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    1 Review
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      22.03.2013 15:28
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      A great value toaster, nothing better needed!

      I was given this toaster by my mum when I came back for my second term at university. I missed not having a toaster in the first term as I do not have an oven, so cannot make toast. Toast is a great way to use up bread that is starting to go stale.

      Design: The toaster is stainless steel with black plastic trimmings and looks great in any kitchen. The toaster is quite light and is easy to move due to these materials. It is a 2 slice toaster and it fits thick slices of bread in easily. However large slices or irregularly shaped bread does not fit in one go and must be half toasted, turned over and the other half toasted.

      There are 7 settings for the toasting time, of which I always use option 3. It seems to take a while but my toast comes out prefect. I prefer it just brown, so for people who would like a more well done slice of toast, the higher numbers would be better.

      There is also an option for Bagels, as well as Defrost and reheat settings. I have yet to use the reheat or bagel settings. The Defrost is great for bread which has been frozen and I am too hungry to wait for it to defrost properly before eating!

      There is also an option to Cancel, which is great when I retoast a slice of bread that wasn't quite done the first time. When doing this you must remember to press cancel though or you get a lovely smell and rock solid black toast!! My flatmates were not keen on the burnt toast smell coming from my room the other week!

      When toasting small slices ( I often get cheap loaves of bread which are oval shaped, and near the end of the loaf the slices are quite small), the toaster will often throw them across the worktop when they pop up! This can be funny but is not good if the area around the toaster is not clean! The first time it happened my toaster was near the edge of the work top and one slice of bread bounced out and landed on the floor!

      Toast can be eaten alone, with jam or cheese etc. and is a lovely accompaniment to any meal, which is great on a student budget. I now have toast for breakfast and with my dinner very often, having things like scrambled or poached eggs on toast. I often buy reduced bread from the supermarket which, while lovely as toast, makes horrible sandwiches so it is great to have a toaster at last!

      Cost: As it was a gift I'm unsure on how much this toaster cost, but research online show it was under £10 which is great value for what is a lovely little toaster. I would definitely recommend this toaster as everything about it is great, apart from its toast throwing powers! I will still award it a 5* toaster, as this only happens with small slices.

      Nothing that a more expensive toaster would do better! This toaster does not make much sound, but the noise when the toast pops up is perfect for me to notice when it is done and eat it before it goes cold!


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      Short name: Proline ST02

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