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Fast Lane Double Loop Track Set

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Brand: Fast Lane / Type: Race Car Tracks

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2007 20:56
      Very helpful



      Cheap and Cheerful, fits with Hot Wheels.

      Fast Lane Double Loop Set..

      This was an extra that we picked up in the last-minute-mad-christmas-shop when we went to get the Boys Hot Wheels crash thingy and a Scalextric Set. It cost £5.99 from Toys 'R' Us and at that price well why not ?!

      From the pictures on the box it seems a lot like the Hot Wheels sets what with the track and the ZOOOoom and the cars. The main worry was whether it would fit with the Hot Wheels cars and track that Boy already has - I can happily report YES it does. All the cars that fit his Hot Wheels track will fit this one though the track is a TINY bit smaller and sides a bit lower it will still all fit and work together. HOORAY !

      So what do you get ? 3 cars, LOTS of straight plastic neon yellow color track, two bases for the loops, a launcher with clamp and a spinning 'wheel' bit that fits on track to slow the cars down at the 'finish line'

      -- Easy ? --

      Yes in a word. This was the first thing mummy put together christmas day and took all of 10 minutes to figure out. The track slots together easily and is no big problem. The loops slot onto bases easy...launcher bit just needs attaching to end of track and clamp putting on.
      The spinner bit was a bit twiddly but I got there in the end (only to be told to remove it by the Boy 'cos he like the cars to fly off the end of track after they done the "whoop-de-loop" *sigh*) But it did work and slow the cars, spins round rather impressively too.

      It's rather like the Hot-Wheels-V-drop, you clamp the launch end to a table -or a window ledge in our house, Line it up straight and off you go.....Car at the top...Whizz down the track round the loop-the-loops and flys off the end. Great fun !

      -- Cars ?--

      3 Cars were included with the set but they aren't fantastic things. The top body is metal but they have dodgy looking plastic bases with gaps around edges you can see the hollow car hard to describe - basically they don't look as solid as some of Boys other cars.. BUT not a problem as his other cars fit the track. (Also the balls out of his magnetix set fly down the track and round the loops impressively too.... )

      -- Recommend ? --

      Yes, a copy-cat version of Hot Wheels basically - but cheap and pretty cheerful - which to be honest is more than I expected when we bought it, so far so good and I'll be on the lookout for some more come birthday time.

      Thanks for reading.

      I'm also on Ciao under same user-name so this may appear there soon with photos.


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  • Product Details

    Gravity defying double loop race track playset. Get your car round the 2 loops and race to the finish! Includes 3 cars.