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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Character Tongue McQueen

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2013 22:13
      Very helpful



      A great addition to our set

      The car

      My son is a huge son of Disney Cars and has been since he was very young. Over the years we have managed to pick up a collection of diecast cars for him and this is one of them. The car of course is modelled on the famous lighting McQueen, a rookie race car that took part in the Piston cup race. He gets a little too confident while he is racing, and ignores his crew when they say he needs a pit stop. On the last lap disaster strikes and his wheel blows out. His opponents catch up and in a last ditch attempt to win, he sticks his tongue over the line. So this car is based on that part of the film.

      There are a number of different Lightning's based on different parts of the film. We also own one with a lump of grass stuck on his head, another with a cone stuck to his tyre, and many more variations. To be honest it is just another way for parents to spend money on character toys, but my son really thinks they are brilliant. Tongue Lightning appears to be the same as the normal Lightning McQueen version until you look closely at the front of the car. Then of course the car has his tongue sticking out. Rather than sticking straight out and posing a danger of being snapped off easily by eager children, they have opted to have his tongue sitting to the side. I think this works well as it makes it more durable, and my sons do not seem to mind in the slightest.

      Our thoughts

      The car looks just like the Lightning McQueen character from the films. He has bright red paint, and his famous stickers printed all over him. It is a smaller car compared to most, and is the same size as hot wheels cars and other Disney cars from the same range. My son prefers these as they are free moving and he has full control by pushing them around. They seem to interest him more and keep his concentration. With a push they will roll across the floor but not very far at all.

      My sons both love this car. At first I did wonder what the huge difference was compared to the other Lightning's he owned, but I was told by my son they are actually completely different cars with a very serious face. He thought it was brilliant the car was sticking his tongue out and he giggled the first few times he played with it. He loves making up stories with him winning by the tip of his tongue, or being rude to Thomas the tank engines and sticking his tongue out at them. I thought maybe the novelty would wear off, and it has a little now but I think that is mainly because he is growing out of the Cars phase. He still plays with them, and as it can be used with most of his road and racetrack sets it is perfect. I think after 2 years the fact he even pays it a bit of notice is amazing.

      My only downside is that it has worn a lot quicker than the others we own. We did buy second hand so it had received play from someone before us, but none of the cars seem to have worn as much as this one. There are some chips to the front and also a lot of wear on the back spoiler. My son in no way minds and actually thinks its cool Lightning is red with a silver spoiler. Even with the chips it is still fully usable, and considering it has been used by two children, and is now being passed on to my younger son shows real value for money.

      I had to Google the price of this car as we bought our as part of a huge Cars bundle on our local buy and sell page. They are on sale on Amazon at around £13 which I think it crazy money for a small car, but they are also on eBay with a start price of 99 pence. I would suggest local charity shops/ buy and sell pages and car boots as we managed to pick up a bundle of over 50 cars for £15, which is a bargain considering the lowest price for these cars is usually between £3-£5 each. I didn't think much to it but my son thinks this car is absolutely amazing so it still gets an easy 5 stars.


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