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Brand: Tesco / Slices: 2

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2012 13:53
      Very helpful



      A budget toaster which works as well as more expensive toasters.

      Having to go shopping for my boyfriends new flat since he had no time what with work and since he never got round to buying anything himself, on the day he was moving in I had to go and buy everything you need to start up a home with. On a limited amount of money, time and a rough paper list I ran into Tesco. At first I could only find a toaster for £25 as the cheapest one but as I walked around I found this on a shelf for £12.97. For this price of course it means the toaster is going to be nothing but basic but that is exactly what we wanted. With this being so cheap and a much needed item in my eyes it meant that I could also get a lot of other things on the limited money I was given.

      The design is very basic, a rounded rectangle is the shape of this and it isn't very big either measuring roughly ten inches in length. I spent the day specifically finding black items as we both thought that it was a much better colour for appliances and it would go with any colour scheme we ended up doing no matter how many times we re decorate. This is a matte black because you don't see so many finger prints on this and we're not clean freaks, we'll just put this away when we're done with it so it helps that it isn't shiny.

      The features are pretty basic but better than I thought they would be, I thought it was just going to be put your bread in and toast it. The heat numbers on this go up to 7 on our toaster, I'm not too sure why anyone would want their toast black but hey ho clearly some people do. I have mine on about 3 and this makes it slightly browned lightly toasted which I love. the other features are defrost, this is so you can put in your frozen bread and still have it toasted which is a good idea and another is reheat. I guess if you put your bread down, go in the shower and forget it's in there you can quickly re heat it without it burning lots and still enjoy a yummy breakfast.

      The size in which to put the bread is standard, the larger bread brands such as hovis you have to squish in on the side otherwise it won't all be toasted, but then you have squished toast. This is one of the disappointments about this toaster but it isn't a big deal. The cord for this is quite generous but to keep this tidy under the toaster is a cord holder which wraps around underneath, this makes it really neat and easy to put away.

      So far this seems pretty durable, we haven't done anything to test this out however such as drop it which I'm surprised I haven't as yet. So far so good this is in great working condition after several weeks of using almost every morning. To clean this we just give it a quick wipe over but no religiously I must admit. This comes with a full set of instructions but we didn't think to keep them as we just threw it all straight int eh bin.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Tesco 2TBP10

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