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    1 Review
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      03.06.2009 18:50
      Very helpful



      This is a useful ittle toaster and will do everything that you ask of it!

      After my old toaster had collapsed and decided enough was enough I decided to buy a new toaster and found this Swan toaster for around £20 which is quite a decent price for a good reliable machine these days.

      ~What is the toast like? ~

      The toast that comes out of this machine is of a high standard and the settings cook to the correct settings unlike some toasters. For example if I set the toaster to 3 then I know that this will toast the bread nicely but if I was to increase the setting it will burn my bread.

      From experience some toasters require you to put it on a higher setting e.g. 5 and still does not toast your loaf to a suitable standard.

      ~Noise Level Test~

      The toaster tends to be quite quiet and only makes a sound when the toast is complete and pops up with your toasted pieces of bread.

      ~Toaster Popup Test~

      Now when the toast pops up in some toaster designs the bread pops up and out of the toaster normally flying onto the floor or surfaces which can be a pain at times. This toaster does not do that it pops up nicely with only a faint sound of it ejecting the toast.

      ~Button pressing test~

      After testing all the buttons on the toaster, I can say that no buttons remain pushed in and no problems with turning knobs and the slide used to lift the toast out of the toaster.

      ~How does it compare to other toasters~

      Well if I compared it too a 4 slice toaster then this would not be as good. If I compared it to another 2 sliced toaster then I would fully recommend this product as it is reliable, the functionality is easy and makes a cracking piece of toast.

      The design is not as attractive as some toaster e.g. Chrome effect but it is cheap and everything you require in order to have a nice breakfast with your glass of orange juice.

      ~Is it easy to clean? ~

      I would say that I first had to clean it after using it for five sets of toast. The only problem is that the logo does disappear after many times of cleaning the outside of the toaster.

      ~Time taken to cook toast~

      Overall I would say that it can be a little slow but no longer than any other ordinary toaster. If you want to toast your toast in an instance then I suggest putting your bread on a fire (only joking).


      Overall this is a nice little dinky toaster for anyone who lives by themselves or can be used for families and will just take a little longer to cook your toast. I would fully recommend this product mainly because it is reliable, cheap and does the job you require from a toaster.

      ~My Rating~


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Swan DW012

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