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Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Type: Car

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    2 Reviews
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      19.07.2010 14:51
      Very helpful



      Very cool car makes a perfect gift

      Batman has owned a lot of vehicles in his time and despite his seemingly endless amount of cars at his disposal, he never seems to have enough. Having evolved more or less over time, the cars have always remained quite similar: normally black or a dark blue, made to look as sleek and fast as possible, with awesome ornamental wings at the back. Oh, and it can withstand any form of attack, drive itself and pretty much remain one of the most indestructible vehicles to ever roam the planet.

      And if its appeared on screen or in book, you can be pretty certain there's a model of it somewhere. This model of the Batmobile resembles the one (and was released) from the first Batman movie Tim Burton did back in 1989. It's sleek as anything, looking like it can go from 0 to lightspeed in three seconds all the while looking as batlike as a car can be.

      Made from die cast metal and painted to an incredibly shine, I've had this little thing since I was a little kid and the film first released. Although I'm not sure how much it's going for on Amazon or eBay these days, I think it's actually looking to be a bit rare, so it might cost you a lot. However, it does make a great gift to anyone who's a particular fan of the Bat.

      The car looks great, mimicking the one from the film perfectly. It's a nice, heavy solid die cast car great for playing with, as well as being ornamental.


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      26.08.2009 10:12
      Very helpful



      The best batman toy car on the market with as many gadgets as a swiss army knife!

      ~ Overview ~

      Now this is one hot car, and all the young kids around the time of the first batman film would have owned this around Christmas time. The car in the film could morph and fire all sorts of weapons to beat the Joker and his cronies.

      I loved to team this car up with Ecto 1 which would them team up to beat the Joker and Skeletor, and usually the good guys won in my action figure wars as they had the better weapons and cars. Have you noticed no bad guy really has a really great car he can depend on?

      ~ Price ~

      You can still actually buy the old model of this toy car on Amazon, but it comes in at around $128 which is really expensive and makes me wish I had looked after my car and saved it until now, but I got lots of fun out of it and yes it fell apart after many years of bashing and dropping.

      ~ Interesting Facts about the real bat mobile ~

      *Did you know the actual cars gadgets in the film actually worked for real? This means the jet engine and bomb which could deployed from the side were actually real (amazing!).

      * Acceleration of the real life bat mobile: 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds ( a beast)

      * Maximum speed: 530 km/h with jet engine boost (wow)

      ~ Design ~

      In my opinion this is the best batman toy car as I love the shape, the gadgets are the best too and with wheels that size you could squash anything, especially those green army men!

      The car was very much a Knight Rider type prototype but bigger. It is black with giant wheels, a jet engine at the back which produces fire, a giant bullet type object at the front of the car which looks ace and giant bat wings on either side of the car.

      In the film the car can also go into a cocoon but not available in the toy model which was a shame as I love this part of the film.

      ~ Age Group ~

      I would recommend this for children aged 6+ and give this rating because I don't think children younger than that would play with the toy and are more likely to just suck and dribble all over it.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      This has got to be one of my favourite toy cars of all time; personally I don't think they have had a better prototype, even in the new films. I owned this toy along with the action figures which made it an enjoyable experience playing Batman Versus the Joker.

      I didn't just have this toy, I also remember having the stickers too which were fun too collect. I would advocate this to anyone who collects classic cars as this is a real classic batman car with lots of gadgets and the high price shows how rare and popular this car is.

      My Rating: 5/5


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    • Product Details

      Hot Wheels 1/18 Batmobile version representing the 1989 movie.

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