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Big City Heavy Duty Dumper Truck

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Brand: Big City / Type: Toy Car

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2012 17:44
      Very helpful



      Probably worth it if you can get it half price!

      My son was given this dumper truck for his second birthday (those of you that regularly read my reviews be warned, this is the first of many toy vehicle reviews! Apart from one jigsaw, every single present was a vehicle).

      I couldn't tell you who was more excited when he opened it, him or my friend's 10 year old son! In fact, there were a fair few Dads at the party that you could tell were itching to have a go (and I think each and every one of them did at some point during the day!)

      This is an all singing, button pressing, parts moving truck......so, not really my cup of tea!! In fact it has so many features that I don't really know where to start! Maybe I should start with the one that seemed to excite all the boys the most (and I'm including the Dads here!). The truck comes with a little wheely bin which has a small plastic flap on the front of it. This flap fits into a slot on the truck (just behind the drivers cab). Next to the slot is a lever. When you lift the lever up the bin moves up the side of the truck, curves over the top (see image above) until it is upside down over a hole on the top of the truck, gravity causes the lid to fall open and anything that is inside the bin is deposited into the back of the truck! You then press the lever down and the bin is returned to the ground again. Now, the level of excitement this caused the 10 year old (and the dads!) was impressive! He instantly started rolling up little balls of wrapping paper to fill the bin. Up the bin went, the rubbish fell into the truck, the little button at the back of the truck that pops open the end of the truck was pressed and yes, the little bits of wrapping paper were in the back of the truck! "Wow! This is SOOOOO awesome! Mum, I've got to have one of these!" exclaimed the 10 year old! And this is a boy who you can't normally drag away from the ipad! Admittedly, I think his request was a bit tongue in cheek, but he did play with the truck for quite some time!

      There is also a large button on the top of the truck which when pressed alternates between the sound of an engine starting and the beeping of a truck reversing. It also makes the orange lights on the front and the sides of the vehicle flash on and off. These lights also flash when the button on the drivers side of the cab is pressed, and again this activates two noises which alternate, one is possibly the sound of rubbish falling into the truck, the other......hmmm, I'm really not sure what it is! A mechanical, engine mish mash of noises is the best way I can describe it!

      The whole of the back of the truck lifts away from the cab to tip the rubbish out. So far we have been doing this by giving it a tug. It seems strange that a toy with so many buttons doesn't have one to do this, but if it does we have yet to find it!

      The vehicle was already decorated with stickers (unlike some toys where you have to apply the stickers), some of these are safety/warning stickers, others are images of buttons/dials. The cab windows are blacked out and the doors do not open which is a shame in our case as my little boy loves putting people in to drive his vehicles (we have a wooden bus full of little wooden passengers so we have plenty of people to go around!). The truck itself seems reasonably well made, though already has an annoying squeak when the wheels go round! So far it has proved a popular addition to my sons fleet of vehicles, though at just two years old he hasn't played much with the bin lifting aspect of it, mainly because it is too fiddly for him to attach the bin by himself. He likes the buttons which activate the sounds and he likes opening the back and putting other cars in it! The fact that it is a bin wagon is irrelevant at the moment!

      I am not sure how much this truck was, I have done a search online and it doesn't seem to be widely available. I did find it on the Mothercare website for £15 reduced from £30. I do not think this truck is worth £30! But that may be down to my taste in toys, for £30 you could get a beautiful wooden truck that will last a lot longer than this....but it wouldn't have buttons/sounds! So I suppose it depends what you want your children to play with. For all it's features I suppose £15 is a reasonable price. I am struggling with how many stars to give it! Personally I don't like it! But I suppose there isn't actually anything wrong with, and laddo seems to like it and that's who it's for! So I'll go with 4 stars....deducting marks for the doors not opening and the ridiculous RRP!


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  • Product Details

    On free rolling wheels so it can be pushed and pulled along, this dumper truck has a tipping back section, lights and sounds and a working wheelie bin tipper.Just hook the wheelie bin onto the side, push the lever up and watch it rise to the top and tip into the dumper. Age range: From 3 years. weight: 1.2 kg depth: 15.5 cm width: 15.5 cm height: 46 cm

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