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Mattel Disney Cars Series 3 World Of Cars Fred

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2013 11:20
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      A good addition to our set

      The car

      My son has a large amount of cars from the Disney Pixar film. One of the cars he owns is this car named Fred. He does not have a huge role in the Cars film but he made a huge impact on my son. He thinks the few scenes that Fred stars in are absolutely hilarious, so he was delighted to find it mixed with a large bundle of cars we bought from a local selling page. In the film Fred is a huge racing fan. He follows the racing cars around, cheers from the crowds and spends a lot of his time being an intense fan. He is an old, worn car that is rusty and ready for the scrap heap. Lightning McQueen sponsors Rust-eze, which promises to help remove rust on old cars, and a lot of older rusty cars are huge fans. Of course as Fred is such a race fan he loves Lightning McQueen, a rookie race car tipped to win the Piston cup.

      His number plate has his name written on it, so when Lightning passes him, reads it, and calls him by his name he nearly passes out with excitement. Fred doesn't realise it is because he read it from his number plate, and couldn't believe a big star like Lightning new his name. Fred looks exactly as he should and mirrors the character in the film perfectly. He looks very worn and tired, and he is the horrible dirty brown colour. The paint makes the car look as though there are lots of dents in the car, and the whole appearance is identical to the character from the film. It is a diecast car so it is made of metal and is very durable. It can be banged and bashed without having to worry about him breaking.

      In use

      The detailing really is perfect right down to the wing mirrors, and goofy teeth. My son prefers these diecast to the larger interactive cars you can get, as he has full control over them. It is a free rolling car so with a little push it will roll across the floor. It is a good size for little one to hold and push around and it travels a fair distance when pushed. It obviously works better on flat wooden floors, but even on a carpet it travels a satisfactory distance. Other than pushing Fred along there is no interactive features, he is a simple toy car that is perfect for sparking the imagination.

      He can be used with all of the Cars 2 racetracks we own, other than the tracks designed for the micro cars. Of course the main attraction of this car is the number plate with the name FRED printed across it. It is a great size and fits the car perfectly. The name is written very clearly and my son instantly recognised him. It is written in large letters so it can be read from afar, and really builds a good base for a story about Fred. It is well made and it has lasted very well. We bought this second hand as part of a large box of cars and it came with a few chips to the paint. My son has also added a few chips but to be honest it is nowhere near as bad as the rest of the cars.

      Fred does get used a little less compared to the main characters in the show, but from the extra characters he is one of the most loved cars. It is still in one piece now and I can see it lasting my youngest son too. I think durability is still fantastic as we bought second hand, and now my son has had a few years of play from it, and it is still in fantastic condition. My little boy loves making up stories with this car. Sometimes he will recreate scenes from the film, but most of the time he makes up completely new stories with it. My son likes to have an audience for his races, and this car along with many of the other extras in the movie like the twins are perfect for doing that.


      I would recommend this Fred car as it is something a little bit different. My son loves it as he is a huge Cars fan but I am not sure it would mean much to a child who did not know who the character is. My son loves using Fred in stories, and like his character in the film, my son likes to make humorous stories up with this car. It is perfect for role play, and it really gets my little boys imagination working. It is not one of the main characters from the film, so I would advise buying a few of the lead characters first, but if you are looking to add a bit of variation to your collection this is perfect. We purchased ours second hand as part of a huge bundle, but you can buy Fred online at Ebay and Amazon for around £8 which I think is fair for an unusual car.


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