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    1 Review
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      02.04.2013 13:08
      Very helpful


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      So close to being a five!

      I have been searching for the perfect toaster for a long time. I've gone through many over the years and have refined my list of things that I look for. Like with the search for the perfect man along the way some of your preferred characteristics change, drop off the list or become simply unachievable. I've searched and searched and I think I might have found it...

      Essentially my list comprises of the following things: ability to toast 4 slices of bread at once, 5+ heat settings, bagel function, toast one side function, easily removable bread product, defrost setting, crumb tray, sexy design but above all else it has to have a reasonable price. It's a tall order but I have long strived for the ideal toaster and when my last one packed up I decided now was the time to truly find the perfect one.

      This toaster retails at around £60, give or take depending where you buy. There are often deals to be had but the price I am quoting is the price that it costs from argos. I used argos to purchase this toaster because of the ease of ordering online and collecting and also partially because I use a cashback site which had a good offer on electrical purchases from argos.

      The toaster in terms of aesthetics is a beautiful sleek mix of stainless steel and a lovely glossy red plastic. The overall look is absolutely great...if it matches your kitchen that is. Luckily my cabinets are a red lacquer so for me this was the ideal colouring to match my interior. The buttons and levers are all finished in a great black plastic so the overall look isn't too matchy matchy but just has a very classic and sleek looking design to it. It does have a slight retro look to it which I also really love but still it doesn't look out of place in a modern kitchen.

      So far so good then, but what about the functions? Well...it can accommodate 4 slices and 4 THICK slices at that. This is the only toaster I've come across as of yet that really can fit a nice bit slab of crusty bread, or an entire tea cake without having to slice it. The size of the slots really is one of the best features as it means I do not have to worry at all about the type of bread I buy as I know I will easily be able to toast it. It also can toast the entire piece of bread at once, no stopping half way through to flip it over which is fab for me as I have so little patience!

      So, what else can it do? It has a bagel toasting function which is exactly what I need. It also has the option of toasting one side of the bread which is handy for things like toasting bread before making cheese on toast or toasting the inside of a hot cross bun and not the outside. It also has a whopping 6 toast settings which I have also never come across before. I tend to find that most toasters have around 4 options which just is not enough for me as I toast my bread depending on my mood at the time.

      What about cleaning it? Not that I'm one of those insane people who clean my toasters on a weekly basis but I do find if you don't give it a clean out once in a while you get little piece of bread burning inside and that can give your toast a slightly bitter burnt taste to it which is obviously unpleasant. This toaster is definitely a breeze to clean which is really handy. It has a removable crumb tray which is very handy as you can just empty it out when it becomes full. The stainless steel and plastic wipe down easily leaving it looking good as new in a matter of minutes.

      There are a load of other functions on this toaster (cancel button, LED indicator lights, non-slip feet etc.) which make this an incredibly easy toaster to use. None is more important to me though than the high lift function which allows you to retrieve whatever you have put into the toaster without risk of burning your fingers or electrocuting yourself. This is my favourite part of the whole product because I find so few toasters do this well. It really does make my life easier and means there is far less risk of an early and untimely death.

      So, is the search over? Well, the only thing missing from my fancy new toaster is the defrost setting. This isn't a major issue for me because I find you can defrost pieces of bread within a few minutes on a low browning setting BUT it is one thing from my list that keeps this from being the all time perfect toaster. But hey 9/10 ain't bad right?

      I'm pretty much in love with this device now and it makes my early morning breakfast or mid afternoon snack all the more enjoyable. The price is pretty decent considering what it can do and it does come with a 3 year guarantee so that is pretty good too.

      Overall I'm thrilled with my toaster...now I've just got to find my perfect man. Watch this space.


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  • Product Details

    Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee / Non-slip feet / Auto shut-off / Removable crumb tray / Illuminated controls / Variable browning / LED indicator lights / Cancel function / High-lift function for easy removal of smaller slices of bread / Bagel function / warm one side and toast the other / 1-side toasting function / 6 toast settings / Independent slot operation / Wide slots with a variable width function / 4 slices / Short name: Waring WT400RU

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