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Hot Wheels Ferrari 5 Vehicle Pack

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Brand: Hot Wheels / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2013 12:30
      Very helpful



      Great value cars

      **The cars**

      I'm sure most little boys have come across hot wheels cars and vehicles. There is a huge range of cars, racing tracks and accessories aimed at children as young as three years old. My son is a huge fan of all things to do with cars, and owns a large collection of their cars and play sets. They are widely available in most toy shops, and there are a huge amount of cars to collect. The packs you can get do vary a lot but each one will contain variations of vehicles. The cars come in different shapes and sizes. Some are regular cars, other race cars and there are even large off road vehicles and helicopters that you can buy in one pack. This is perfect for my son as he loves inspecting different vehicles to see what makes them unique. He loves designing and drawing cars, so he loves that the details are different on each car as he can study them.

      **In use**

      The cars are really well made and that's one of the main things that we love about them. My boys tend to crash and bash their cars a lot and can be a little adventurous with them. We have never found any of them to break, or even deteriorate in the slightest. They are all in fantastic condition, and we have owned some for over four years. They have been stood on and general rough play you would expect from children. They are not indestructible, but they have lasted a lot longer than other cars we have owned. Another thing we love is the different variations of cars. They are all so bright and colourful, and each car has a different design. Each 5or 10 pack has a theme, but the shape changes, or the colour changes really seem to make them more interesting to little one. As there are vehicles of all variations it makes them more exciting than your everyday toy car that you can buy. In one pack you can receive anything from a bike to a 4x4 and it makes it more exciting.

      They roll across the floor freely and with a small push from little one they will move a fair distance. They are not speedy or any faster than most cars, but as they travel well this is all my children care about. They are small cars compared to some you can buy, but my son's always seem to get on with smaller cars better. They always receive more play than the larger cars, as they can be used with more of the sets they own. They also prefer to push cars that they are in control of rather than a pull back that moves on its own. This makes these simple cars a favourite every time. Of course other than just a standalone toy these cars can be used with any hot wheels set. My son has four or five and he just rotates his collections of hot wheels cars to have bigger and better races.

      We also find that they are the perfect size for play mats that we own. Some of the larger cars from fisher price and too big for most roadways, but these hot wheels are the perfect match. Hot wheels often branch into character cars too, and we picked up a 5 pack of Toy Story inspired cars for my son's birthday. They are double the usual retail for a 5 pack of cars at £12, but I really do think they are worth the extra money. We have also collected others such as a bat car, and monster Inc variations which makes them even more appealing than the usual cars. My only downside would be that the paint does chip a little over time. It takes some bashing but a lot of the cars have some sort of chip on them. While these in no way effects play, it is still noticeable.

      Age recommendation is three years plus which I think is fair. They are smaller cars, but my son was fine playing with them at a younger age. As they are durable I can see nothing that could hurt them, so as long as it is under parental supervision they are fine for younger children. At £1 a car on average I think these cars are fantastic value for money. You can buy them in multipacks to make them a little cheaper, but the quality really is fantastic. A gift pack of five usually retails between £5-£6. Some of the tracks we own from hot wheels are rubbish, but these cars have lasted years without any problems at all. They can be used with a number of different play sets and are the perfect size for young boys. The variation in the packs is perfect and I would highly recommend them.


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