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Mattel Disney Pixar Cars Radiator Springs 10 Car Gift Pack

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Brand: Mattel / Type: Cars

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2013 13:18
      Very helpful



      Excellent for collectors and children alike

      As avid Disney Car fans in our house, we love to buy new Cars toys when they become available. Sadly the UK has a very poor range compared to other countries, particularly the USA, and what we do have over here is very expensive. This set is no exception.

      This Disney Cars 'Three Way tie' Cars set is quite simply a pack of ten individual diecast cars from the films. This particular set is based on the first of the Cars films, the scene when the original race is won by all three of the main competing Cars-Lightning McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King. It's a nice selection of cars that feature in that part of the film, even if they are classed as an 'extra'. Included in the set are:
      Finish Line Mcqueen
      Chick Hicks
      The King
      Red Mia & Tia
      Race Official Tom
      Tow Truck
      Darrell Cartrip
      Bob Cutlass
      Marlon Clutches McKay

      All ten cars are diecast which means they are made from metal, not plastic. If you've seen the individual Cars available in toy shops and the supermarkets-those are the standard diecasts which are produced by Mattel-those are the same as the one's in this set. The wheels are plastic but the main body work of the cars are metal, this makes them heavier to play with but overall better in my opinion. However the diecast cars aren't suitable for younger children. They do withstand play generally quite well but over time the paint will chip through standard play so it's best to stick to the diecasts when your child gets older. There are alternatives produced by the Disney Store and Fisher Price if you have a younger fan of the film which are more suitable.

      The standard of detail and the quality of the cars in this set is excellent. I've not yet been disappointed with a single Cars diecast, and we have hundreds! The paint work on the cars themselves is good quality and reassuringly the paint used doesn't contain lead as some toy cars do. The attention to detail on each car is also excellent, they match up perfectly to their on screen characters. Lightning McQueen is famous in this scene from the film for only being in the top three winning cars because he has to stick his tongue out to reach the finish line, his diecast in this set shows exactly this and he even features his two back tyre's missing-exactly as it is in the film. Chick Hicks and The King also show a huge amount of detail with regards to all the advertising and stickers that feature on their bodies-very well done and top quality. Mia & Tia are the same-their body work is top notch and although they are twins I like the way their eye's face different directions so you can tell them apart. The other cars in the set are cars which have generally less intricate detailing because that's how they are in the film. But they are still excellent diecats which perfectly match their screen characters. All the cars have their own facial expressions too dependent on what they were doing in the film at this point of the race-for example the racers are looking serious and Mia and Tia are looking excited. It's a touch that's typical of a true diecast and helps children to play out this scene at home. In fact my son always tells me that Finish Line McQueen always looks sad, so even this subtle element of detail is appreciated!

      As diecast cars, they do what it says on the tin. They are just cars with no extra features, just toy cars. But excellent ones at that! These cars are all the smaller 1:55 scale produced by Mattel and as mentioned before you can purchase them individually. You will pay approximately £5 per individual car in the shops so technically overall you're no better-or worse off for buying this set as it's priced at £49.99. None of the cars in the set are considered to be rare or hard to find characters so if you spend long enough looking you could chase these down yourselves. However Finish Line McQueen, Chick Hicks and The King are the most difficult to find of them all, I've never even seen a Finish Line McQueen or The King in shops. So you would look at paying about £10-£15 for them each on ebay so on that stance alone it's a little better for value. All of the other cars you will find easily sometimes in the Toys'r'us £2.99 sale.

      My son loves this set and plays with these characters a lot. Although it's expensive for a pack of ten toy cars, my son loves the Cars films so much and plays with his toys constantly so it's worth it. The quality is excellent and they are very durable. We have had our set for six months now and only a few show minimal chips in the paint work-the rest are still as good as when we first got them and my son does play with them in a rough way a lot! However I do appreciate that the cost is quite a lot. It's a Toys'r'us exclusive so if you buy elsewhere you will pay more (Amazon are selling them for £86.99!) but if you can catch the 'buy one get one half price' on Cars toys then it works out a little better in value if there is another item you want too.

      I give this product five stars. Excellent diecast standard as expected from Mattel, nice display box if you're a collector and if you are buying for children-as they are intended-then they won't be disappointed! I just recommend waiting for a special occasion (birthday or Christmas) to buy it for as a one off would make it a very expensive treat!


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