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Fast Lane Speed Shop Playset

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Manufactuer: Fast Lane / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2010 00:47
      Very helpful



      Great addition if you have other fast lane toys and are aware of the pros and cons of the range!

      This toy is exclusive to Toys R Us and retails at £14.99.

      The suggested age is from 3, but personally I would say it should be more like age 6 if they want to play with it independantly as some parts require a bit of a knack and it is quite fiddly to put together.

      The features of this set are:

      - High speed launcher- This is the most impressive part of the toy as it operates the loop, but it is also the bit that requires the knack I was talking about! It operates by pulling back and releasing a lever. The lever is quite stiff and needs to be pulled back quite far to allow the car to make it around the loop, but when done correctly, it is impressive and leads to a chorus of "agains" from my little one! However he does get a little frustrated as when he attempts to do it himself, it never quite works and only goes a little way up before crashing on its back! - We have however dealt with this situation by turning it into a crashing game!! ( A mums job to get creative to avoid tears hey!)

      -Car repair turntable- This is operated by a little wheel at the side, this feature is quite straight forward and easy to manage by my son.

      -Hydrolic lift- This is more like a little crane, it operates easily, however it can get in the way of the turntable and stop the car moving on it!

      - Mechanical lift- This unfortunately is the less impressive part of the toy, it is very difficult to lift/lower. My little boy has given up with this part and just puts the car on and takes it off again rather than lowering the lift!Even for an adult, it is quite fiddly.

      The set also comes with a number of other smaller features
      # petrol pumps with hoses - these are quite good fun and my son enjoys pretending to fill the cars up.

      #little men that slide/pivot on their designated areas. Again my son likes these and they do promote imaginative play as he puts on their voices and makes up scenarios.

      #The set comes complete with a die cast car that is of good quality.

      The biggest piece of advice I can give regarding this toy is allow at least 30 minutes for the first set up as there are about 40 stickers that need to be put on the parts, the directions for these are a little confusing and are number coded, but as the stickers are so tiny and there are often several in one area, its easy to confuse where they go. Do double check though as they can not be removed once stuck-Not without tearing anyway!
      Once set up- keep it up!! The parts are very fiddly to put together and the instructions to do so are again quite complex with pictures that are only from one angle.
      The set is small enough to keep set up though so this should not cause too much inconvenience for you.

      I will put my issues with the setting up and fiddly pieces to one side now and review the fun factor!!!

      The set and pieces are all made from a sturdy plastic that withstands the crashes!

      It is a great toy for car mad kids and those interested in gadgets as there are lots of little bits and pieces to turn/lift/slide.

      The toy promotes imaginative play and does have an element of versatility to it as you can have mechanic scenarios or racing, crashing etc.

      My little boy spends quite a while happily playing with it, but he does need regular assistance, particularly with the loop & lift.

      I think the toy is average value for money. In fairness the nature of the toy is inevitably going to contain quite fiddly parts but these were particularly evident in this particular toy.

      The set comes as part of range that includes all sorts from car washes, rescue centers and showrooms.

      If I'm totally honest the set looks better from the box but it is still a good fun toy that will not date and can be added to.
      It has provided lots of enjoyment for my little boy- even if that is at the expense of a little stress for mummy!

      Would recommend to those with patience with car mad little 'uns!!


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