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Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

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Brand: Mattel

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2012 12:59
      Very helpful



      Perfect spy agent car

      My eldest son loves Disney Cars and as the film came out in July and my son's birthday was in July he received a few cars toys along with his beloved Thomas he received a number of cars toys this car being one of them. Finn McMissile is one of the major new characters in the second Disney film and although my son still prefers the first film over the second this was one character he really enjoyed and what boy would not love a secret spy car with lots of gadgets.

      This car retails at around £30 which when I first purchased it I thought was a lot for one toy from the film which I initially thought did not do much but I was wrong and since then he has proved his worth.

      **The car**

      The car itself is rather large compared to other toys we have from the series of films it is the exact replica to the character from the film and on first appearance it does just look like a large push along car. The wheels move freely on both carpets and wooden flooring and it is very easy for little hands to push around. Also with the set you receive 3 missiles which are basically 3 plastic spears in the colour orange so they can be found easily and this is the first clue that this car is a little more than just a push along car.

      The whole car is made out of solid plastic and is very durable it has been tested many time as it is a spy car of course my son has found the need to launch it off tables, into walls and just general rough play that a spy car would have to endure. There are no marks to Finn and all parts are still working although my son has lost one of the missiles.

      Another great thing about this toy is it is not a battery eater we still have the batteries that were supplied when we first purchased it and there is no slowing in the voice and this has been used a lot by my son so I think this is a real plus side to it.

      **The Missiles**

      This is my son's favourite part of the car when you press the hood of the car then 2 missile launchers pop out either side of the bonnet. They move freely and we have never had a problem with them becoming stuck. They again are exact copies to those from the film and they actually work too. You load each missile by simply pushing it in to the front of the launcher and there is a small button on each side of the launcher that you squeeze and it releases the missile across the room.

      Both my son and I were rather impressed with how easy it was to launch them and just how far they fire across the room although the great thing is they are not fired at great force. My son has tested this many times by putting teddies and more importantly his hand in front of the launchers while in use and they do not hurt when they come in to contact with him there is simply not that much force behind them to cause harm which I was happy about.

      There is also 1 missile launcher at the back of the car again you the back bumper and this makes the missile launcher pop out and it works exactly the same as the front two. All three are easy to put back into place you simply push them down until they click and the missile launchers are hidden again and the car returns to being a secret spy.

      **The shield**

      This is activated at the same time as opening the back missile launcher a green shield pops up and covers the eyes of the car to protect him from oncoming attacks but also to make it more clear what he is doing. My son was not really too bothered with this to be honest he was more interested with the interactive features and as the shield just sits there and looks pretty he barley even noticed it. Again this is easy to click back in to place one you are finished playing with it.


      The car says around 10 different phrases all the same as what is said in the film and my son thinks they are brilliant. To activate them you push the front of the car the same as you would to open the missile launchers up but you just press it lighter if you do not want the missiles up and just want Finn to talk. This can be pressed again while the missile launchers are in use and it still talks at the same time so little one has a few different options in play.Michael Caine is the voice of Finn in the film and he also does the voices for the toy so it is an exact copy which my son loves.


      My only downside is when we first purchased this car the bonnet button was a little stiff this made it difficult to just operate the voice as each time we pressed it we had to put a little force into it and this resulted in the missile launchers popping up. After a week of use this loosened up and now it is perfect you can use each feature separately so it is just a little stiff at first. Also the whole car is made of plastic but the eyes are just a sticker and although this has happened of late after a year of use nearly they have began to peel at the corners.


      My son absolutely loves this toy he did play with it a lot more at first and over time it has worn a little thin for him but it still does receive a lot of use with his over Disney cars toys. On first appearances it looks like a simple car but all the gadgets are hidden within the toy which makes this a real spy car and that seems to be the huge appeal for my son.

      This toy is great for little ones sense of imagination as they make up 101 different stories and games with this toy and the large selection of sayings and sounds the car produces helps fuel that. Also as you have to put away the interactive pieces and pres small buttons to get the parts to work it is great for heir fine motor skills.

      I was worried that the constant lifting of parts of the cars body would mean the car would weaken or that the trap doors would break but even after nearly a year of use it is still going strong and there are no defects at all. We still have 2 of the missiles but if you were to lose all three I do think this car would be a lot less attractive to little one as this seems to be my son's favourite feature of the vehicle.

      Al the features can be used at the same time or they can be used individually and because the phrases are rotated differently u never know what Finn is going to say which my sons loves as it keeps it fresh. You can also use a different rotation of the features so it keeps the toy interesting.

      It is recommended from 4 years plus and I can see why all of the features are rather fiddly to put back away although they are easy enough to do I do think it would be really hard for younger children to complete and as a lot of the fun is re opening the interactive features over and over again the age recommendation does seem correct.

      Both my son and I would recommend this toy it has some great interactive features and even if your child is not a cars fan what little boy does not love a push along car that turns into a spy, fires missiles and says lots of different phrases. Even though full retail seems a little high once you see how much your child love ad uses this toy you can see that for once it is no just paying for the character brand but actually well worth the money.


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