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Imaginext Mega T Rex

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Brand: Imaginext / Type: Toy Car

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    1 Review
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      29.05.2012 18:01
      Very helpful



      An impressive looking toy that the kids love.

      The Imaginext range by Fisher Price is a brand that we own quite a few toys from, and for me the brand has been excellent value because the play is imaginative, the toys are hard wearing and my children have played with them enough to make the high price tag justifiable.

      This T-Rex was added to our collection last Christmas, when we received not just one, but two of these toys. I suggested to my sister that the boys might like this, thinking she might buy one between them, but she bought them one each. This was a stunning achievement as these were like gold dust in December 2011. They were very hard to get hold of at the lower price of £45, and a lot of places like amazon had it at £75 plus. I have to say, I am glad she didn't pay the £75 for the toy, and I kind of wish she had just bought one, but the boys were absolutely thrilled to open this as a present.

      The dinosaur is a fairly substantial figure. He comes to just underneath my knee when he is stood fully upright on the floor and he is similar in size to my Chihuahua. His body is sandy brown in colour, and it is sturdily made. The legs are thick enough to support the weight of the body unless you bend him over too far. The legs are movable at the hips and each has three giant claws on the feet. The main section of the body has a smaller tail section at the base, and is connected to the backbone, a neck section and the head.

      The dinosaur is battery operated. It has a battery compartment at the base of one of its feet, where the 4 AA batteries go. It has an on/off slide switch, and the battery enables the dinosaur to move and growl through pressing a lever on his tail. This is conveniently located at a place which is easy to grab on his body so toddlers can operate it. The movement is excellent as you get movement through his back, neck and head. The batteries must be dying out a bit now on our versions, as the growl is not as impressive, and you can hear the whir of mechanical motion over the top of it. Overall, the motion and growling enables the child to pretend that the dinosaur is moving and trying to attack something.

      As this is an imaginext toy, this is not just an ordinary dinosaur. It comes with body armour in the form of a helmet, and a back plate. The back plate has robotic type claws that go over the T-Rexs small arms making him look a lot more menacing. There is then a cockpit type arrangement on the back of the dinosaur. Here you can seat the figure that came with the set, and there are cannons on either side which fire out little darts at the push of a button.

      My boys really do love this set, as it fits well with other toys in the range. Darts from other cannons fit this toy, the figures from all these sets are the same size so they can interchange between the sets too, so their firemen or space rangers, or even batman can take a ride on the back of this dinosaur.

      There are one or two minor niggles for me with this set. All toys in this range have an interactive point where you can stand the figures feet, and twist a dial to make something happen.On this set it is the cockpit section. The figure causes it to open. However, it is only hooked on and it seems to fly off every time. On other sets that have cockpits like this such as the moon stations little space pod, the lid is more firmly clipped on. It's easily put back on, but it is just a pain, and bits that fall off easily in our house tend to get lost or chewed by the dog, so I'd rather it didn't do this.

      I also find the dinosaur can get a bit top heavy if you bend him too far forward, and it can take a bit of getting used to getting his centre of gravity just right.

      The boys would tell you this toy is great because it moves and makes noises and fires things. I would tell you it certainly gets there imagination going. I don't feel it is the best toy in the range, but it certainly has good play value and is well made. It hasn't been the most played with toy in the range. My boys much prefer the toy story and batman ranges, and I would say that if I were more limited on space and funds, I would have rather bought them those ones than this.


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    • Product Details

      Taking classic dinosaur play to the next level, the Imaginext Mega T Rex has motorised action, sound effects and removable armour to add to the play.Without his tech armour he is a highly stylised dinosaur with great detail and motorised action. When the button is pressed on his back he will begin his neck swinging, jaw opening motion all the while giving great roaring sound effects. For added play he can be geared up with his tech armour taking the play to another level.

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