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Barbie Convertible

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Cars

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    2 Reviews
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      06.05.2012 20:48
      Very helpful



      A nice girly car

      We brought this for my daughter when it was in the half price sale at Tesco for £12.50 my little girl loves playing with cars and we thought it would be nice for her to have a girly one rather than having to steal her brothers all the time so that is why we brought it. There are different variations of this car and we did purchase this 18 months ago so ours may be an older version.

      With the set we received a car and a Barbie doll with a matching pink outfit that is the same bright pink colour as the car. The car is a fair size and has 2 seats both designed to be able to have dolls sat in them and both have seat belts so other Barbie dolls can be used with it.

      It is made with durable plastic and is hot pink in colour on the outside and plain black car seats on the inside it has an open top and as none of the doors actually work and are there purely for looking at this is how you get the dolls in and out of the vehicle. There are wing mirrors and other little details such as light moulded into the car and although there are no interactive features with this car it is a simple push and go car. There is a steering wheel and this moves but does not actually steer the wheels in any direction.

      The cars wheels move freely so my daughter can easily push it on both the carpet and wooden flooring and it is friction powered so if little one pulls it back a few times it will drive forward a short while without any problem.

      My downside with this car is that the doll is provided in the seat already and you think fantastic little one can remove her play with the car or doll separately and then put her back in. What we found is the doll is extremely hard to sit back in to place there is hardly any room to manoeuvre at all and it can be quite a job to get her sitting upright correctly in the car.

      Then when you finally get her sitting right in the driver's seat trying to put the seat belt on is even harder basically it is just an elastic band but it does not stretch far enough to go over the whole of the doll so my little girl ends up tying Barbie in she ends up with one tied in and this causes her to tilt to one side.

      The doll itself is fully functional as with any Barbie you would buy it has moving arms and legs the clothes can be removed and re added and is a great addition to the car as it means my little girl now has another Barbie in clothes exclusive to this set to add to her collection.

      Now my little girl has had this over 16 months she has began to get the hang of getting the doll in and out but she does still have problems but this does not affect the use of the car at all she still loves it and plays with it all the time.

      There is no educational values but just simply a car and a doll simple fun for little girls it is recommended from 3 years plus but my little girl has had this from 2 years and as there are no small parts I did not see any harm in her having it before the recommended age.

      It is really durable my little girl has played roughly with this car and there are no marks or scratches there is nothing that has broken off at all and it really does look the same as when we first purchased the car. It is all made of plastic so can be wiped down easily if it needs to be.

      I would recommend this to anyone I am not sure it is worth full price but you can always find it on offer so do shop around it is available to buy from most large toy shops and supermarkets and there is a version available without a Barbie doll included. It is good quality like most Barbie toys I have come across and I am sure it will last years to come.


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      06.04.2012 10:16
      Very helpful



      got a great bargain and it's used everyday

      My daughter who is 3 this month, loves her new Barbie she got for Christmas. I was trying to think of something to get her to go with her Barbie as an extra Christmas present and ended up giving up until I was food shopping.

      THE CAR:
      Since she's had it, she's played with it almost everyday. She puts Barbie inside and some other small soft toys to go along on the journey too.

      I went to Morrisons today and found this pink Barbie glam convertible car for £6 reduced for £10.

      When getting home I rushed upstairs to wrap it up and thought I would just check if it was in my opinion, safe for my daughter to play with. I opened the box and was greeting by a lovely pink shiny convertible for Barbie to cruise around our living room in style in.

      I yelled downstairs for my partner to bring up her Barbie for me to check she fits and it's easy for Hollie to do. The car comes with stickers which need to be stuck on by an adult.

      I decided to do this while I had it out of the box so Hollie gets to play with it as soon as she opened it on Christmas day. The lights at the front and back are shiny glitter effect stickers and the front licence plate is too. There is also stickers for the side mirrors and the rear view mirror. These stickers have a protective layer sticker on top which need to be taken off to reveal the mirror effect the stickers have.

      The side mirrors come separately in a little plastic bag which need to be slotted into the holes either side of the car. I think this is the reason why the car is set at a "not suitable for children under 3" sticker.

      I wanted Hollie to be able to play with it and even though she isn't prone to swallowing or eating things like that, I found some super glue and put them in so they wouldn't come out without some force.

      The car has lots of decoration and cute features which only older children and adults would appreciate. The dash is fitted with a sat nav (a sticker), a pink steering wheel, and lots of plastic mouldings of the usual things you find in a car. I don't want to go into too much detail and spoil the surprise!.

      The car is plastic throughout so nice and easy to clean if needs be!. Barbie knows how to party hard, so you never know what she will be doing in that car with Ken!. There are 2 seats and have pretty car seat covers on (again stickers with a coloured pattern on) and seatbelts which can be undone near the top of the doors by pulling them and then pushing them back in again once Barbie is sat inside.

      The doors do not open but the outside is shaped into the plastic so the effect is still there. I know I will be explaining to Hollie quite a lot that the doors don't open and she should stop trying to open them.

      The wheels are hooked up with some silver rims, Barbie is going rather bling now.
      The car is more for imagination and letting children experience playing with toys without flashing lights or some mechanism which will make the car work.

      I have always said since Hollie was born that I wanted her to have the wild imagination I had as a child. There was not a dull moment in my childhood and I want her to be the same and not be sucked into the "playstation" generation that is growing so rapidly.

      This car can teach your child to play with toys, talk to them and get the interaction with their toys to a much higher level. Although the age for this car and the whole Barbie range is 3 years and over, I know i can trust Hollie to be able to play with it all nicely.

      Imagination when playing really gets your child's brain working and seeing them play is a wonderful experience, so I highly suggest buying Barbie products for your children or others as it is a truly wonderful gift to give. I was given hand me down Barbies one christmas as a child, and it was much better receiving this huge box of Barbies from a friend of the family than just one or two brand new! so if you have a daughter or someone you know with an older daughter who has outgrown their toys, it is definitely worth asking them for their old sets!

      Like I said earlier on, I bought this in Morrisons for £6 but online it is £10 from kiddicare with £3.95 postage.
      I also noticed in Tesco last week, they sell a Barbie doll for £1.97 instore. Whether it was an error or just a bargain!


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