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JCB Chunky Trucks Set

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Brand: JCB / Type: Toy Car

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2012 11:06
      Very helpful



      a large pair of trucks full of fun

      ==JCB Chunky Truck Set==

      jack has so many toys and each time I try to have a clear out of any of them he always ends up playing with the ones that he hasn't played with for ages and I then decide not to pack them away. These two chunky trucks from JCB are two such items that I have tried to clear away for a good few years but he always says he still plays with them.

      They were bought for him as a birthday gift a few years ago by his Nana and at the time I think he was 3 and he totally loved them. We had a long hallway with laminated flooring and he would be forever sitting one end and making either his daddy or myself sit the other and we would have to glide one of the two trucks up to the other person trying to crash the truck with the one he was speeding down towards us. It was actually great fun.

      The trucks themselves have a RRP of around £30 but I would assume that his bargain hunting Nana would have paid a lot less for them than this. To be fair I don't think they are really worth the full RRP but seeing as they are really quite a big item I guess they nearly warrant this price tag.

      The trucks are not designed to be sat or at all but when Jack was smaller he could just about get his little bottom into the one of the trucks that has an open back to it (I guess you would call it a dumper truck). It didn't seem overly sturdy but still it did take his weight and he was able to shuffle himself along the corridor in our flat.

      The two trucks are designed for both indoor and outdoor use although we have generally kept them inside apart from taking the digger down to the beach once which was great fun and didn't' affect the playability of the item at all even considering that sand did get in the wheel joints but this was easy to wash out.

      The two trucks are in fact made of thick and really sturdy plastic that is super durable and easy to wipe clean. The dumper truck is far sturdier than the digger as the back section of the truck which moves up and tips out any load that may have been placed in the back of the truck is less flimsy than the diggers front arm which moves up and down to enable things to be picked up and dropped down to the floor.

      There are no figures or anything that comes with this two part set but there is a drivers section on each of the trucks which meant that Jack was able to fit in a couple of figures that he had from another toy set and use these men as drivers of the trucks.

      The thick chunky wheels are made of the same good stiff plastic that means they are toys that are built to last and considering we have had them now for a good number of years, they are still working and looking more or less as good as the day that he first received them.

      All in all I must say that these trucks are a really good purchase and Jack has had many hours of fun play with them. The fact that they can be taken out in the garden is good and has me thinking that maybe I could move them out to the greenhouse to make more room in the house and that he could play with them in the summer out in the garden! They are certainly a top scoring product and I am happy to award a 5 out of 5 star rating and give them a high recommendation!

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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      07.01.2012 20:50
      Very helpful



      A great addition to any wannabe builder's collection

      Knowing that my son has an obsession with all things building and tools related, my brother bought these diggers for his second birthday.

      - What do you get?

      As described on the box, this item contains a large JCB digger and a large JCB dumper truck, each measuring approximately 22cm wide x 37cm long and 20cm tall. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Despite being relatively large, they're not designed as ride-on toys.

      They are made from plastic and are very distinctive in the JCB yellow brand colour with large black wheels, and in the case of the digger, a large black scoop on the front.

      They are exclusive to the Early Learning Centre and are currently selling for £12.50 as part of their sale (RRP £35). I have seen them for sale both in store and online.

      They are not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts, although I cannot actually see any small parts and I'm happy for my son to play with them at the age of 2.

      - Are they any good?

      When he had opened enough of his present to see what it was, he gleefully declared "DIGGERS!!!" in a very loud voice and unsurprisingly wanted to play with them that very second. In common with most other children's toys, getting them out of the box wasn't entirely painless as there were a few of the obligatory cable ties standing in the way of my eager 2 year old and his new favourite toys. Luckily they weren't tied in excessively and, as they are manual toys, he was playing with them within a couple of minutes of ripping off the paper.

      My first impressions of the trucks is that they're quite large, and they appeared very sturdy. Despite being too big to fit in our toybox, I think that they're actually a really good size as the scoop of the digger and the container part of the dumper truck are actually big enough to put things in. and wheel them around the room. My son particularly likes scooping up his Duplo and depositing it in the dumper truck before tipping them back over the floor, and makes him feel like he's a real builder. Now that he's at an age where he really enjoys role play, loves playing with these toys and while he doesn't play for them for any great length of time at once, he keeps coming back to them to do some more transferring of the blocks, or to take them for a sping on his roadway playmat.

      Although they're not ride-on toys, at first he was regularly tipping back the container on the dumper truck and riding along on it. This confirms that, although they're quite light, they are actually quite robust as he was probably weighing in at around 15kg at the time of his birthday! While I wouldn't recommend this, it does at least help to demonstrate that the toys aren't flimsy.

      The Early Learning Centre website mentions that they're ideal to play with both inside and outdoors, but as my son's birthday was in November so they haven't ventured outside yet. I think that he will enjoy playing with them in his sandpit when it comes out of hibernation in the spring.

      My son owns a large variety of diggers of various different shapes and sizes and these are definitely 2 of the best. Their size makes them great for actually "building" with, and their distinctive branding means that he can identify between these toy trucks and the real thing that he sees when we're out in the car.

      - Would I recommend them?

      In a word, yes. Although, as popular as they are in this house, I don't feel that the RRP of £35 doesn't offer very good value for money as ultimately they are just 2 plastic vehicles. I believe that they were half price when my brother purchased them which I think is much better value, and I think that the current sale price of £12.50 is a bargain.

      I've given them 4 out of 5 as I think they're a great addition to every mini builder's collection, but they do seem to take up a lot of room. While I stated above that I think that's a good thing as it makes them more functional, if space is at a premium then you may not want them cluttering up your room.


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  • Product Details

    Two authentic yellow JCB Chunky Trucks for driving, digging and dumping.The tough JCB Chunky Trucks Set gives your child the chance to run their own building site – a dream come true! This pair of classic and authentic JCB digger and dumper is the perfect team for tough site work. The yellow trucks are chunky and great for playing indoors or outside with mud, water and sand! This is a great-value building site set.

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