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Rizla Blue Extra Long

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    1 Review
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      06.05.2008 20:13
      Very helpful



      Tricky at first, but better in the long run.

      I've been a smoker for many years now, and even though I normally smoke ready rolled cigarettes, I often quite fancy the taste of some Amber Leaf and roll my own using Rizla Blue slim extra long rolling papers, even though you do get some smaller papers with the tobacco itself.

      Rizla is a well known name amongst the world of smokers (and non smokers), they sell every thing from matches, lighters and papers to ashtrays, bar towels and clothing.

      For those that have never come across a Rizla paper before, it is a rectanglular piece of rolling paper used for making your own cigarettes with, and it has a shiny thin line of gum on the top of the inward facing side of the paper which enables you to stick your finished product together.

      How I Discovered The Product.

      Like I said Rizla is a well known product, but my first real experience with the brand was at school when the boys would do the lick, stick and light trick with them. But it wasn't until a few years later that I needed them for their main purpose, rolling cigarettes. But even still up until the age of 16, I only used the red papers as I would have to get someone else to buy them for me (I started smoking at 14 .... I'm was very stupid and care free in my younger days). Since then I have mainly used either their green, blue or silver papers to roll with.


      The Rizla Blue slim kings are easy to spot behind any counter, for the obvious reasons. They come in a bright blue booklet (packet) 11cm long and 2.5cm wide and 0.5cm high. With Rizla in large letters on the front, it also states that they are king size slim. On the back you have the trade mark logo with Rizla in the middle and in a circle around the word Rizla , it says 'rolling since 1796' and Quality papers'.

      There is also a number 32 printed on one of the smaller sides where you pull the papers out, I think this indicates who many papers are in each book. It also has the web address for the Rizla company which I will add towards the end. I remember years ago when they used to print promotions and other information on the inside of the booklet, but I haven't seen this for a while now on any of the packets that I have bought. This maybe due to the fact that the internet is a more popular option for advertising and cheaper, if that's possible.

      Why I Use Rizla Blue extra long.

      The reason I use the blue brand of Rizla is that I find them to be a lot thinner than the other colour Rizla brands, excluding the silver papers as they are Ultra Thin. The other reason I like to use the slim blues is that even though they are one of the longer options of brand, they are not just thinner papers they are also as the title name suggests slimmer, being about only 2 thirds of the depth of a regular large blue Rizla. Which means that when I am smoking my rolled cigarette I am not smoking to much paper and I can taste the tobacco better, making my dirty smoking habit more pleasurable, it also enables me to make a better roll.

      I also like to use the Rizla brand as I find when I use other cheaper brands, I will sit there roll my cigarette only to find when I had finished that the gum has not stuck properly, I am not sure why this is, maybe they don't put enough gum / glue on them, or they have got damp in storage due to the main packaging, but even so I don't ever get this problem when using my Rizla blues.

      I think the correct grading of papers are red (the thickest) then green, blue and silver.

      Rolling With Slim Long Blues.

      I found that rolling cigarettes is an art in itself, as everyone seems to have different techniques, and cigarettes can be different shapes and sizes. This is where the size and shape of the Rizla matters. I went through the goldielocks stage years ago, I found Red Rizla were to thick for me, so I decided to try the greens and blues, then I discovered the silvers and found that they were to flimsy and creased a lot due to my heavy hands and long nails. This is where I went back to the blues as I found the paper more easy to handle. But when I moved on to the slim blues it did take a couple of days to get used to as I had less paper to roll with, but I didn't find this a great problem and soon enough I was rolling perfectly again.


      I pay 76 pence for a packet of kingsize slim blue Rizla from my local garage.
      But you can pick them up cheaper from markets 3 packs for a pound maybe.

      Other Info.

      I'm just into the smoking side of Rizla, but if you would like to know more about the range or about Rizlas history then you could visit the website at www.rizla.co.uk or www.rizla.com

      Smoking is not cool and is highly addictive, so if you can avoid using this product by not smoking, then I would recommend using not smoking as a first option.

      Would I Recommend Rizla Blue Extra Long Papers.

      Like Mentioned above I would firstly recommend not smoking at all. But if you are a smoker like me then I would definitely say give them a try, they may be a bit tricky at first, but I find this kind of Rizla does the job for me every time. So I am going to give these Rizla Extra Long Blue's 4 out of 5 stars, I have knocked 1 star of due to the trickiness when first used and due to the fact that it is a smoking product.

      Thanks for reading


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