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Disney Pull Back Stitch Car

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Brand: Disney / Type: Pull back car

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2010 17:47
      Very helpful



      A great car from Disney

      If you're been following my previous reviews, you will be aware that hubby is absolutely Stitch mad! Although I didn't particularly like Stitch when he first entered our house, I have to admit that after seeing each addition of hubby's absolutely huge collection, that he is rather cute!

      I'm sure the majority of you who have young children will be very familiar with Stitch as he's an adorable Disney character and the best friend of Lilo. He was named after Dr Jumbo Jukiba's genetic experiment 626 and is blue, furry, mischievous and very, very bad tempered. Stitch absolutely adores Elvis Presley and hubby owns quite a few collectables with him wearing the classic Elvis attire!

      When I product suggested this toy to Dooyoo some 6 weeks ago, it was readily available from the UK Disney website. However, my suggestion has only today been agreed and unfortunately, Disney have now removed this car from their website. I decided to go ahead with writing the review, particularly as hubby purchased his from a high street Disney store.

      This cute little toy is very lightweight and measures approximately 11½ cm in length, 9½ cm in width and 7½ cm in height, where you see Stitch sitting in his red car with a huge grin on his face. If you are familiar with Stitch, you will know that when he becomes angry he sprouts additional arms and antennae. Fortunately, this collectable displays a well behaved Stitch with just one pair of arms and minus the antennae!

      The car is manufactured from a sturdy red plastic and displays white and red headlights, which have been designed to depict the car's eyes. Located below is a white stripe to create the car's smiley mouth. The rear of the car branches out on either side and is very similar to the car that Batman drove and situated directly behind Stitch is a 1½ cm high piece of red plastic to resemble a shark's pointed fin.

      Stitch's huge ears are located behind him as if they're being forced back in the wind due to his excessive driving speeds! His hands, which are four fingered, are resting on a tiny handle bar type steering wheel, which is sheltered by the cute opaque mini windscreen. Almost every soft toy or figurine of Stitch shows his cute pointy teeth, which always gives him a rather mischievous appearance!

      The car has four moveable grey wheels, but this car is different to any others that I have seen, as if will drive for a considerable distance! There are no batteries in this toy and in order to operate you simply place the car on the floor, pull back several times so the wheels are operating in a backward rotation, let go and enjoy! Hubby and I have managed to spin this car for approximately four metres! When my cat was alive she absolutely loved it, as she would chase it back and fore! I really have no idea of the mechanics of this little car, but have noticed that the rear tyres have a narrow black band around them with notched edges, so I'm presuming this assists with the speed.

      Whilst hubby is 50 years of age he loves this car and I must admit so do I! We regularly each sit one end of our living room and spin the car towards each other (yes, we're mad, but it's real fun!). Children would absolutely adore this, particularly as the car moves at a rather rapid speed. In my opinion, this car would be able to withstand being thrown and bumped about as it's extremely strong and there are no pieces that could easily become loose or broken.

      When I product suggested this to Dooyoo, I provided the photograph as shown above from the Disney website. However, Disney have now removed this item, but I can recall seeing this car in a Disney store the last time I visited, which was approximately four weeks ago and if my memory serves me correctly, it was £3.99. I think this is a great car for little ones (and 50 year old hubbys!) and is very reasonably priced, particularly for Disney who are generally quite expensive.

      Consequently, this cute little car comes with my full recommendation and 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars.

      This review may also appear on Ciao under the same user name.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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