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Born To Play Bob The Builder Friction Scrambler

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Brand: Born to Play / Type: Farm Machinery

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    5 Reviews
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      19.11.2012 18:24
      Very helpful



      A good toy quad bike

      We have four Bob the Builder "truck" characters in total, one was bought by us, the other three Scrambler were given to me by a good friend whose son is older and had grown out of them.

      Scrambler is one of the Bob the Builder characters and is a rather cool quad bike, which Bob can ride on.  Bob is the only human character we have and he bends to sit in the quad bike and his hands hook onto the handle bars so he stays put. 

      My son loves Bob the Builder stuff and I have a couple of Bob the Builder DVDs which I sometimes let him watch which he has learned the characters from.  He then reenacts some of the stories with his own track characters, singing "Bob the builder can you fix it"!

      Scrambler is made from a very durable blue plastic and can be rolled along on his big black, chunky wheels.  He has traction motion, so if pulled back he will propel forward by myself and moveable handlebars, although these don't seem to actually move the front wheels.  He also has a rack at the back of the quad bike which my son sometimes balances Lego on.  Scrambler's eyes also move up and down when he is being moved along which looks quite funky!    

      Scrambler is the most agile of the Bob the Builder trucks we have because of his big wheels.  My son rides him up hill and valley, much to my annoyance as he uses the sofa!  Scrambler's features are moulded into the plastic, rather than stuck on with stickers and thus she has stayed in really good condition, he is a durable truck and so far remains in very good condition.

      My son loves these Bob the Builder character trucks and I am really glad we have them.  Most of these characters cost around £10, so a quite expensive although I am sure it is possible to pick them up second hand or for cheaper on Amazon if one looked around.  It's good my son has four of these characters as he does play with them interactively.  He is quite obsessed with diggers and building things generally and these toys really do keep him very happy and occupied for long periods of time.


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      24.08.2009 20:12
      Very helpful



      A lovely little toy from the Bob the Builder range

      When my eldest son was about two he loved Bob the Builder and we have collected many of the Bob toys over the years. One of his favourites has always been the Born To Play Bob The Builder Friction Scrambler.

      I originally bought a set with Bob the Builder and Scrambler in it for about £5.00 but I can't remember where from. I bought the toy when my son was just over a year old and then for his second birthday he received a large selection box full of Bob the Builder Vehicles which included another Scrambler so we now have two.

      Scrambler is a quad bike and is one of Bob the Builders machine team. The toy is made of hard plastic that is painted Blue. He had four large tyres that are made of textured rubber and he obviously has a little face like all the Bob the Builder machines. He isn't very big but is just the right size for little hands to hold and manouver.

      My son loved scrambler immediately partly because it looks just like Daddy's full size quad bike that my children find very exciting to go for rides on around the farm. Scrambler is mostly played with in this capacity and doesn't very often carry Bob as his passenger. I also have a younger son now who is completely Bob the Builder mad and even at only 20 months can sing the theme song and name most of the characters. He loves scrambler too and spends many hours pushing the little quad bike around the floor.

      Even though we do have two they are both showing signs of wear now that they are a couple of years old. The blue paints had been scratched off in places but this doesn't affect the enjoyment my children get from playing with them. They haven't broken and remain in fairly good condition apart from the colour. I think the age recommendation for these is about 3 years and over but all three of my children have liked Bob from a much younger age. We have never had a problem with the toys and younger children but I think that maybe of small parts did break off it could cause an issue.

      I'm not sure if you can still get the set I bought but on www.amazon.co.uk you can get a set with Bob the Builder, Scrambler and a trailer for £9.99.

      I would recommend this toy to any Bob the Builder fans regardless of their age.


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      28.06.2009 19:37
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great toy

      Bob The Builder Friction Scrambler............

      Bob The Builder is a well known children's TV character that has been around for a good number of years now but is still as popular today as it was when it first hit our screens. This is really the first Bob action figure/toy that we have in our house as jack is not really into him all that much.

      However seeing as jack has just had his second birthday he has had an influx of toys that are sprawled out all over our flat and this is one of them. This Scrambler toy also came with a Bob the Builder figure and a trailer that attaches to the back.

      As I say it was a gift but I have seen them recently for sale in Tesco's for around the £9 region. This I would say is a fair price to pay as you get a few different things to play with. Scrambler himself is a quad bike that Bob uses in his programme and this toy is great because it has a friction type motor inside it meaning that with one little push scrambler will move along the floor for a fair distance. Bob the Builder will sit and hold on to the handle bars but unfortunately he hasn't been designed very well and will often fall off, which frustrates Jack a fair bit.

      The trailer that fits on the back also comes with a cover which can be removed so that the trailer can be filled up or covered over when nothing is inside. The trailer fits on easily enough when I do it myself but Jack struggles to do it with his inexperienced fingers.

      The wheels of the quad have a good rubber grip on them that means it makes it move with ease across the floor (especially down our hallway which is laminate). Alongside the wheels being made of a high quality I would say the whole quad bike is. It is a lovely blue/green colour and appears to be pretty hard wearing as it has already taken a beating from a rather hypo 2 year old - Jack!

      I would say it is a toy that is well worth the money and although it is not one of Jack's particular favourites I think that because it is made to such a high standard that it will surely last till he has outgrown it and by then I would think that he would have played with it a considerable amount. I can however see the trailer cover being lost in the abyss that is our flat but this is not really a necessary part of the toy.

      I would give it a four star rating and a recommendation. I have only knocked off one star because Jack is not that into Bob at the moment - but this could all change. It is a reasonably priced toy that has lots of play potential.

      I hope this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Thanks for taking the time to read.


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        06.08.2008 11:51
        Very helpful



        Hours and hours of imaginative play fun for the Bob fans aged 3 and up.

        It's probably not that surprising that with a five year old boy in the house, that we have a toy box with Bob the Builder toys taking residence. Our little boy has been a Bob fan ever since he could focus his eyes on the TV, thanks to having a slightly older sister who adored Cbeebies and Nick Jr. Once he got to be 3, he began to show a big interest in toy cars and trucks as well, so his eye was delightedly caught in the shops when he saw Bob's beloved vehicles available as toys. Ever since then, for birthdays and Christmas, we have added to his Bob collection with at least one vehicle.

        Scrambler is a four wheeled ATV vehicle who just loves to go offroading, which during the course of various Bob the Builder episodes, leads to various scenarios of him getting in trouble OR saving the day, or both. He is a peripheral character who shows up only from time to time, but when he does, he is central to the storyline. Fans of the show are therefore well acquainted with him, and its no surprise that my little boy desperately wanted one.The appeal for us was it's durability, and the extra value we got when purchasing it. We go ours on a deal where we got an articulated Bob figure and a trailer for the regular price of £4.95, which usually only includes Scrambler. It's a relatively durable piece of kit too, just like the other toys in the Born to Play range.

        While the Lofty and Roley are extremely durable, I should warn here that the handle bars and trailer fixings on Scrambler are less so, though not extremely fragile. Our little guy is a child who plays hard, though doesn't abuse his toys, and the toy has stood up well over eighteen months now. I do know other children who are rough with their toys in ways they shouldn't be (it's NOT a roller skate!), and as a result damage has occurred, so a bit of common sense should be applied as to whether or not your child can handle this toy.

        We always look to buy the friction version of the vehicles, which this model is. This is great as your child simply pulls back the vehicle and it zips along the floor for a short distance. When we get them, we always test the feature out first, and so far I have been impressed. No need to repeatedly pull back and rev to get it to go, just a good pull back even on carpet and it will go zip about 2 feet, though it goes a lot farther needless to say on a hard smooth surface.

        The trailer we got with our purchase is a about the same size as Scrambler and matches in its liveried colours. Its big enough to put Pilchard and Wendy in to give them a tow if you have those figures, or a couple little toy bricks for that building project.When pulled along by Scrambler, it doesn't wobble or tip, and survives being put in the toy box quite well. Likewise, the chunky plastic articulated Bob figure we received was well made, and the head, arms, and legs turn well. Bob's hands are cupped slightly open, so he is able to sit astride Scrambler and "hold" onto the grips to go for a ride. These features add a lot more play value to the vehicle, and I heartily recommend buying this toy as a set like this rather than on it's own, even if it cost a couple of pounds more.

        All in all, this toy has given my son many hours of fun, and is still regularly played with. Whether pretending Bob and the gang are on a building mission, or that Scrambler is visiting his Hot Wheels buddies in Carland on the play mat, off for a holiday at radiator Springs to spend time with his buddies from Cars, it's often seen giving hours of imaginative playtime fun for my son and his friends.It just goes to show it doesn't have to have a remote control, make sounds, have flashing lights, or anything else flashy to be a lot of fun. So if you have a young Bob fan and are looking for great play value, this is one toy that you will get far more than your money's worth out of.


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          19.02.2008 09:02
          Very helpful



          This toy rocks.


          Who out there isn't familiar with the character Bob The Builder? There can't be many hands going up, but if you haven't heard of this character from the series that appears on Cbeebies, here's some information about him.

          A while ago, Bob was given the job of helping to create Sunflower Valley, where everything is as green as it can be. He got this job when his designs were specially picked in a competition, although to be fair I had never heard of any other builders in Bobsville at the time so it couldn't have been a big shock to him.

          Anyway - I digress, for he not only got the contract, but won Scrambler too. This four-wheeler, all-terrrain vehicle is always very energetic and loves nothing better than a race across any type of country. He speaks in a very high and squeaky voice and loves to shout out, 'Sunflower Valley Rocks!'

          He's a bit of a streetwise youngster and bounces around everywhere in an excitable manner.

          ***The Toy***

          This toy can now come with a trailer that fits on the back but my son got this one before that version came out. There is trailer hook on this though so if your child has any other trailers, there is a chance that it might fit on.

          Scrambler is quite a cool looking toy with four big chunky wheels and metallic blue paint. He has handlebars that move, although they don't actually steer him and eyes that move up and down as he tears along whichever terrain your child decides is suitable.

          The thing that makes this toy a little bit different is that the Bob figure that is available separately or comes complete with Zoomer, can actually sit on this vehicle unlike most of the others. His hands can hold on to the handlebars and this enables him to be able to stay on when Scrambler is moving.

          ***The Friction Test***

          With this being sold as a friction toy I feel that it is only fair for this to be put to the test. Laminate and carpeted floors are available in our house and both areas have a long section where I can test Scrambler to the limit.

          In the kitchen area Scrambler had no problem heading straight from one end to the other with Bob clinging on, however, on the carpeted area, it is not so easy to control the direction with Bob sitting there so he veered off a little bit on the first attempt and has a little bit of a bump into the sofa.

          It was just as well that Bob had his hard hat on because he fell off, but no one was hurt in the collision and he was keen to get back on and have another go. Second time around he went straighter and had no problem reaching the end of the room.

          Both areas are well over 14 feet long so you can tell that this vehicle will go and go and go.

          ***My Thoughts***

          I think it's great that there are toys that the characters can fit on to, as I had managed to pick up some of them singly in a sale in Tesco just over a year ago for only 75p each. Singly the characters usually sell for around £3 so this was a bit of a bargain. The other characters we have are Wendy, Farmer Pickles and Marjorie although none of their hands are set in quite the correct position for holding on as tightly. This doesn't stop my son holding them onto Scrambler though and he has great fun interacting with them all.

          This cheeky looking toy is one of the sturdiest ones in the series and that's probably because it's a lot smaller and chunky than the others. It doesn't have any bits that stick out to do anything of great use and this vehicle is generally just used for getting Bob from one end of the building site in our living room to the other.

          Saying that, it doesn't stop him being very cute and my son loves making him talk using a high squeaky voice to do so. My son also loves the way the eyes tilt up and down as he is pushed along and this is a bit different to some of the other toys available who have googly eyes that jump around.

          The paint on the toy is obviously very well put on, as on close inspection, there are no scratches or scrapes and it still has a like new shine to it, despite my son owning it now for over a year and playing with it on a regular basis.

          I'm sure my son will get quite a few more years play from this toy as they are not too babyish for him, unlike some of the other character merchandising out there. Most little boys seem to enjoy playing with cars and this one is going to be a firm favourite with our son for a long time yet.

          ***Other Friction Toys***


          Dizzy is a pull back toy although some toy manufacturers list him as being friction too.

          ***Price and Availability***

          Like nearly all the Bob toys we have bought in the past, this one came from Tesco, although you can find it in most toy stores. At the time I think we paid around £4 for it although it is available from Amazon for only £3.49 at the moment without the trailer.

          The trailer version is also available from Amazon and sells for £6.29. This comes with a Bob figure who is a little bit different to the one we have. This one comes is standard workman's clothing with hard hat.


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