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Disney Cars, Mack Transporter and 15 Die-cast Cars

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Based on the Disney Movie Cars, this toy comes with 15 replica toys and a storage truck. Whilst the concept is nice and the attention to detail is strong, the cars are prone to 'breaking down' after little use.

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    2 Reviews
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      23.08.2011 17:18
      Very helpful



      Great for any Cars fan

      My son has been crazy on Disney Cars for a couple of years now, so when Christmas came along there was only one toy to get - this fantastic Mack Truck with 15 die cast cars from The Disney Store.

      The Mack Truck is an exact copy of the character in the film, and has a great carry handle for easy transportation.

      Each side flips down to reveal fifteen segments on either side for carrying cars, and included are fifteen cast from the film, including Lightening McQueen, Mater, Dock Hudson along with Luigi.

      The cars are all great - just the right size for little hands and stand up to a lot of use. They move easily and are painted very well so marks do not show up easily.

      Mack on the other hand isn't as well made. The stickers on the top and sides do tend to peel easily, but this is really to be expected with usual wear and tear.

      The sides themselves aren't that easy to flip down - we have even resorted to a screwdriver at times when they seem to get stuck, and once they are down they do tend to come off quite easily and need Daddy to fix them again. But other than that the toy has stood up well to two every boysterous boys playing with it.

      I don't think this toy is now sold from the Disney Store but if it is still available I would definitely recommend it for any Cars fan.


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      14.04.2010 18:48
      Very helpful



      a very disappointing toy from the Disney Store

      My three year old son is absolutely mad about anything to do with Disney Pixar Cars, If they sell it we probably have it, the house is being over taken by anything Lightening McQueen or anything assosciated with him.

      Because of this everytime my fiance and I go shopping I find myself popping into our local Disney Store to see if any new products have been released that I dont know about.

      Now just before xmas when we were out shopping we popped into the Disney Store to see if their were any last minute pieces we could pick up for our son, thats when I noticed the Mack Transporter lorry.

      A H:16 x W:10 x L:46cm replica of Lightening McQueens transporter lorry Mack, he is the perfect replica of Lightening Mc Queens transporter lorry that you see in the film, even down to his facial expression and sponsor stickers.

      Now he doesn't really do anything that spectacular. You can wheel him along the floor or press a button on the top to activate his flashing headlights and sound his realistic horn but the main feature is that you can lower each of his sides down to reveal 15 individual compartments (30 in total) which house a selection of die cast cars assosiated with the film.

      Now there are 15 die cast replica cars included with the transporter which are each safely stored in their own compartmemnt within Mack himself, this leaves 15 spare spaces to purchase more cars if you desire.

      The cars included within Mack are:
      Lightening McQueen
      Doc Hudson
      Chick Hicks ( Green )
      Chick Hicks (Dinaco Blue Edition)
      and Snot Rod

      Now the Cars are all perfect replicas to those which you see within the film, no detail has been spared but I have found that these cars are of very poor standard and quality, out of fifteen cars I think there are only two that havent actually broken. Issues with these include the external plastic features like wing mirrors breaking off ( something which could pose a choking hazzard if your child chose to put it into their mouth) or you find that the wheels of the cars find themselves beng pushed up into the chassis of the car itself which you cannot access to try to fix deeming the cars un useable to roll along on their wheels anymore which defeats the object and which my son has found extremely frustrating and upsetting. Not good!

      Now the product itself is a Disney Store exclusive, you will not find it anywhere else (apart from on ebay and its usually at some ridiculously stupid High price on there) The product retails at £35.00p, Now you may think that because of the size of Mack and the inclusion of these die cast cars makes this product a great bargain but the truth is these Die cast cars are in fact smaller than those that can be found being sold in your local toy shops or super markets.

      The compartments on Mack have been designed specifically for these smaller sized cars which you will find are only available to purchase in Disney Store shops, you wont be able to fit just any cars into it. This is of course Disney stores idea to get you to pay out more cash, to purchase additional cars to fill up the remaining compartments which remail unfilled.

      The thing is these cars are sold by the Disney Store of upwards of £3.50 each and some are limited editions so are even more expensive. You will also find that these additional empty compartments are sized differently therefore only certain sized cars will fit in specific compartments. so you may have thought that the initial cost of £35.00p is extrememly reasonable but when you take into account its going to cost you minimum on £50.00+ to fill up Mack its not such a bargain after all, especially when your son wants more cars to fill it up and make it complete.

      We have also found issues with Mack too, although the lorry itself is robust we had the same issues with the external features, the wing mirrors and the fuel tanks have all come off, although the fuel tanks can be snapped back into place. The drop down sides have also been an issue, My son is three and everytime he flips the sides down they seem to pull/fall off. Now if he was being heavy handed or forceful with the toy I would understand this but he isnt, and the sides themselves feel quiet flimsy and each time you do put them back on you have to bend them, that's where I feel they might snap. Its also not good when its suppose to be used to store these car as a transporter. Mack has a fold away handle to his roof to allow your child to carry it around with them where ever they go but that doesn't really work when the sides come down and you end up with 15+ cars all over the place, it defeats the object of it being a transporter/ carrier and I really dont want to break my neck slipping on them!!!

      All in all this is a really nice idea from the Disney Store but the quality of the cars themselves is a real issue and in my eyes a very big let down, to have only two out of fifteen cars in working order just 4 months after giving it to our son as a gift is extremely poor. To be honest I am very surprised that this is even the case as most products I have bought from their stores and that's a lot have always been of a really good quality and high standard but unfortunately not this time around.
      I have written to the Disney store with my concerns and complaint about this toy but I'm yet to receive anything back from them .

      I would highly reccomend that people avoid purchasing this toy unless they really need to and if they do purchase it dont expect too much out of it and watch out for tiny pieces breaking off.

      The Mack transporter is a Disney Store exclusive,Suitable for children aged 3yrs+, it requires 2 AA batteries for the lights and horn to work and retails at £35.00, although a lot more if you want to fill up Mack with additional cars.


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