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ELC Black Pirate Galleon

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Brand: ELC / Type: Boats

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2009 00:20
      Very helpful



      Probably cheaper pirate ships available

      My son is pirate crazy. He received this pirate ship as a presnt on his forth birthday. The colours of the ship have changed since then but a friend bought one for her son and the contents are the same.

      ******** Whats in the box ********

      The ship consists of:
      The hull/ big base of the ship, made from solid wood and painted black. Has a door you can pull down to let the pirates climb aboard or store treasure.
      The deck/ inside of the ship - unpainted wood. There is a hole with what my son calls a trap door (a wooden grate) so you can place things below deck and still see them.
      Two wooden masts
      A crows nest
      The stern of the ship (back)
      Two pirate flags (black with jolly roger) made from wood
      The bit that sticks out the front (can't remember what this is called) connects the front part of the sail
      3 cotton sails with string that can be opened or closed (just pull the cord at the back of the mast
      4 Pirate riggings made from elastic and wood
      Various accesorys - mop, bucket, cannons
      The Anchor
      Steering wheel

      Unfortunately no pirates are included but available seperately

      ******* Assembly *******

      The first time i put the ship together it took about 20minutes to half an hour but it easy really, or esy when u know how. Slot the deck piece into the main hull then add the stern (back part). all the pieces connect together with pins (little pegs pushed into ready made holes).
      The part I found tricky was assembling the mast and sails, but saying that after doing it once it can be done in no time at all. The masts fit into holes and the deck and are supposed to fit into small grooves at the base, unsure if mine ever do. they are then held upright with the rigging. The elastic hooks on to grooves on the side of the ship and to either the crows nest or circualar disc place on top of the mast. The front part of the sail is then thread through the other two and into a hole at the back where you tie it. This is the part that pehaps baffled me the most but it really is not rocket science. My impatient son assisting probably didn't help. All the other pieces have dowel pins and connect to the relevant slots.

      ****** Play *****

      Let your imagination run wild! The ship itself has things you can adjust the anchor can be wound up or down. Cannons can be placed to shoot through portholes and the sails can be open or closed.
      My son spends hours with this toy. Searching for treasure, fighting meaner pirates, hiding from the navy and defeating sea monsters.
      I picked up a pirate island set that the early learning centre appear to have stopped selling so he has an on land hideout as well to hide his booty. I picked this up on ebay for about £5. Looking at the website the also appear have stopped selling the accessory pack and have changed the play mat.
      We also play hunt the treasure where i will hide something in the house and draw a vague map and he spends ages hunting.

      ***** The good bits ******

      All wood (I love wooden toys) Its strong, virtually indestructable and will last for years
      My son loves taking up and putting down the anchor and sails
      No batteries
      Encourages imaginative play
      Hours of fun
      A must have for a pirate adventurer.

      **** The not so good bits ****

      Fiddly assembly until you know what you are doing
      No figures included - how can you have a pirate ship with no pirates?
      No wheels on underside of ship to ease you pushing it along

      ***** Price ******

      This was a present for my son but was told it was around £30 in the sale. The normal retail price is £35 but looking today it is selling for £28. Still a lot of money when you have to buy extras strainght away to make it playable.
      ***** Available Extras *****

      Pirate Set (5 pirates) £10
      Sea faring set (5 pirates) £10
      Ghost set (5 scary looking pirates) £10
      Sea serpent £7
      Pirate in row boat £5
      Play mat £16

      ***** My opinion *****

      This toy is great with all the accessories as my son has. Yet most of these are no longer available (on the elc website at least). The aaccessorys are probably the thing that makes this a great toy and provide ideas for his imagination. Without them you have a ship that does a few gimmicky things not a lot else. If you can get pirate figures and accessories from a cheaper source this toy is great but i really wouldn't reccomend buying what the early learning centre appears to be offering at those prices. Had the accessories been available and more included it would have got 5 stars but on its own it really isn't that great..


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    • Product Details

      This dark wooden pirate ship is ready for adventure. It's packed with features including a crows nest, rigging to climb, flags, and port holes.

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