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Dunhill International Mild Blue

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2003 12:40
      Very helpful



      At first glance of the packaging, you know you have received your money's worth. A sleek, slim line design and extravagant piece of workmanship and creativity. Opening the Dunhill seal of approval is electrifying, once inside the double foil closure awaits you... Opening one side of the foil you come across 10 cigarettes and another 10 still closed keeping fresh and untouched. You slowly pull out one cigarette and blaze up your Zippo, place it in your mouth and light it... The first few drags are astonishing at the least... not only the first time, but every single time you have one. The smoke is so smooth down your throat and the sensation of seeing that there are no 'gaps' or 'holes' inside the cigarette but you notice how it is completely packed with tobacco...right from the end of the filter to the end of the cigarette. Dunhill International Mild Blue is most certainly the best 'smoke' I have had in my 14 year smoking history. Being one of those people who would switch brands almost yearly I have smoked many different types of cigarettes and have come to love the 'internationals' for over 2 years now, and have no intention of changing or switching brands ever again. The quality of each cigarette is most certainly appealing. The sophisticated look of the packaging right down to the generous servings of the cigarettes brings you up and ices the cake for your VIP lifestyle. The packaging is slimmer than your average pack of '25's' and wider as well. Although one packet contains only 20 cigarettes the amount of tobacco used compared to conventional packets surely must be outweighed. The length of each cigarette is between the size of 100s and King size, making the name "Premium Cigarettes" flourish. The looks, the style and the quality make these one of the most sought after cigarettes in the world. But what about the taste you ask? There is a reason I leave the 'taste
      test' to the end... Luxurious, smooth, fulfilling are a just a few words you could use to describe the taste of Dunhill International Mild Blues'. At the first puff you may still be shocked at the size of it, only then to be hit with the flavoursome powerfully strong, yet not harsh feel of the smoke going down your throat. And comparing Internationals with any other cigarette in a taste test will blow you away. The harshness is immensely reduced, not sure if it is the extra long filter or the beautifully smooth tobacco. And the taste will leave you gasping for more. Unfortunately the beauty of Internationals and the taste itself may cause you to smoke more than you would like... but once again Dunhill have thought of everything, the amount of tobacco in these cigarettes is a fairly decent serving and after one of these you will feel extremely fulfilled. Rather than smoking two, three at once to fulfil your needs, one International sets your body up exactly how you need to be set up. For those that do need that extra hit, Dunhill International Reds' (12mg) are also created with the exact same standards and are also extremely fine cigarettes. All in all Dunhill International Mild Blues have definitely earned a 5/5 star rating for this sensational product. Vishaal Singh


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