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      07.12.2010 01:21
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      • Reliability


      ~~A good reliable toaster that doesn't break the bank~~

      ~~Why did we get this one?~~

      Our toaster, a Prestige 50634, has sat in the same place in the kitchen for the last five years. It's used almost daily and just does what it's supposed to do. We bought it from Woolworths when our expensive De Longhi toaster stopped working after a mere 18 months! We liked the look and the price of it.

      ~~Let's keep it simple!~~

      Toasters, to my mind, aren't supposed to be all singing and dancing, programmable, works of art. All I want them to do is quietly and efficiently make our toast for us in the morning. No thinking involved! Shove the bread in, push the levers down, potter about assembling butter, marmalade, hummus, marmite etc. Pour the tea out. Hear a reassuring clunk from the toaster as the toast pops up, and that's it!

      ~~What makes it so useful to me?~~

      The Prestige Appliances 50635 does the job perfectly. It toasts between one and four slices simultaneously. It has extra wide slots if you want to toast really nice thick slices of fresh bread or crumpets and if you want to use a sandwich toasting bag (Which are absolutely great!), they fit in easily.
      It is possible to select one of six settings on the 'browning control'. This is very handy because each side of the toaster has a dial to adjust the toast to the colour you want it. So if you are making toast with white and brown bread it is possible to make the appropriate adjustments for both at once. It is also good for when you are toasting crumpets because they need longer to toast than bread if you don't want them to be soggy.
      If the food you are toasting is smaller than an average slice of bread there is a High-lift facility for easy removal of them. No more fishing around with a kitchen utensil trying to fish out something that is too small to get hold of properly when it pops up. This works well with crumpets and pop tarts. You simply pull up the lever at the front and the crumpet or whatever slides into reachable view.
      If you wander off and the toast pops up and goes cold before you get a chance to butter it, there is a setting to gently reheat the toast. This works well and doesn't seem to dry it out too much. There is also a setting for defrosting bread, so you can defrost as many slices as you need straight from frozen. This is handy if, like me, you forget to buy bread and have to fall back on the emergency supply in the freezer. There is a bagel setting too but I must confess to never having used this because I prefer to only toast one side of bagels.
      All the control buttons are illuminated so you can see at a glance if your toaster is working and on what setting. The width of the toasting slots is adjustable by using the little sliding buttons immediately under the slot lever. I don't bother to use these much but they seem irresistible to any blokes using the toaster, they seem to have to have a fiddle with them!

      ~~Let's keep this clean!~~

      Cleaning is easy, a wipe down with a slightly damp cloth brings it back to it's pristine shiny condition. The removable crumb tray makes it simple to remove any residue of crumbs from under the elements and reduces any fire risk that such a build up might present. (One of my elderly Aunts set fire to her kitchen many moons ago because the bits kept on smouldering, so I'm a bit paranoid about emptying the crumbs out!)
      The feet of the toaster are slip resistant rubber. I don't know whether this is useful or not, the toaster seems heavy enough to me not to be sliding around the work surface anyway.
      The lead is about three foot long. This means that it needs a power point close to the work surface it lives on but it also reduces the hazard that longer leads can cause on electrical appliances. There is enough space to tuck the excess lead out of sight around the feet so it doesn't catch in anything or dangle where inquisitive little fingers might pull on it. It came already fitted with a normal black safety plug.

      ~~Good value for money?~~

      I like my toaster, it does its job well. It still looks reasonably smart after five years of service. The metal is showing very little scratching or dullness. This particular model seems to be available in a two tone version but mine is just plain silver coloured. It cost us £19.99 five years ago from Woolworths. I don't know how much they cost now but this particular model has been reliable and very good value as far as I'm concerned.


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    • Product Details

      Deco by Prestige is simply fabulous! With echoes of the 1920's Deco movement this new and exciting line of kitchen products captures the feelings of the era with excitement over the rise of commerce technology and speed / With intense colours geometric shapes and a touch of luxury these sophisticated products will bring back the excitement of progress development and indulgence to your kitchen / High-lift facility for easy removal of small items e.g / crumpets / Non-slip feet for stability / Luxurious styling in coloured and polished stainless steel Soft Touch illuminated control buttons Reheat defrost and bagel settings Cancel button Crumb tray Cord storage / Short name: Prestige 50634

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