy enough to remove, empty and replace - just don't allow them to get overfull to prevent the spillage of crumbs. Depending on how much you use the toaster will determine the frequency of how often they are emptied but in the time we have owned this toaster (around 4 weeks) we have only had to empty the trays once.

                  The mains lead is of a decent length and at around 85cm allows the toaster to be positioned in a convenient place on our worktops rather than being shoved too close to a socket. Dimension wise itself the toaster measures approximately 30cm in width, 25cm in depth and 20cm in height so is quite large when compared to similar devices but is pleasing to the eye and looks stylish and modern. I really like the design of this toaster and bought it simply based on how it looked, the fact that it provides perfectly toasted bread and toasted sandwiches means that it is a machine which I highly recommend to anyone looking for a replacement toaster.

                  The machine is impressive in 'real life' and attention to detail is apparent in the finish, the dials and buttons are large and well made, they feel durable rather than flimsy and overall the toaster is superb quality. Being stainless steel you can expect that the sides of the toaster to become hot when in use so obviously shouldn't be touched, the same applies for every device of this nature though and does come down to common sense. The toaster itself stands on black rubber feet which are chunky and in keeping with the rest of the toaster have a quality feel to them, for me though the main attraction of this toaster was the coloured fascia front which is a deep, rich red and is a lovely contrast to the silver colour sides and the black base. It certainly would fit into even the most modern of kitchens nowadays and as mentioned in my opening paragraph seems to be bang on trend for the majority of upper-end kitchen appliances these days.

                  The toaster comes with a 1 year warranty as standard although this is extended to 2 years if you register and complete an on-line form on the Morphy Richards website. For peace of mind for a moderately expensive piece of kitchen ware I would recommend taking out the (free) extended warranty at least then you are reassured that if something was to go wrong with your Toaster that you had some sort of cover in place.

                  **Pricing, Availability and Rating**

                  Price-wise I paid just £24.00 for this toaster during a recent promotion in-store in Tesco, it didn't stay long at that price though and is now back up to its original £49.99 and looking on-line that seems to be the price other places are selling it for too. It is widely available on line and on the high street at the usual electrical retailers and even at full price would be an item that I would highly recommend, the fact that I bought this cheap means that I consider I got a bargain with this Toaster and and such would have no issues in awarding a full five star rating.

                  For your money you get a great quality, premium looking piece of kitchen equipment which would look stunning on any counter, the fact that it produces perfect toast every time it is used means that its reliability matches its looks and as far as I'm concerned I made a fantastic purchase when I chose this toaster from Morphy Richards.

                  Definitely recommended, thanks for reading my review.


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                • Product Details

                  The Morphy Richards Accents 4 slice Toaster adds a touch of designer chic to your kitchen and combines classic retro styling with all the functional features required in today's kitchen. The premium Stainless Steel finish offers a stylish addition to your kitchen with its curved shape. Includes a hi-lift facility to remove smaller items from your toaster such as crumpets variable browning control and removable crumb tray to keep your toaster clean and tidy.

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