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Russell Hobbs 18441 Heritage 4 Slice

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2013 15:32
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      I love this toaster!!

      If you have read my previous review you will remember that I was decorating my kitchen cream and grey. I brought the matching kettle from Russell Hobbs which I reviewed, so thought it only right to give my opinion on this addition to the range.

      This range has a 2 slice toaster or a 4 slice. I went for the 4 slice as I have quite a big household, and for time saving reasons I went for the bigger option. I brought my kettle first so wasn't aware they had a matching toaster until after, when I saw an advertisement on my amazon page. At the time of purchase Amazon were selling it for £49.99 which was abit too expensive for me so I shopped around and luckily EBay had one for £29.99. This was much more my price range and I was happy to pay that.

      What Does It Look Like
      When the toaster arrived I was very pleased with the overall look of the product, it looked very stylish and high-tech with all the controls but still with the vintage feel. There are 4 separate compartments for the bread, this is made from the same silver material we see in the kettle. The slots are very wide, to allow even the thickest bread to be toasted. The toaster comes with two separate sets of controls ( I will explain these controls in detail in the next part of my review). The toaster is quite large but looks great with my matching kettle on the worktop of my kitchen.

      The toaster has two set of controls, so you can use this for a single piece of bread all the way upto the optimum amount of four pieces. Each section of two is controlled by separate buttons. There a four different buttons.
      1- The mid cycle cancel will allow you to stop toasting the bread at any given time with just a click of this button.
      2- The bagel function, by pressing this button you can toast just the side you've cut of the bagel, to give you the soft but crunchy bagel that everyone desires. This is my favourite function, perfect results everytime.
      3- Frozen bread function, this allows you to toast bread completely from frozen, the toaster automatically adjusts the toasting time.
      4- Re-heat button, most people are running late in the mornings, put toast in and forget about it then eventually it goes cold. This button allows you to reheat your toast with adding anymore browning.
      These are all great features to have on a toaster, my previous toaster was just your bog standard 2 slice toaster, so this came as a huge shock to me when I saw everything this toaster was capable of. Both sides also contain a dial with the numbers 1-4, with this you can choose your degree of browning for your preference of toast.

      This toaster is very easy to clean. It comes with two removable trays on either side. These you simply slide out and remove all the crumbs that have gathered over the time of use. This is a very quick and easy task, I do this at the end of every week just to prevent build up.

      Would I Recommend This Product?
      I would defiantly recommend this product to anyone. This can do so much more than you regular toaster. The frozen bread function and the bagel function are something that iv not seen before and give this a real up market feel. You get perfect toast/ bagels everytime. With the four toast slots it is a very quick process. This is perfect for big families, with the two sets of controls you can do two types of toast at once. I only have my toast on a number 2 browning, but my boyfriend has a four. With the two separate controls we can kill two birds with one stone, without having to wait for the other to finish. The only niggle I have with this is it does seem to take longer than my old toaster, but as im doing 4 pieces of bread I really cant moan at all. One thing I would say before buying this product is to always shop around. Many of these i've seen are around the £50.00 mark, but you can definitely find these cheaper if you have a browse around. Overall I can not give this anything else but top marks 5/5 a great stylish toaster


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