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Hasbro Transformers Deluxe Battle Blade Bumblebee

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Brand: Hasbro / Type: Transformers action figure

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 07:35
      Very helpful



      A new car for my son!

      After going through the first wave of "Transformers" merchandise with my younger brother in the 80's, I have found they now on a revamp, with every child in my son's class claiming to own some form of "autobot", so when birthdays come around you know there will be some offering in that range!

      The toy I will now review for you is - "Recon Bumblebee autobot".

      Now for any of you who has no idea who this particular character is he is the car that is purchased by the main character of the "Transformers" films, with his signature vehicle to change into being a bright yellow car, not only this but he is actually a good alien trying to stop the bad aliens from reeking havoc on Earth.....sorry not much if a technical description but I was only ever interested in the toys and whether I could marry them off to my Cindy dolls as a little girl!

      This particular car is a complete replica (looks wise anyway!) of the Bumble bee character in the film.

      In car form it is around 3" long and is a bright canary yellow colour. There is a fair bit of detailing on the car itself, with there being go faster stripes down the side, blacked out windows, and a fantastic design across the bonnet.

      The car itself is fully usable, now actually being used as part of my son's garage, though of course only the wheels are fully working as if you try and open the door to the car the arm of the robot twists out!

      The "transform" part is actually quite easy to achieve, as the move from car to robot an be made in five reasonably easy moves, with the legs/boot of the car, only needing to be pulled away from the main body a little to release them, then pulling them apart and the arms/bonnet again being unclicked apart but then have to be twisted back on themselves to create the effect, with the wheels actually ending up as the robots hands.

      The final move is to flip the end of the bonnet downwards which creates the robots chest, but also releases the head, which is in fairness really small compared to the rest of the machine, but I suppose to be able to fit it under the bonnet it would have to be!

      Fully transformed the robot is a nice looking device, though there are now no moves for it to perform, at least when in car form you could make it "drive", in this format the child is inhibited by his (or her!) imagination only....and the fact that is has no special features!

      To change back into it's car format you simply do what you did previously, but in reverse, with full instructions being available on the back of the packaging.

      This toy is well enough made, but with any plastic toy with moveable parts you find it to be reasonably delicate, though admittedly even Connor has not broken this toy yet, so far we are doing quite well!

      There is an age restriction on this toy, there is no actual small pieces to speak of loose on it, in the right hands there could be, so this is not recommended for the under 3's, though of course they would understand the concept anyway, with my son being around the ideal age for it, being able to enjoy the car aspect but also being able to transform it himself, so independent these days!

      Price wise these can be purchased from anywhere upwards for £6.00 and all the different characters in the film too on www.amazon.co.uk and also www.toysrus.co.uk.

      Any downsides, well personally for me there is.....the hologram!

      As I mentioned before my brother had the original transformer models, which I have to say were a lot better than these one's, but on every toy there was a small hexagon shaped hologram, which when you rubbed your finger over (to warm through) the face of the goodies or the baddies would show through.

      Now I know you would be privy to that information anyway as you would know the character from the shoe, but this was always the best bit on the toy for me, and I was disappointed that it hadn't been continued.

      This is a nice enough toy that does what it is meant to, an that my son has enjoyed playing with, though now lives along with his others cars, rather than in it's robot form!

      Thanks for reading x


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