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Tefal TF37051 5Classique

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Brand: Tefal

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2012 12:24
      Very helpful



      Looks Great In A Modern Kitchen, But Is Awfully Slow And Cooks Unevenly

      I bought this toaster from Argos last week as my old toaster broke. It cost £49.99 which is okay, but I have found that it does take a long time to toast bread and cooks it unevenly, but I'll get into that later.


      The toaster looks very basic and average, the same as all other toasters really. The thing I like about this toaster is that it is red at the sides and mainly silver at the front. It looks modern and doesn't look cheap at all. It is a four slice toaster and is quite large, but not too big. On the front, there are the two twister things where you set the heat settings (which go from 1-7) as well as various other buttons for its other features. Sorry if I got too technical with the whole 'twister things' business.


      As I said, this toaster has 7 heat settings, which isn't as much as my previous toaster with 9, but is still very good. The toaster has a few other features that are pretty standard, but one I've never heard of before. It has the simple cancel, reheat, and defrost functions, but it also has this setting that cooks bagels so that it toasts one side and warms the other side. I haven't used this feature yet because I don't have bagels often, but it sounds like a handy idea. The other thing it has is the feature that allows you to raise the toast up a bit to make it easier to take out after toasting. However, it only raises it the tiniest little bit and is hardly worth it at all.


      The main problem with this toaster is how it toasts. It took three minutes just to cook toast that was hardly brown. I left it in for another 30 seconds so it browned a little bit more, but it was still white on one side. I feel that £50 is a lot of money for a toaster that can't even cook toast evenly, let alone that it takes such a long time in the first place. The thing I liked about my old toaster was that it was designed to cook quickly, and it also cooked toast evenly. It also had the feature to raise up the toast, but it raised it a lot higher so it was easier to take out without any risk of burning yourself on the metal at the top.


      Like all toasters, this one is easy to use. You pull down the handle thing (another one of my very technical words) and it begins toasting...very slowly. However, the buttons to activate the reheat, defrost, and cancel settings were not very clear, and it wasn't until I looked in the instruction manual that I found out what the buttons did.

      Cleaning the toaster is quite easy, although as I have only had it for a week, I cannot comment on it much. It has two removable trays at the bottom where crumbs fall on, which you can then empty out in the bin. Most toasters have this function nowadays, but it is very handy.

      Another problem I have found with this toaster is that it gets very hot when you toasty something. Not just at the top, but round the sides and front as well. It caught me of guard the first time as my old toasters exterior never got hot, and I burnt myself a little bit. Obviously you can understand that the metal top may get quite hot, but not the entire exterior. I find that quite silly and somewhat annoying.

      Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend this toaster because I think it is expensive for a toaster that cooks very slowly and unevenly. If you cook bagels though, it might be handy, but I haven't tried this feature so I am unsure how well it works.

      I've given the product three stars, but it would probably be closer to 2.5


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