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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2013 14:34
      Very helpful


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      Meets all my toasting needs!

      Back in January my boyfriend and I got a new kitchen. We were on a relatively tight budget, so bought the kitchen from Ikea and installed it all ourselves (the kitchen sink was a bit stressful). Well, when I say "ourselves", he did 80% and I did 20%!

      After it was all done and paid for (by my boyfriend) I wanted to at least contribute something, and since I had some Amazon voucher saved up from dooyoo I decided that I would find and purchase us a toaster. My boyfriend's old one was barely useable as it tended to properly burn the edges, and we wanted something nice and shiny which matched our new kitchen.

      A toaster isn't something which we use every day, but when we do we want it to be a quick and easy process, so a 4-slice toaster was what we were after. So, I spent many happy hours perusing the Internet (and Amazon in particular) until I found us the perfect toaster within my £40 budget.

      After much deliberation and having read many toaster reviews I thought that the Prestige 55846 was ideal...for those who are interested, Prestige also do a matching kettle (the ECO).

      I ordered this toaster in March - it cost £29.99 including P&P, but took nearly a month to be delivered (and then I was away while it was delivered!) It is currently on Amazon for £44.96, so I think I got it for a good price!

      ---The Prestige 4 slice toaster---
      The toaster is made from plastic and has a glossy black (which matches other things in the kitchen) finish round the sides, with shiny silver metal at the top (it says Prestige on the sides). The buttons, lever and setting slide (along with the bottom of the toaster) are a matt grey colour. It is pretty big, being 30 x 30 x 19.5 cm, but not as big as many 4-slice toasters. It weighs 3.2kg which feels quite light. The lead to the plug is a decent length. It really is a lovely looking toaster, and while doing my research I felt it was the nicest looking for the price.

      The toaster has 4 deep, variable width toasting slots which should toast a variety of bread sizes. We do tend to buy ready sliced bread, so none of those doorstop pieces of bread and toast of my childhood. However, I can see that this toaster would certainly toast thicker and bigger in size pieces of bread than my boyfriend's old one would (I struggled to fit thick crumpets in that).

      ---Making toast---
      Before making toast we move the toaster out from under the cupboard as we don't want any hot air damaging it. Then we're good to go. Choose which setting you want (there are 6 on a sliding scale - depending on how well browned you like your toast) and simply put the bread in the toaster and push down the lever (there are two - one for each set of two slices) which is very easy to use - a blue light comes on to show it's in action. It makes a slight buzzing when it first starts toasting until (I imagine) the elements have heated up.

      If using all four slices, one side always pops up just before the other (even when on exactly the same setting) which gives me a chance to start buttering them! The advantage of having the buttons (which I should mention are described as "high-quality soft touch controls") and settings on each side of the toaster is that one of you can have your toast more well done than the other if you so desire. I tend to do mine on the mid range setting of 3, and my toast comes out lightly golden (even all over).

      If you do a second batch of toast it does come out slightly darker than the first, so just be aware of this if doing lots of toast and adjust the setting accordingly if needed.

      When the toast is done it pops up automatically. You can cancel it mid-cycle as well if you want (to check how it's doing if you're not quite sure), with the button - don't do what my mother used to do and force the lever upwards - this results in broken toasters - as a child we only ever had a toaster occasionally for about 2 weeks before she broke it, so we generally relied on the grill - she has since learnt though!

      For the purposes of review writing I have timed how long it takes to make toast. It does seem to take slightly longer than some (although I have never timed toast before), but that could be because it feels like a long time while doing nothing - normally I'd be making coffee at the same time. It takes 3 minutes 1 second on setting 3, and 3 minutes 18 seconds on setting 4.

      The toaster doesn't get particularly hot which is good as I tend to pick it up and move it back as soon as I've used it.

      Although it's a basic toaster, there is at least a defrost setting (just press the button), which is useful when you've frozen bread. Since we don't eat a lot of bread I sometimes freeze a few slices if I don't think we'll get through it. The defrost setting works well on the occasions I use it.

      ---Crumpets and other stuff---
      Aside from bread, crumpets are the other thing that I toast regularly - I do love a nice crumpet (I have even reviewed them in the past). I do them on setting 3 as I do toast, and they always come out exactly how I like them. They don't always pop up properly, but this isn't a problem since you can use the high lift facility to remove them.

      You could also toast other things such as muffins and hot crossed buns.

      There are two crumb trays (one for each side) which are easily emptied. It took my 5 years of having my old toaster before I realised that it had a crumb tray (and I was forever tipping it upside down and shaking it - amazingly it still works after 9 years). Quite a few crumbs do gather round the top of the toaster, but this isn't a huge problem.

      To clean the outside and make it nice and shiny again I just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth (I did it whilst writing this review) - it shines up well,

      We are happy with our toaster. It is a basic model which doesn't have any exciting functions (like reheating facilities - but you could just pop toast back in for a few seconds) but it is a really smart looking toaster which meets our toasting needs fine and we've had nice toast for the past 5 months to go with our nice kitchen.

      The toaster comes with a 2 year guarantee, but I hope it will last a lot longer than that.

      5 out of 5 stars from me!


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        09.05.2013 16:00
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Nevertheless, a great toaster at a fair price

        **What is it?**

        The Prestige 55846 is a mid priced four slice toaster from Prestige. It's part of a range and it's matching kettle is called the Prestige ECO Kettle.

        **Price and Availability**

        You can pick up the Prestige 55846 from Amazon for a very reasonable £27.99 including delivery. You can also buy the toaster in Argos on the high street.

        **What's in the Box**

        You get the Prestige 55846 four slice toaster in black, a 2 year warranty card and the instructional manual.


        The box states that the Prestige 55846 has the following features:

        Auto pop-up function
        High quality, soft touch controls
        High lift facility for easy removal of small items (I use this for toasting ciabatta bread for pate, you can retrieve it safely)
        4 deep toasting slots with variable width (for toasting thicker items like teacakes)
        Removable crumb tray (this slides out and can go in the dishwasher)
        Defrost and mid cycle cancel buttons
        Variable browning control (there are 5 settings, 1 being the lightest to 5 being very well done)


        The Prestige 55846 is styled in black and silver grey plastic but it doesn't look cheap, the design is sturdy and square and reminds me of a much more expensive Breville toaster. It has two buttons each side for the defrost and cancel functions and these have blue LED lights built into them. Along the bottom there is a slider so you can set the browning level you prefer.

        Overall I think for the price it looks very smart and modern, and would go well in modern kitchens which may not suit a white toaster.


        The Prestige 55846 is great for toasting all manner of things, not just slices of bread, and I've done teacakes, muffins, bagels and crumpets in mine without any issues whatsoever. I find that level '3' is the best for standard toasting.

        The toaster does all but the top inch of the slice, which is not bad, as some toasters barely toast half the slice. The press down slider and the function buttons are comfortable and easy to use and the high lift very handy for smaller pieces of bread and so on, so you don't have to put your fingers (or anything else) in the toaster.

        The crumb tray is easy to remove, it just slides out and you can wash it under the tap, or even put it in the dishwasher if you like, just remember to fully dry it before putting it back in the toaster.

        The sides of the toaster do not get hot, and the cord is nice and long so you don't have to place it right next to a power socket.

        I have had my Prestige 55846 for just over a year now, and it is as good as new (well, a bit crumby!)

        **Any Downsides**

        The only ever so slight issue I have with the Prestige 55846 is that there is a ridge around the main body of the toasting element before the black plastic outer. I wish this wasn't here, I wish it was flush, as it gets full of messy looking crumbs which are really difficult to clean out (I ended up using a cotton wool bud but I only do this every few months!)

        Most toasters have crumb catching areas though, so I don't think it would put me off buying it, well, it would if someone invented an easy to clean toaster!


        Overall I'm really happy with the Prestige 55846 and I'm glad I purchased it sight unseen from Amazon, and I would recommend it to any DooYooers looking for a smart black toaster which has all the style of a Breville but at a quarter of the price tag!

        I will give the Prestige 55846 5 stars out of 5, it is a decent quality toaster for under £30 delivered - I'm very happy with it.


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