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Fisher Price Chase N Race Ramps

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Manufacturer: Fisher Price / Type: Race Car Tracks - Ramps

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2012 09:03
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      A durable fun car toy from Fisher Price.

      Not only do Mr Lools and I have a huge collection of toys dotted around our own house, because my parents live only 5 minutes away and we visit them regularly, they are now also sporting a huge collection of toys for my twin boys to play with. My parents are very proud grandparents but part of that role seems to involve spoiling my boys with toys and their collection of toys is constantly growing because they add to it every time they go out shopping. One of the early purchases they made was the Fisher Price Roll N Racers- Chase N Race Ramps toy.

      *** Fisher Price Roll N Racers- Chase N Race Ramps***
      The Chase N Race Ramps is a brightly coloured plastic rectangular toy very much like a car garage. The toy is made from zig zag ramps which two roller cars can be sent down. The cars move down the ramps and flip over. As the cars move down the ramps this activates music and sounds.

      On the side of the ramp is a spinning gas pump which when spun makes a sound. The toy also has a gate on the bottom of the ramps so the cars can be stored inside of the ramp when not in use. There also is a handle on top of the ramp to make it portable.

      The toy requires 2 size AA batteries which are supplied with the toy.

      Fisher Price states that the toy is suitable for children aged 6 months and over.

      The Fisher Price Roll N Racers Chase N Race Ramps is available from a number of retailers including Argos, John Lewis, Toys R Us, Smyths and Amazon. The RRP of the toy is £16.99 however it is often on special offer. My parents bought the toy for £10.99 during a sale at Argos which I feel is good value for money.

      ***Our Experience***
      My parents bought this toy for my boys to play with at their house when my boys were around 8 months old. At this age they were starting to sit up unaided so we were starting to buy toys they could sit on the floor and play with.

      The Fisher Price Roll N Racers Chase N Race Ramps is a very simple concept. You simply place the roller car onto the ramp at the top and it descends down the zig zag ramp flipping over as it goes and hits the side of the ramp. The design of the roller car (a ball with a car shaped plastic structure around it) means that the car looks the same and works the same on either side. So when it flips over the car still moves in the same way. Generally the roller cars move down the ramp very easily and take under 10 seconds to fully descend although on occasion they do get stuck at the point where the roller car should flip over. This does cause some frustration for a child and parents may need to free the car so it moves again. However by the age of 18 months old my boys could free the car by forcefully shaking the ramp around until the car started moving again.

      At 8 months old when my boys first started playing with this toy they could hold the roller cars and because of their rounded design they are very easy for a small young child to hold and push along the floor. At 8 months my boys' coordination was not fully developed so they could not really place the car inside of the ramp for it to start it's decent. I would find myself helping them to place the car in the correct position for it to start moving down the ramp. The car zig sagging down the ramp and triggering off the music and sound effects created a lot of smiles and claps for my boys and they would shriek for me to do this again. Gradually as they got older and towards 12 months old I would move their arm to show them how to put the cars inside of the ramp for them to start the cars moving down the ramp on their own.

      By around 14 months old both my boys were able to place the cars onto the ramp independently to then watch the cars flip down the ramp. I was quite amazed that this was such a simple toy but it kept them entertained and between 14-18 months when they had rather short attention spans they could spend up to 10 minutes at a time placing the cars onto the ramp and watching them, whilst shouting "beep beep" or "weeeeeee". My boys still play with this toy now at 23 months old when we visit my parents although I do find that they prefer more complex vehicle type toys and prefer their larger garage with ramp as the ramp is longer and they can send a wider range of vehicles down this ramp in comparison to the Chase N Race Ramps which they only have the choice of 4 roller cars to place inside of it.

      Size wise the toy is quite compact. It is a rectangular shape about 12cm wide by around 25cm tall. An advantage of the toy being this size is that it is quite compact so easy to store and especially as the cars can be stored inside of the toy when not in use. A minor gripe I have with this toy is because of its small size it is not really a toy to encourage sharing. Because we only bought one of this toy my boys would regularly fight to place cars inside and because there was only two cars that came with this toy my boys would then also fight over the cars. My parents actually bought two of the Fisher Price roller cars separately which could be used with the Chase N Race Ramps but my suggestion to improve this toy is that it would come with another car or two.

      This is a very durable toy. My boys have regularly fought over this toy and because of the carry handle have carried and then dropped the toy onto wooden and tiled floors without it suffering any damage. The roller cars that come with this toy have been thrown across the room on many an occasion and dropped from highchair trays and still look as new. My boys chewing and gnawing on the cars regularly has left no marks on the car. Because the ramp structure and the roller cars are made from hard plastic the toy is entirely wipe clean.

      Although the Fisher Price Roll N Racers Chase N Race Ramps is a very simple toy it is one I would recommend to other parents as my boys have got a lot of use and enjoyment from this toy. The concept of pushing the cars down the ramp and watching then flip over as they decent is very simple but keeps my boys entertained. The toy like many from Fisher Price is well made and durable and is easy to keep clean because it is made from hard wipe able plastic.

      Although my boys do like this toy at almost 2 years old it does not have the same appeal as it did when they were slightly younger. They seem to prefer their larger car garage and ramp which they can fit various cars into the ramp rather than just specific cars. In my opinion great for the 6 months to 18months age group although still fun for children up to the age of 3.

      For £16.99 I think this has been excellent value for money, however my only real suggestion to improve the toy is that it would include another car or two to play with on the ramps.

      A toy my boys have enjoyed but refuse to share!


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