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Tefal Evolutive Toaster

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    1 Review
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      09.02.2009 12:51
      Very helpful



      use all the time !!

      Tefal egg N toast
      We recently bought the Tefal Egg and toaster from Curries and it was priced at £39.99 . it is black and silver and is like a normal 2 slice toaster but on the side it has a circled section with a metal bottom and 3 different sections to put inside before you put the lid on. Basically you have the choice to put up to 4 eggs in to Boil , 1 egg to poach and a warm tray on top to keep mushrooms , sausages etc warm while everything is cooking .The see through lid goes on top which had a small hole in the top where the steam comes out .

      Boiled eggs - you put the bread in the toaster like you normally would but don't press it down until you have put the eggs that you want boiled in the boiled egg section - you are given a measuring jug that clearly states how much water you need to whether you want hard boiled or soft - measure to this line and then pour the amount of water in the small silver tray . the measuring jug has a small pin on the bottom of it which you use to pin prick the eggs and place the pin prick side up so not to leak on to the silver tray and put the lid on . then press the button that states you want both egg and bread to cook together and the press the toast down - this means that the bread and eggs will cook together and when the toast pops up the eggs are ready

      Poaching -you put the bread in as above and you have a small frying pan section that you put in the egg - you grease the pan first and then crack the egg into it and then place on the boiled egg section . again use the measuring jug measure whether you want soft poached ( runny ) or hard poached egg and pour the water in the silver tray section and put the lid on . press the button with egg and toast and then it will cook them together . the top tray can be added to either poaching or boiling to keep meats warm .
      How it works is its boils the water in the silver tray and it steams both types of egg which makes it quick and easy to use

      Bad points
      * silver tray does get water marked and slightly scaly but in the instruction manual it suggests using white wine vinegar and it does get it off .
      * Sometimes the toast is a bit under cooked - it just depends how you like it - there is a sliding indicator on the front so you can choose how you like it but make sure once you find how you like it don't move it as its hard to find

      Good point
      * Quick and very easy to use - easy to clean and no faffing on with boiling pans of water - and if your anything like me and cant make poached eggs to save your life its fantastic
      * Had a crumb catcher underneath that you can pull out so its easy to keep clean

      Bit pricey for a toaster but since we have had it I have used every weekend so well worth the money

      In the same range there is a kettle that makes instant hot water but at £50.00 we opted for a normal kettle !


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