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Hasbro Transformers Universe: Optimus Prime 25th Anniversary Edition

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Brand: Hasbro / Type: Trucks

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2010 13:15
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      Just as great as i remember,

      Now i'm 22 years old and sadly was just a little too young to fully enjoy the original series of transformers when it was first released in the 80's. My brother however who is 28, was an avid fan, and luckily for me passed down all of his transformers memorabilia when he got a little too old.

      I was absolutely hooked from the moment i laid eyes upon the box of glistening figures, still in fantastic condition, when they came into my possession and were unlike any other toy i had ever played with, providing me with endless hours of fun.

      Now its suffice to say that Optimus Prime was never my favourite character, mainly because he was a little annoying, but also because in the televison series he was the leader of the Autobots (the good guys) , and although being significantly outgunned and out muscled by the Decepticons (their arch enemies) they consistently ended up winning the day. Now this was all very well in the cartoon series, good triumphing over evil and all that, but it never really transcended well into action figures. The reason? Well the Decepticon figures were always consequently far more well endowed in terms of features and what you got included in the box than their Autobot counterparts. For example take Optimus Prime's right hand man Ultra Magnus, despite being a great character, he was only ever able to transform into another 18 wheeler. However take what could be considered to be one of the Decpticon's high command Blitzwing, and you had an action figure that could not only transform from a robot into a Jet Fighter, but also a Tank. Given the option of one or the other from your parents, which one are you going to choose?

      However i noticed the recent reissue from hasbro of a number of their original transformers figures, and for mainly sentimental reasons, decided to purchase Optimus Prime, for a very reasonable price of around £30 from Ebay.

      The box was brand new and in mint condition when it arrived, and immediately brought back fantastic memories from my childhood. Open the box and you are treated to a number of things, not only the complete Optimus Prime figure itself, but also part one of the first ever orginal Transformers comic books and an electronic soundbite machine in the shape of the Autobot emblem, which when pressed plays a number of iconic Transformers phrases. All in all it respresents exceelent value for money.

      I have always found that the newer movie release transformers figures, are far too fiddly and modern. Five minutes with this toy and you can understand just what made the original figures so endearing to kids all over the world. It really is so simply to transform Optimus from his Robot form, to his vehicle mode, and then back again. When comapared with the Transformers figures of today it is considerably faster.

      The toy is very sturdy and comes nicely equipped weapon wise, although as with all toys, these are prone to get lost. I reckon you could easily get a years worth of play out of it, providing you are relatively gentle, before niggles or joints may start to loosen up.

      All in all it as a great purchase, and is going to provide the platform for a little collection i hope to build up, a hobby perhaps. If you are buying this figure for sentimental purposes or for your children it will bring smiles all round, and represents what is in my mind a far better era of toys.

      Buy Buy Buy.


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        24.08.2009 23:55
        Very helpful



        A great toy with more than meets the eye !


        This year's "Summer Blockbuster" season is almost at an end but I can guarantee that "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" is still entertaining the masses at your local multiplex. The movie is a crowd pleaser after all, with an almost perfect mix of robots, vehicles, explosions and eye-candy ! And let's not forget that the movie's main characters (the "Transformers" themselves) are a perfect example of just how far CGI technology has come. And just take a trip to Toys 'R' Us to see for yourself just how many new products have been released as part of the movie's merchandise campaign !!!

        ~ REWIND TO 1984 !!! ~

        It is now over 25 years ago that the adventures of the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons were first created and back in 1984 Transformers were at the cutting edge of toy technology. Robots that "transformed" into vehicles was probably the coolest toy concept to have hit the shelves and for those of you lucky enough to have owned some of the first generation Transformers toys you would have been the envy of your friends !!!


        1984 was a long time ago but to mark that special anniversary Hasbro have released a commemorative 25th Anniversary Edition of the greatest Transformer of all time ... Optimus Prime !!!

        And, whilst the toys based on the CGI created Optimus Prime from this summer's blockbuster may look impressive nothing can quite beat the retro feel of the original Transformers toys ... and this Optimus Prime toy has been accurately produced so that it has both the look and feel of the 1984 original.


        Packaged in a retro style box which has a small window revealing Optimus Prime in "vehicle mode" it is actually quite easy to initially dismiss this toy as nothing special but like the Transformers themselves there's "more than meets the eye" !!!

        This is because the box itself holds a treasure trove of 25th Anniversary merchandise and memorabilia including;

        * A die-cast replica of the original 1984 Optimus Prime.
        * A DVD containing the original animated Transformers mini series.
        * A replica copy of the very first Marvel Transformers comic.
        * An Autobot Insignia Electronic Voice Box (with speaks classic phrases).


        Whilst the extras contained within the box are great items for fans and collectors it is Optimus Prime himself that is the most impressive.

        Initially, he rolls out of the box in "vehicle mode" but with a few twists the entire truck quickly "transforms". The cab of the truck transforms into Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots. And, for those who are old enough to remember, the trailer transforms into the Autobot Command Centre (complete with mini vehicle-bot Roller).

        The greatest aspect of this 25th Anniversary Edition of this toy is that nothing has been changed or altered in any way whatsoever ... the firing missiles, the transforming gun and the many hidden panels within the Autobot Command Centre have all been lovingly recreated. Optimus Prime looks (and feels) exactly like the 1984 original and if it wasn't for the fact that it had a 2009 date stamp it would be hard to tell that this toy wasn't infact the original !!!


        If you are lucky enough to own the original 1984 Optimus Prime and wanted to earn some money then there would be many collectors out there who would be willing to pay serious amounts of money to take it off your hands. And, if you wanted to the original toy yourself then I suggest you start with eBay !!!

        However, if money is an issue then owning the 25th Anniversary Edition Optimus Prime toy is the closest thing you could ever have to actually owning the original toy ... simply because it has been reproduced perfectly. It is also worth pointing out that for an average selling price of just £25 this is serious value for money (especially as the toy comes with the DVD, comic and voice box extras).

        ~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~

        This is the perfect present for any Transformers fan !!!

        Optimus Prime is possibly the most well loved of all the Transformers and despite the many different versions of this character currently on the shelves this specific version does have a fantastic retro feel and look to it. Kids will love the "playability" factor of the "transformed" Autobot Command Centre whils adult collecttors will appreciate the attention to detail that has been put into the toy itself.

        Finally, if you know an adult who loved Transformers when they themselves were younger then this is the perfect retro gift that, I guarantee, will bring a massive grin to their face. Robots in disguise just don't get any better than this !!!!!


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          04.06.2009 11:27
          Very helpful



          Great collectors item but not really for playing with!

          Optimus Prime 25th Anniversary Edition

          A great find somewhere in the far east:
          I stumbled across this find during my honeymoon when my husband suddenly screamed (as much as a grown man can scream) "Oh my god, it's the ORIGINAL Optimus Prime". I saw that it was on for a special deal, half price in fact. I decided then and there to humour him and buy the "toy", costing a total of $200, roughly £20. Got home and luckily for me, my husband allowed me to share his new toy with me and here is my review:

          Optimus Prime the heroic Autobot leader is back available to get in his original generation 1 toy version, first available...yes 25 years ago.

          The original generation 1 toys gave the authentic look of the Earth based vehicle mode priority over the robot mode and Optimus Prime is no exception. As a trailer truck Prime looks very good, however once transformed the robot though ok from the front has an open back which rather cheap and unfinished. Prime is also rather limited as a toy in that he can stand upright and have his arms moved up and down the limit of his posing ability. Another thing I would add is if you are not familiar with our to "transform" him properly, do be careful as at the end of the day, he is made out of plastic and will snap if bent the wrong way. Another gripe is that his weapon doesn't actually fit into his hand and the only way it will fit is if the gun is at an odd angle to which his arm is facing.

          However nobody is really going to buy this toy as an action figure for their kid's right? This one is for the grown ups (husbands and the odd wife alike) who's parents refused to buy them an Optimus Prime when they were younger (thinking about it now, who would blame them - full price at £40(!)), or for those lucky enough to have one but as kids used and abused their Prime until his arms fell off. This is a collector's item and really does bring back some nostalgic feelings.

          In the box you get the complete Optimus Prime and part one of the first ever Transformers comic released. You also get a rather cool sound box in the shape of the Autobot insignia, which once pressed emits sounds such as the iconic transformation sound plus the unforgettable "Megatron must be stopped...no matter the cost". My husband seems to have more fun scaring the neighbours with this than anything else!

          As a children's toy Prime is rather limited and I would advise against buying but as a collectors item for a Transformers fan from yesteryear this is a classic piece of nostalgia, a Classic.


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        • Product Details

          Autobot shield clips on belt or stands on desk. 2 firing missles. Roller launches from trailer. Trailer converts to battle station.

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