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Born To Play Bob The Builder Friction Powered Sumsy

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Brand: Born to Play / Type: Farm Machinery

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    3 Reviews
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      28.07.2010 21:18
      Very helpful
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      well worth it.

      A couple of months ago my husband came home from work with a massive bin liner! A bin liner full of bob the builder toys a colleague had kindly given him for our son. His son had collected them for a long time and had loads but he was too old for them now. We couldn't believe how many there was and how new they still look considering his colleague had said his son played for hours with them. As soon as we tool them out of the bag at home my sons eyes lit up and he jumped on them.

      One of them in the collection was Sumsy not one of the so well known characters but never the less still important to any fan. My son is two and a half and until we received these he didn't really watch bob the builder now he's glued to it! As my son hasn't watched that many episodes he's not biased to any of the characters so plays with them all nicely. Sumsy is included in many races up and down our living room floor with my husband and son.

      Sumsy is a red forklift with yellow stripes on it. The headlights are his eyes and under the grill is a little smiley mouth. On top of the forklift is a yellow beacon. It doesn't do anything but adds to the whole look of the forklift. It is a nice size for small hands to handle. It also comes with two yellow pallets which can be placed on the back. The little boy who had them before was very good and didn't lose any pieces so we have them all. The forklift can be moved up and down by a small handle on the side. My son seemed to get the hang of this pretty quick and enjoys moving the pallets around. I think this makes it a bit more exciting for my son then just a friction toy. He can use his imagination playing with this moving the pallets from place to place.

      The toy is made from sturdy plastic and hasn't been broken in our house yet which is a miracle! I wouldn't recommend it for children younger than 2 as the two forks on the back are quite thin and with a lot of pressure could snap.

      As for the friction movement it flies on a wooden floor and we have tested it upstairs on the carpet and it goes nearly as good. To make it go you whizz it forward a couple of times then let go of it. My son is brilliant at it. When it moves the eyes which are the headlights move up and down. My son found this rather amusing to begin with.

      The best bit about this toy and many of the other bob the builder ones is it requires no batteries, yeah! So your little one can play and play for as long as they like. I think that would keep any parent happy. I love the simplicity of these toys.

      Although I didn't pay a penny for any of the toys I have had a look and you can them at a good price around the £5 mark. Toys r us have some of them in the sale at the moment. I think for any child bob the builder fan or not they are good value and give hours of fun boys or girls.


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        11.01.2008 21:03
        Very helpful
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        A good all around toy at a reasonable price from the Bob the buider range.

        Sumsy is one of the less well known characters in Bob the builders stories. He has only recently appeared on our screens when Bob moved to Sunflower Valley for his ecological venture where the catchphrase changed from "Can we fix it" to "Can we build it". My son, being only over 2 years old, has really only seen the new Bob the builder and seemed to recognise Sumsy from the show when we went shopping for his cousin's birthday present.

        Well at £4.99 from Woolworths, I bought it for him. Sumsy is a sort of fork lift truck / tractor and comes complete with 2 yellow pallets which fit on the fork lift. You then can position the pallets onto the afore mentioned forklift and manually wind them up with a small handle at the top. It also talks when you press the small button inside the cab and says things like "I can pack them, I can stack them".

        This toy also has a good friction grip and can go on carpets quite easily and even faster on even hard floors. His eyes also move whilst in motion which adds to the fun.

        My son loved this toy but has now broken the fork lift rear end bit and does not seem as interested anymore as he cannot stack the pallets onto it. I think he may have been too young at the age of 2 to play with it(although it got broken4 months after purchase which by toy and young children standard is quite good), and I probably would recommend this for 3 years+ as it can be easily broken.

        The only drawback with this is as Sumsy is not featured very often, most children would go for the well known ones(ie: scoop, dizzy etc..) and may not know who Sumsy is but if they do, then he is as good as the other Bob's toys. Overall, this is a good toy at a sensible price.


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          09.03.2007 09:34
          Very helpful



          Reasonably priced merchandise for hours of fun


          Bob the Builder has been on our screens for many years now and he has delighted children with his adventures. He can be regularly seen on Cbeebies and there are lots of DVD's and Videos available too.

          As with most of these children's programs nowadays, there are also lots of toys to go with the show and my son loves anything to do with Bob so he was lucky enough to get some from Santa this past Christmas.

          All the toys he got were friction powered and I suppose there is only so much you can say about this so I've decided to try to entertain you with some information about the character too.

          ***Who Is Sumsy?***

          This is a character that I wasn't really aware of. I mean the show is often on and my son loves to watch it but I don't sit and listen intently with him. That's more a job for his dad with this show. He also has a few Bob books too but again, this character is not one of the main ones, so I had to do a bit of research.

          Project Build It has seen Bob move from Bobsville to Sunflower Valley where everyone is setting up new environmentally friendly homes and businesses.

          Sumsy is a new character and belongs to Farmer Pickles. He is apparently about to open his new Sunflower Oil Business and needs a useful forklift truck to help him with all the extra work of getting the oil to the depot. Sumsy is so named because he loves to count things.

          ***The Toy***

          Sumsy is a friction powered forklift truck and comes complete with 2 yellow pallets that he can pick up with his forks at his rear end. Made from tough red and black plastic, it has a handle at the back that allows your child (or yourself, if you want to play) to move the 2 black forks up and down and take the pallets from one area of the house to another.

          Looking at it from the front you can see that when it moves, it's big white eyes with a black spot in the middle of them, move up and down too. It has a grille in the middle, which is where the mouth is on the show. This is done really well, as it has black lines down with a white background so it looks like big teeth. The top of the bonnet has 4 yellow stripes on it and these run parallel with the ones on both sides of the vehicle. On top of the cab is a yellow beacon, although this doesn't actually light up on this model. The wheels are big and black with red hubcaps to match the bodywork.

          Although the main body of this toy is very sturdy, it might be wise not to give this toy to a slightly younger child or one that is rough with their toys, as the forks on the back could be broken if not handled with a little bit of care. I'm sure most parents will know how difficult if not near impossible it is to mend moulded plastic. My son is coming up for 5 and is quite careful with his toys so this isn't a problem for us.

          ***The Friction Test***

          So how far can we get this beauty to go, with just a gentle push? Well, I thought that I would test it on two different surfaces. Our kitchen/dining room is separated in the middle with an archway and is about 16 feet long. Now I can't quite get from one end to the other because of kitchen units but without charging this vehicle up first I managed to push it easily from one end to the other on laminate flooring, probably around 13 feet. Next came the carpet test - our living room is 18 feet long and this time it did go from one end to the other with a slightly harder push.

          The results were overwhelming - this toy goes great on both surfaces and is great fun to play with. Yes, I admit it - I enjoyed having a play.

          ***My Thoughts***

          Although this isn't one of the major characters in the series, my son thinks this one is brilliant. The fact that this one comes with the pallets gives him something else to keep him busy. He has quite a few of the figures and other vehicles from the show that he got from various people at Christmas and has already seen some more new characters that he is asking about for his birthday in April, so we know that they are a hit.

          I think as far as merchandising goes, these toys are better than most as at the end of the day, boys love playing with trucks and cars. They also love building things and if you have any wooden blocks etc., then these go great, as they can go ahead and build their own new town with the help of these friendly characters.

          I'm aware that you can now also get the toys that light up and talk too but my son seems quite happy with these as he makes them talk himself and this is great for his imagination. It also means there are no batteries that need replacing every week and this is something else that goes down well in our house.

          The toys are remarkably like their television counterparts and the moving eyes are great at helping to bring them to life for your child. If your child loves to watch Bob on the telly, then these are sure to be a hit with him.

          ***Other Friction Bob Toys***

          Zoome r

          ***Price & Availability***

          This toy was bought at Tesco for around £6, so I've been informed after asking my mum, but although some stores still have them, I'm not sure that they are available in them all. You can still get your hands on it at Amazon though, who stock it at the bargain price of £5.24.


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