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Sandstrom S02TPS11

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Brand: Sandstrom

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    2 Reviews
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      04.10.2012 15:55
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      A nice toaster if it didn't break so easily.

      I bought this toster as part of a bulk buy to furnish a new house earlier this year.


      I like the look of the toaster. It is rather large for a toaster with only a 2 sice capacity but I like the stainless steel appearance and the buttons are simple and functional.

      The toaster has 2 trays for turning your boring soft bread into warm golden crispy toast. They are quite wide meaning that bagels and thicker bread can also be warmed.

      The heat adjustment knob on the side of the toaster is easy to use and varies the heat noticeable. It's best to experiment a bit and find your preferred setting for how brown (or burnt) you like your toast.

      There are four buttons on the side to instruct the toaster that you are cooking a bagel, reheating, defrosting or cancelling your instruction. I have to admit that I have only used the standard toast function , so do not feel qualified to judge the others.

      There is a removable crumb tray on the base of the toaster which is an excellent way to avoid turning the toaster upside down to clean and getting crumbs everwhere.


      My Sanstrom toaster has now broken. The control switch to switch it on does not click in to place and the only thing that I can get it do do is flash the cancel light when I jam the switch down hard. As I have had this toaster for only about 6 months I have to advise that it's reliability is extremely poor. As I now have no reciept or replacement cover on it I will have to buy a new one and will definitley go for a different brand.
      I have not even used the toaster particulary regularly as I do not eat breakfast and only ocassionally opt for some toast on a weekend. How it has broken in this short time I am not sure as I was working abroad for 3 months of the 6 I owned it and hence it wasn't used.
      Other than the fact it has broken I felt that the build was quite good. The components and buttons are chunky and feels solid.

      When it works this is a great toaster, but due to breaking with so little use I have to give it a minimal star rating.


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      15.01.2012 20:53



      Sometimes a product can be inspirational, and change your views on the world. And so it is with this Sandstrom toaster: it leads me to believe that Stalin was a sensible man, for he would have had the designer executed. For seriously, what genius designs a toaster that doesn't fit a slice of bread inside it?


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