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Disney Pixar Cars 2 Mack and Diecast

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Manufacturer: Disney / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      27.07.2012 13:53
      Very helpful



      An ok set for a disney car's fan

      **The set**

      When you purchase this set you receive a large Mack truck and inside there are ten compartments with ten different cars all from the cars 2 movies. There are the more popular characters of lightning McQueen, Mator and Francesco Bernoulli but also the other cars which make up the full race who my son loves just as well as the main characters.The cars are not the same size as the standard die cast cars you can buy separately as the Disney shop ones are slightly smaller. They all look exactly like the characters and even stay true to size by having the smaller cars for the film smaller than the longer cars from the film.

      There is a button on the top of Mack that when little one presses it the bottom side lights come on as well as the headlights and although there is no sound my son loves this feature and it is very easy for him to activate by himself without needing any help from me. There are two sides to Mack and both come with covers so they can be added to the truck to hide what he is carrying although we hardly use these as they are really difficult to get on and off. One side of the truck carries the cars while the other side of make has a picture of one of the scenes from the film so little one can race along using it as a background.

      **In play**

      My son loves that it has a carry handle as this means he can lift Mack and take him wherever he wants to play. He usually rolls him around empty unless he gets me to put the side on but as it is such a hassle to click them in to place he does not often have them on the truck. Mack rolls easily along carpet but if you push him on wooden floor as you would expect he rolls a lot further and so my son prefers using him on the hard flooring. The compartments on the truck that hold the cars are easy to use and all the cars that came with the truck sit in it easily. My son has tried putting some of his other cars collection he has built up over time in Mack but he finds most do not fit as they are too large although some of the smaller die cast cars sit in the truck he was a little disappointed as he wanted to use Mack to move all his cars from place to place.

      The cars are fairly well made and although two spoilers have broken off some of the cars in general they have lasted the rough play from my son well although they are not as durable as the diecast cars you can buy separately. They also roll around the floor well so they can be used separately away from Mack. The scene from the film on one side of Mack is great as it means my son can use it as a backdrop and use his imagination to make up stories. Mack is nice and big which means he can sit in front of the toy box holding the cars to make sure none get lost.

      My son always seeks out Mack when he is playing with his cars and it has been very well loved by him. He can play with the sides on Mack hiding his treasures inside or he can take either side off to reveal the open compartments with the cars in or the scene from the film. Then he can play with the cars including the Mack truck or simply play with the ten cars separately meaning there are lots of different ways for him to use the set. My son was a little disappointed as the front of Mack does not detach from the back of the truck and he likes to set up a pit stop with just the front cab of the trailer but after a while he forgot about this and just got on with moving Mack around.
      The batteries have lasted well and we have not had to change them since we received this set and that includes my son leaving them on overnight once as you have to manually press the button on top of the truck to turn them off there is no autos switch off on them.


      The removable sides of Mack are really hard to put back in to place even for me it will take me a few attempts and my son is unable to do it himself at all. This means that when he picks Mack up by the carry handle or even rolls Mack along the floor the cars fall out straight away. This is very frustrating as my son tells me Mack is supposed to be able to haul them around without any problems and this limits how he can play with the toy which is disappointing. Also the stickers on the side of Mack began to peel off within a week of my son having this toy which makes Mack look like he is years old rather than months and it all looks rather scruffy.

      This set is exclusive to the Disney store and it costs around £35 and I have not seen it on offer yet. The cars inside are not the same as the diecast cars you can purchase for £5 a time but my son loves them just as much and considering we paid £30 for another version of Mack I think this is a great price to pay for 10 cars from the movie and a large Mack truck.

      Although there are some general wear and tear to both the cars and Mack all of the set is still fully useable and after around 8 months this set is still one of my son's favourites. The truck is a great size and the cars that come with this set are a welcome addition on other versions of Mack we have owned. This is a great toy for any cars 2 fan and I would recommend this Mack truck and car set.


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