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Sainsbury's 2-Slice Toaster Black

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Sainsbury's 2-Slice Toaster, Black

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2012 14:20
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      Sainsburys Black Toaster

      The Toaster
      = = = = = =
      The toaster is Sainsbury's own brand which was purchased from my local store for £9.97 which I thought was reasonable. I didn't want to buy a basics toaster in fear that this wouldn't last very long. You can also purchase the toaster from the Sainsbury's website. The toaster comes in one colour which is black and has seven different settings. The toaster isn't a shape that I am used to as it's more or a cured sleek design rather than a straight rectangle shape that most toasters are. The toaster has a shiny finish to it rather than a matte look to it. On the front of the toaster are 3 silver buttons and a dial which turns. The buttons are quite long and allow you to select defrost, reheat or cancel the product that is toasting. The dial on the front is numbered 1-7 and can be turned to whichever setting you like which will determine the browning of the toast. On one end of the toaster is a silver knob which is the warming frame knob. Under this is also a silver handle which can be pulled to allow you to remove and empty the crumb tray. On the other end of the toaster is the carriage handle which you push down to toast your bread. The bun warmer which comes with the toaster is attached to the top of the toaster and can be put up and back down again by using the knob on the end of the toaster on the same side as the crumb tray. The toaster has cable storage which means it looks tidier on your work tops, I loved the idea of this as the toaster we currently have at home has quite a long cable with it. The cable length to the toaster is 1M and this of course called be pulled out from the storage underneath the toaster if you need the cable to become longer.

      The toaster has extra wide slots to enable you to toast thicker sliced bread. Due to the defrost setting on the toaster this enables you to toast frozen bread. It has an automatic pop up function which means as soon as the toast is done it will pop up rather than you having to stand by the toaster and press the cancel button. This isn't the smallest toaster I have seen measuring 18 x 29 x 16cm, how-ever the main reason for buying this particular toaster was for the cheap price rather than the size. The product does comes with a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee so if you have any issues or problems with the toaster you can take it back to the store with the receipt for a change or refund. The toaster itself is made from plastic so is very lightweight, and I was actually surprised at how light this was when I took it out of the box. The toaster comes packaged well in a box and wrapped in plastic. Included in the box is a manual with warning information and what the different knobs and buttons on the toaster do. To me using a toaster is pretty much self-explanatory but I did take a quick look at the manual anyway. I actually purchased the toaster for use at work as I get bored with having sandwiches all the time and quite often fancy something different to eat such as toast. I was looking forwards to trying out the toaster and also trying out the bun warmer function on this as well.

      Using the Toaster
      = = = = = = = = =
      * Toast/Crumpets - I have used the toaster for both bread and crumpets. For crumpets I normally turn the dial to setting 3 as this makes the crumpets warm and a slight golden colour. I have no problems with the crumpets fitting into the toaster unlike some where you have to try and force thick bread and crumpets in there to try to toast them. I haven't had any problems with any crumpets or bread getting stuck in the toaster and I was impressed that it fits thick crumpets into the toaster. I don't like my bread too brown so I normally also use setting 3 when making toast as well. If I need to pop the toast or crumpets down for slightly longer I turn the dial down slightly and then push the carriage handle down so it can be toasted some more. I haven't used the defrost setting so I can't comment on this.

      * Using the Bun Warmer - Simply turn the silver knob which is located on the side same as where you remove the crumb tray. When you turn the knob the bum warmer rack will pop up and you simply place the item on here. I like to warm up croissants on here. Depending on the size of the item you may be able to fit up to 2 items on the rack at once. Once you have placed the item on the rack simply choose the setting by turning the dial with the numbers on. I normally turn this to about 2 when warming up croissants. Simply press the carriage handle down to start the warming up process. A blue light will come on when the toaster is heating the item. I didn't want the croissant to become too crispy from the heat so I did actually press the cancel button after a short while. As the croissant was heating I could smell it a little and it smelt delicious. The croissant was quite hot on the bottom which is where it was heated up the most so you need to be careful when removing items from here. The croissant was lovely and warm all the way through and tasted delicious, it tasted much nicer warmed up than what it does when I eat the croissant cold. To put the bun warmer rack down simply turn the knob again in the opposite direction and it will fold down back in the side of the toaster. I was really impressed with the bun warmer and thought it was a great feature on the toaster.

      * Emptying the Crumb Tray - If you use the toaster on a regular basis it advises you to empty the crumb tray weekly. I have been using this a lot at work lately making toast and also heating croissants up so I thought I would empty the tray after the stated time of 1 week. The crumb tray slides out really easily which enables you to empty the crumbs into a bin. The crumb tray then slides in just as easy as it came out. If you don't use the toaster very often then you won't need to empty the crumb tray as much.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      As the toaster was £9.97 I can't really complain about anything, but actually there isn't really anything to complain about. I love the different look of the toaster and it works really well not just for toasting bred and crumpets but I love the bun warmer that comes with the toaster. I wasn't really expecting much for £9.97 but this is a great toaster and works just as well as other expensive brands. The only downside to the toaster is that because it's a shiny black plastic it does tend to show up greasy fingerprints, so I find that I do need to wipe the toaster down with a damp cloth every now and again to remove the greasy marks. Although I have only had the toaster for just over 1 week so I don't actually know how long it is going to last I feel confident that the toaster will last a good year at least, before it will need replacing. The toaster isn't as cheap as Sainsbury's basic range how-ever I think it's worth spending a few extra pounds for this toaster which looks better and is likely to be much more reliable. Whether you or students need a toaster for the home or work then I highly recommend this one. I know the design and look of the toaster may not appeal to everyone but I think the reason why I like the toaster so much is because it does look different. I'm going to take 1 star off this product for the greasy marks it shows on the toaster.

      (review also on ciao)


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