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Corgi Toys James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies BMW 750i

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Manufacturer: Corgi / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      Another Corgi Bond themed model

      The die-cast replica Tomorrow Never Dies BMW is another addition to the popular and famous line of Corgi Bond vehicles in the 1:36 scale range. The gadget laden car was driven by Pierce Brosnan in the film and is best known for its participation in a boisterous and explosive chase sequence set in a Hamburg multi-storey car park. The film was not really vintage Bond and was the one where Teri Hatcher was a bit rubbish and Vincent Schiavelli said "Believe me, Mr Bond, I could shoot you from Stuttgart und still create ze proper effect!" This is not the most fun or gadget laden replica in the Corgi line but these toys are of a high standard and any James Bond collector who has been picking these up now and again will probably want to add it to the collection at some point. As ever, the car has an impressive exterior with a silver metallic sheen that conforms to the contours and dips and bends of the real thing. The BMW doesn't have the charm of the Aston Martin but the predominant silver and black gives it a stylish appearance with the minimal splash of colour supplied by the orange lights on the front on either side.

      The car has very black tinted windows but the interior is still intricate and as usual the little black plastic wheels with their striking silver spokes are very nicely done. The wheels feel quite sturdy and are in working order. The spoked wheels include a little BMW badge as does the 'chain cutter' situated at the front of the model on the vehicle. The chain cutter was deployed in the film when a huge, er, chain, was strung out by the villains to impede 007's progress as he careered the BMW up the twisty German multi-storey car park. The sequence was actually shot at Brent Cross or something but I digress. The detail on the die-cast replica is once again of a high standard with the wing mirrors and a number plate beneath the twin black grills situated at the front of the model. The lights are quite noticeable too in a pleasant way with two standard ones and the orange indicator lights on either side. There are naturally two orange/red lights on either side at the back of the toy.

      Sadly, you don't get a Pierce Brosnan James Bond figurine to karate chop Playmobil pirates with the Corgi Tomorrow Never Dies BMW and the biggest novelty factor the replica has going for it is the inclusion of the roof firing missiles which appear when you lift the top of the car up. There are four of these red plastic 'missiles' all lined up in an oblong silver box that juts up from the roof and, as usual with these Corgi Bond vehicles, they do spring out from the car and so the toy is recommended for ages 14+ on the official Corgi website. To state the obvious, it would be possible to lose these missiles if you were too frivolous and if you keep the box and everything in working order then you have a Bond collectible of sorts. In the film the BMW could be remote controlled from a mobile telephone given to Bond by Q but sadly Corgi have not yet extended this technology to small die-cast replicas. I'm still waiting too for them to make a Die Another Die Aston Martin Vanquish that really can turn invisible just like it did in the film.

      The missiles are rather good fun though and the one component that stops this from being a slightly dull addition to this enduringly popular Bondian range. The angular and compact nature of the toy and the fact that the gadget (or attachments) are placed on the roof with the ability to retract into the vehicle means that this feels a little sturdier and less prone to any undo accidents than some other more fiddly and complex models in this range. The black underside to the car and the black stripe that runs around it at mid tyre level adds to the pleasingly dapper appearance of the replica BMW. The box is perhaps a tad dull for this toy though. The see through plastic clear display has a fun old toy shop air but then there is just a generic Bond gunbarrel silloette and the Corgi and 007 logos rather than any sort of pictures or montage from the film. The Tomorrow Never Dies graphic font from the film poster is retained though across the top of the box.

      You can buy the Corgi Tomorrow Never Dies BMW for around £12 at many retailers so this isn't an outrageously extravagant purchase if you collect these die-cast vehicles and only buy one now and again. The Corgi range is the most comprehensive collection of Bond toy cars ever (or so they claim) and does do an excellent job in capturing the look and character of the full size counterparts from the various films with a laudable attention to detail and the enjoyable addition of the most famous gadgets associated with the cars be it ejector seats, sub aquatic fins, rocket launchers or missiles. If you collected enough of these you would not only have a valuable collection of Bond models sitting on the shelf to evoke the exotic sun drenched adventures of James Bond but you would also be able to stage your own miniature James Bond vehicle Wacky Races/Cannonball Run in the comfort of your own home. If you are older than 14 it's probably best if you do this in private and you should remember that Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit would be bound to win.

      The die-cast replica Tomorrow Never Dies BMW is a solid addition to this famous range and is a sturdy and attractive little toy with good detail and a few surprises and additional parts that mirror the car used in the 1997 film. Another fun James Bond vehicle from Corgi to add to the collection.


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