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    1 Review
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      26.09.2011 16:59
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      A decent toaster

      The Prestige Appliance toaster is a huge beast of a toaster and is for those who seriously love their toast. We finally said goodbye to our faithful toaster after nearly 10 years of service, I know it was 10 years because it was the last surviving wedding present. It finally gave up and was starting to burn the toast and no fiddling would reduce the toasting, so with a heavy heart we sent the toaster to the great toaster heaven, also known as the tip.

      So I went to a well known electrical outlet and bought the best toaster I could afford and the Prestige happened to be on offer for a reasonable £35 as it was the only one left in stock. The toaster was a bit of a impulse buy and when I got it home I only realised just how big the toaster truly is. This is a four slice toaster, I feel almost inclined to say four in big bold tones because this is clearly a superior toaster. The toaster is intrinsically like all toasters a simple add slices of bread and press the plunger down, waiting for the ping as the toast pops up. That's nothing new but the size really dictates a large imposing kitchen or a kitchen used to making loads of toast, as we have 2 young boys guess which category we fit into. The toaster is chrome and black and is a big bold toaster, very much in the bold and brash end of the toaster range.

      The toaster though being a four slice toaster can be used as a two slice, it has two independent plungers which allow two slices to be toasted rather than four at once. There is a separate cancel button for both pairs of toaster slices, and in truth the toaster is really 2 two slice toasters except for the settings for time in the toaster. There is a crumble tray which I have to say is easy to get out and does save from making a mess on the kitchen workspace and thankfully it doesn't have the annoying metal arms which are supposed to be used to warm up croissants. These arms annoy me on every toaster I've ever used as they are totally useless for warming croissants and only get hot and in the way when trying to get your toast out of the toaster. Thankfully this isn't a problem with this toaster!

      So this is a large bulky toaster, it is clearly for a kitchen with a love of toast and if it wasn't on offer I wouldn't have bought the toaster. I have found that having a four slice toaster doesn't increase the amount of toast I tend to put on and it's rare that I do four slices at once, usually only if we have visitors for breakfast so in truth this has turned the toaster into a huge two slice toaster. Easy to programme for producing perfect toast is a simple sliding knob going from low to high toasting, the highest setting will burn your toast and the lowest will create warm bread so a setting about a third along has proven perfect. There is one for each two slice slot so can be set for different levels of toasting but seriously who's going to do that?

      So good toasters not for people with small kitchens but if you get a deal why not get the biggest and most expensive you can afford? I've been happy with it and if it last nearly 10 years like its predecessor then I'll be very happy, which considering after a kettle and the oven the toaster must the most used piece of equipment in the kitchen.


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    • Product Details

      Deco by Prestige is simply fabulous! With echoes of the 1920's Deco movement this new and exciting line of kitchen products captures the feelings of the era with excitement over the rise of commerce technology and speed / With intense colours geometric shapes and a touch of luxury these sophisticated products will bring back the excitement of progress development and indulgence to your kitchen / Matching kettle available Four slot toaster with variable width cages Luxurious styling in coloured and polished stainless steel Soft Touch illuminated control buttons Reheat defrost and bagel settings Cancel button Crumb tray Cord storage / Short name: Prestige 50635

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