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Silk Cut Super Low

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2003 06:53
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      I am a smoker. Yes I know - smokings bad m'kay? It seems odd reviewing a product that bottom line will cut your life shorter but hey - I do it so why not review it. Ever since I was 15 years old and my girlfriend at the time offered me a drag of here Embassy number 1 i've been hooked. I blame her for cutting my life, as yet, immeasurably shorter. Since hitting the grand old age of 25 I have a new perspective on life - basically one that tells me if I don't stop soon I'm gonna be in trouble. Well with that new found outlook I have started smoking Silk Cut Silvers in the hope that eventually I'll just give up all together. I've tried patches, gum and tablets and as yet none have worked. Silk cut silver are basically air in a little white stick. There is no initial hit to the back of your throat, no pleseant light headedness and lets be fair - the only thing that associates these with 'real' ciggerettes is that fact that they are the same price. I fail to see why anyone would move onto these ciggerettes after smoking for any significant amount of time. It really gets to me that these are marketed purely to aim at those of too weak to quit, and too concious of the effects to smoke full strength. Now after all that you'd think I had one packet and then stopped smoking them. Oh no - not me. Always one to throw money away I'm still smoking them, still hoping for that one big inhale thats gonna make it all worth while. I'm still waiting. I'll make this a short review as quite frankly it angers me to even talk about it - I'm paying nearly five quid a day for nothing - seriously nothing. That said if I keep smoking them I think it'll anger me so much that I just might quit - so maybe there's a silver lining after all.


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