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Winstons 100's

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2001 11:21
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      I smoke Winston 100's and really enjoy the taste of the full flavor.I know smoking isn't good for anyone, but it's a habit I took up many years ago.It's one habit I can't seem to break.(Believe me I have tried.) There have been people telling me it's all in my head, if that's true then my head is one large Winston 100 who's controlling everything I do. I've tried all kinds of cigs and always go back to Winston 100's.I've tried my husband's brand Marlboro Lights but they just did not satisfy me at all.I didn't like taste either.You know some people enjoy Marlboro's (like my husband) but I never could acquire the taste and satifaction that other people seem to get.So, I stick with my Winston 100's. I know that cigs are killing me, but it's my life and if I choose to die this way, then it's my choice.I probably will get a lot of negative comments about this review, but I think people who do enjoy smoking should also have the right to share what brands are the best. Now, before I get on further in my review.I want you to know that I do respect people who don't smoke.I don't smoke around them.If I know someone that doesn't smoke and can't stand the smell of smoke.I respect there wishes and not smoke around them.But if they know I smoke and it doesn't bother them, I will smoke around them. Now, back to my brand of Cigs.I enjoy smoking Winston 100's for all kinds of reasons.When I've had a hectic day, I light me one up and sit back enjoy the relaxing effects it has on me.When I'm reading or watching T.V. I enjoy smoking one every now and then.The flavor Winston 100's has is very appealing.The calming effect it has after I smoke one is kind of like having taking a nerve pill or a drink of liquor. There are a lot of people saying that cigs are a drug, it's very possible.I've tri
      ed to quite before and have the shakes.I would be trembling all over.I would get very stressed out and my nerves would be on the end.It's like your having with drawns from a certain drug.The way you feel and act it's like what you feel when you go into re-hab.(That's what I've been told.) I surely don't recommend anyone to smoke.It's very habit forming and can cause cancer.But once you've started smoking, it's very hard to put them down.So think twice before you decide that you may want to smoke because it's very hard quitting once you've started. But all of us out there who do enjoy smoking, live your life the way you want to.The way things are now days,smoking isn't what's going to kill us.It could possibly be what we eat, breath,drink and etc....So the way I look at life.Be happy and live out the remainder of your life the way you want to.If it makes you happy then do it!!!


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