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Ertl Ecto 1 Ghostbusters Car

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Brand: Ertl / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2009 11:50
      Very helpful



      A great toy for children and adults who loved the Ghostbusters!

      ~ Overview ~

      Ghostbusters is one of my all time favourite films and when I was a young boy the car in the film looked amazing, especially seeing it being converted from a piece of junk to a white painted Cadillac Miller-Meteor limo style super car.

      My favourite part about the car was the sirens, it just sounded futuristic at the time. It was like the noise the knight rider car makes when its red light flashes at the front and all cars around this time had to have a certain futuristic noise to make it look snazzy and cool.

      ~ Interesting facts ~

      In the original script it was thought that Ecto 1 should have the ability to create interdimensional travel and that the colour of the car should be black, along with purple and white flashing lights which gave it a purple atmospheric effect.

      There were also a number of Ecto cars planned throughout the Ghostbusters novels (see list of models below).

      - Ecto 1 - in the first Ghostbusters film
      - Ecto 1a - More scientific bits and bobs on the roof of the car (Ghostbusters 2)
      - Ecto 1b - Only in the video game
      - Ecto 2 - This was a helicopter (cartoons)
      - Ecto 3 - There were more than one vehicle with this name (Unicycle, Jet, and Go-Kart)
      - Ecto 4 - This was a jet like vehicle, similar to Ecto 3
      - Ecto-Bomber - Aeroplane
      - Ecto-Ichi - High tech super car with lots of wheels, capable of travelling under water
      - Ecto 8 - Tugboat and features in the video game (2009)

      ~ What did I use it for? ~

      I used to use this to store all my Ghostbusters figures inside or sometimes He-Man might team up with them and take a ride around my parent's bedroom and enjoy the view. This toy car is great for children and if you had the figures to go with it was great fun trying to take on the bad guys (Slimer and Gozer).

      ~ Price & Location ~

      If you are looking to buy this car then I would recommend sites like E-Bay and Amazon as people are often selling the older versions are well as new cars. You can pay between £30 and £60 depending -on how rare the model of Ecto 1 is.

      ~ Age range ~

      I would recommend this product for children aged 6+ as this car does come with little bits and pieces which may not be suitable for babies and young children.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      This is one of my all time favourite car toys and had to get rid of it as I had practically bashed it to pieces. Batman versus the Ghostbusters was a constant strain on the car as lots of bashing isn't what they were really designed for.

      It is a great toy especially with those with a great imagination and also for those older adults who have a mindset of a young child. If you are a hoarder of Ghostbusters toys and items then this is essential for your assortment as any Ghostbusters aficionado knows that this is a very distinctive car which everyone relates Ghostbusters to.

      My Rating: 5/5


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    • Product Details

      The features of this item are Doors Open, Hood Opens, Wheels Steer and Wheels Roll. Includes Slimer The Ghost.

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