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Mega Motors Twister Chase Track Set

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Brand: Mega Motors / Type: Race Car Tracks

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2009 03:47
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      Glad I bought it

      Before christmas my son had his first ever experience of scalextric and loved it. So much so this was added as number one on his letter to santa. I searched the shops for a decent set for a reasonable price but I wasn't too shocked to see that it is expensive. My son is only 5 and toys as you can imagine are not always cared for. I was delighted to see this mega motors set in Argos and snatched it up.

      ****** What's in the box *******

      Instruction guide
      2 Mini Coopers (1 Red 1 Yellow)
      2 Evo 8s (1 Blue, 1 Red) These are just the interchangable sets to convert mini coopers to race cars
      Stickers - to decorate cars
      2 Speed controller
      Tansformer and Adapter (a plug basically for us who are less technically minded)
      The Track - 7 Straight, 18 Curves, 1 Short Straight, 1 Power intake Track (the bit you connect the plug and controllers too) 1 lap counter track,(altogether there is apparent 4.23 metres of track)
      5 bridge bases (Black plastic circular discs with a whole in), 18 bridge posts (cyllandrical pieces about half an inch tall that are interconnecting) and 5 Track holders (Plasic u-shped pieces with a circle underneath to go on top of your bridge and keep the track steady)
      4 Spare brushes

      *******Set Up *****

      There are three different track set ups given in the instruction booklet or you could try and create your own. The different set ups are for varying degrees of experience and difficulty. The begginners set up is an oval shape and the easiest and fastest to set up. Ideal for learning to control the cars, however my son was bored of this track in ten minutes.
      The intermediate track adds twists and bends to the track and took only a few minutes to put together. Soon he had mastered this track too so I set up the advanced track for him.
      The advanced track uses the bridges, therefore incorporates hills and dips into play as well as trickier bends. My son still finds this a challenge at times.

      Setting up the track (according to the instruction booklet) may take half an hour to set up the first time. I manage in around 15minutes tops (and if i can build it anyone can) The track pieces have two metal strips in each lane for the cars to run on and i have found that as long as these match up connecting the track is easy. Disconnecting the track however, I had to teach my son to resist the urge to just pull the pieces apart as the may just snap. Instead you press down of two of the joins and they come apart easily. Simply plug the transformer in and the controllers and you are away.
      There is however a warning that oil in the controllers may burn off the first time you use them. I did actually experience as once of the controllers did grow quite warm but only for a few moments.

      Changing the body of the cars from mini coopers to EVO8s was very tricky. Well at least I thought so and I had to get my dad to help.

      *****Playing *********

      Basically 2 players race around the track. We have so far spent hours playing this although i must say it is not my favourite toy to play with my son as I get bored after 5 minutes of watching the cars go around. I have also created my own track for him with the pieces in the box, but really I'm not so sure it was worth the effort.
      Playing with this track however does seem to have increased his attention span and his levels perserverance.

      ****** Good Bits ****

      Easy to assemble
      3 levels of track
      Easy to use conrollers (simply squeeze the trigger, the cars speed is based on how hard you squeeze)
      No batteries needed (always a plus for me)
      Track counter so you don't lose count of how many times you have been round circuit
      Connects to othe tracks in this series so my plan was to let it grow with my son
      Easily affordable. A cheaper alternative to scalextric but not so great quality but I'm no expert.

      ********Not so good bits ******

      Flimsy plastic that will most likely snap if stood on (so don't stand on it)
      The tires on the cars seem to fall off or move so they are not on the wheel properly. Not sure if this is because my son has a thing about tires and has loosened them or a design fault.
      The cars have pins to keep them within the two metal strips and wire brushes that act as conductors. When the car falls of the track these brushes are often bent out of shape, lying the wrong way or full of fluff and hair. Cleaning and repositioning these can be quite frustrating.
      The wires on the controllers could be longer so you didnt have to sit almost on top of the track (but now I am being picky)

      ***** My opinion ****

      I'm glad I bought it. My son loves it and has played with his 3 year old cousin, school friends, his grandad and uncles and of course me. The brushes on the cars to frustrate me but there are spare ones in the box and a phone number and website should you need more. I would definately buy another track in this range to connect up to our existing one but may also purchase a scalextric set in the future.

      ***** Price, Availability and extra info ****

      I bought this set in argos for £19.99 but you could also try ebay. I just checked amazon and didn't see it.
      This set is designed for children 5+ although my 3 year old nephew did manage to play.

      Website : www.Topbananatoys.co.uk
      Top Banana Toys Ltd
      13 Oak Industrial Park
      Chelmsford Road
      Great Dunmow
      CM6 1XN
      Phone 01371 873141


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    • Product Details

      Electric road racing set with 4.23 metres of track. Racing features include spiral track and lap counter. Includes 2 x Mini Cooper cars, plus 2 interchangeable Mitsubishi Evo VIII body shells. Also includes 2 hand controllers and mains transformer. Scale 1.43. Suitable for ages 5 years+.

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