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Russell Hobbs 13899

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Brand: Russell Hobbs / Crumb Tray: With Crumb Tray

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    1 Review
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      27.05.2013 13:11
      Very helpful



      A product which is useful but not worth the price

      I am a big fan of toast for breakfast and recently my older toaster has had issues with heating up so I went and brought a new toaster, the Russell Hobbs 13899.

      == The Design ==

      This toaster is done in a clear white and instantly I didn't like the colour I was made to believe it was a beige colour but it turned out to be totally white. At the front is where all the dials are located to help use this toaster.

      You have four slots to position toast inside which is really good and each two slots have a separate set of dials to use.

      You have a dial to indicate the heat setting so this is meant to help you in terms of working out how quick the toast is meant to be done. You have separate buttons which help you do a variation of tasks.

      One is used to pop the toast up and this is an instant movement and occurs very quickly. The other button helps you know when the toast is done. The idea is when the toast is done you press this button beforehand and the toast will pop up ready when it is done.

      The final button is in regards to frozen bread and I have yet to fully work out how this is done. The stand is basically four miniature legs and at the back is where you pull out the crumbs left over by the toast.
      Overall the design is done to make everything easy but the product does feel cheaply made.

      == Features ==

      This toaster has the ability to get frozen bread and make it turn into toast. It sounds like it is very rare feature but I have seen this on other toasters in the past. This feature is very good because if someone has frozen bread instead of waiting for it defrost to use or go out and buy new bread this toaster can save time and money.

      You have a browning control which helps you decide how brown you wish the toast to be. This to me is just another way of putting that the toaster is done when you want it to be done.

      You have the cancel button which lets you have the toast pop up when you think it might be done. This is good because it can halt you potentially burning the toast, which I have very good experience doing.

      == My Experience ==

      I decided when I got this toaster to use all features and check out the way it can prepare toast with different types of bread.

      I first set up this toaster and decided to use Warburton's white bread and I put in just two slices and decided to turn the setting to 3 and to see how it would turn out. There was a problem instantly because the bread had around half an inch sticking out the toaster even when pushed down.

      You would look at ways of trying to push it down to make sure every part of the bread is toasted but this did not happen at all. The setting made the toast pop up when it was barely warm so the setting on the front is hard to judge.

      So far the toaster had a problem in terms of the size of bread you wish to use. I eventually got the toast out which took around 90 seconds or so and it was warm and looked very good.

      I then decided to use Kingsmill bread and this had the same issue you could not place the entire slice inside the compartment to toast it properly. You would have the toast pop up and have the very edge of the toast weak and untoasted.

      I found the only way around to making sure all the bread is toasted is by removing the crust and this helped but it is not good if you enjoy the crust like I do.

      I decided to test out the crumb tray and they come out very easily and to be honest the toaster always looks clean inside the crumb tray does an excellent job collecting all those little bits which fall off and they are very easy to clean. Although the crumb trays look flimsy and by this I mean if you were to bump them into a wall accidentally you could bend them.

      The toaster always feels and looks cheap to me and you get the feeling it could stop working altogether at any time. I have not used the frozen bread feature but a friend of mine has a few times and has commented on how easy it was to defrost the bread and then heat it back up again.
      However the problem in regards to some of the bread sticking out the toaster remained.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      The toaster is light in weight and has a brand name so your first assumption is the item has some quality attached to it. As a buyer I got this item largely due to the brand name because I have had items from Russell Hobbs before and found the quality excellent.

      This toaster is plastic and has some decent features but the overall problem is how much of the bread is actually toasted. You will find online misleading pictures showing the bread inside and looking all tight and with the crust on top and this is not good.

      You cannot place bread in there fully and I have tried 7 different brands so that is the biggest problem with this toaster and in my view a silly one to have.

      I think the speed in which the toast is done is pretty good and usually most toasters have the same sort of speed. In terms of the browning effect on toast I am unsure how accurate that part is.

      The cancel button and the crumb tray do what they are meant to do and do it very well. You do not have that smell you get with some toasters when you're using them which is when the crumbs at the bottom are burning and you worry it's your toast.

      Overall this toaster in my view is 6 out of 10 and I did pay £27.99 for this toaster and for me it is not worth that price.


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      Short name: Russell Hobbs 13899

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